HT v2 question :P

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Re: HT v2 question :P

Post by kontsnor »

i changed both the case and the ring to the smaller version and 40mm.
It is much better now.
But the problems are still there but less.

Im starting to know a possible solution for the peeing problem.
What i thinking of, is making the peeing hole slightly bigger.
The reason of the problem is that the foreskin is squized alot, ( sounds silly but like a waterhose :P)
But after peeing there will be a little pee left and that dripping out.

But i want to know if this is possible. without any problems (like comfort or something).

And for the other problem i also got a possible solution.
This solution will be making it hot with hot water and bend the corner out of the ring.
the reason behind this is wen it "burns" you need a larger ring. except that it doesn't "burn" everywhere except one spot.

I hope you will be able to say if it will work or not :O.
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Re: HT v2 question :P

Post by gilesenglish »

The trick is to NOT lube and to set the base ring snug with the body at the top, and about 2 fingers away from the body at the bottom.
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Re: HT v2 question :P

Post by Locked4Wife »

My HT V2 50MM Short just arrived today. I have been wearing it for an hour and a half and have the following issues/questions.

To get into the tube I needed to use some KY lubricant. I not well endowed and once the tube was on it is the most comfortable part, however, if I push down at the top of the ring where it meets the cage I can pull out. This, I assume, is because of the lube, correct? If so, what are my options to get into the tube as I kept getting erect when trying to put it on.

The second question is the ring. It is the largest ring available and is very tight for me, I am getting chafing at the bottom of the ring underneath the scrotum. I thought a smaller ring would help with issue #1 but am concerned given the current discomfort with the largest ring.


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Re: HT v2 question :P

Post by forest »

You need to lube the ring (try a natural oil). Chaffing subsides over time. As for being able to pull out, you really need to switch to a metal device (preferably with a piercing) to get true 'security'.
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Re: HT v2 question :P

Post by slave d »

The trick for getting in without lube is using a stocking or thin sock, do a search on here as it has been described better somewhere. Basically feed the stocking foot through the tube, encase your penis and push in a little and the pull the stocking through and it pulls your cock in with it.

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