Best lubrication

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Re: Best lubrication

Post by fineline »

I like the "Wet Platinum" as well. I bought a big bottle (8 oz) a year ago, and am only half way through. I transfer it to a small bottle for use, and carried it with me for the first couple of months. It's great for T&D too. No smells, just slippery, and only a couple of drops seems to be more than enough.
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Re: Best lubrication

Post by significantunder »

Silicone lube is the best but expensive, a decent hand lotion works fine.
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Re: Best lubrication

Post by Betterthansmith »

Following my previous post I've now tried the Aveeno option too and been happy. Aveeno works out cheaper!
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Re: Best lubrication

Post by She decides »

None. I use water and soap to help put it on then rinse off in the shower. Sometimes the bottom of the ring pinches and a drop of anything, saliva, lotion, lube, anything, relieves the pinch.

If I do get lube, or soap on me the CD slides right down, so I'm not sure how I'd be able to have things lubed...
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Re: Best lubrication

Post by gilesenglish »

I don't lube. I found that stops the base ring from crushing my balls when I get hard.
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Re: Best lubrication

Post by poptart1200 »

I use the stocking method. Get some cheap knee high stockings. Put the socking in the tube, pull the end a couple inches through the pee hole, then put the tube with the stocking inside over yourself and pull the stocking though the pee hole. This will draw your head down to the end of the tube then apply the lock.
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Re: Best lubrication

Post by ReadyToWatch »

I love using coconut oil. It isn't expensive, feels natural, doesn't get sticky and has very little taste. My wife likes the fact that it doesn't have much taste because it is the only lube that she is ok with licking to tease me. I get the big jar at Walmart for like $6. It is great for my cage use but also great for massages and my wife loves it for moisturizing after her showers. Multi-use is a huge plus! And since it has so many uses, we don't have to worry if it isn't hidden away!
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Re: Best lubrication

Post by zorglub »

I've tried a few products, mainly Aloe Vera based, as well as plain silicon lube. But lately, I've used 2Toms Sport Shield, and it is just perfect. With the roll-on applicator, I don't even get any on my hands (which was a problem with silicon, as getting rid of the excess isn't trivial). It is used by serious marathoners and triathletes (sometimes in the same area as us chastity fans), and it lasts all day.
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Re: Best lubrication

Post by rickiee_2002 »

Pure silicon is the answer to your dreams. There is nothing better ... nothing even comes close. There are lubricants that work good ... but pure silicon is great . It does cost a good bit more, but only a little is necessary.
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