Hot things your keyholder has said!

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Re: Hot things your keyholder has said!

Post by TwistedMister »

And you got screwed, too.
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04/07/19 "And then I 'punished' you by making you lick my pussy after I let my other 'boy' fuck me." --Mrs. Twisted
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Re: Hot things your keyholder has said!

Post by Jimmybastille »

From my KH...
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Re: Hot things your keyholder has said!

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MsM got me nicely with a SPH last night. Background is we have a tiny leak “somewhere” in our laundry cabinet and after failing to find it i put an electronic water warning device in a container where the drip is so it beeps if there’s more than a tiny amount of water in the container. In the middle of the night i got up for a pee and heard it going off (it has a very high pitched beep/whine/pulse sound) and so i emptied the container and headed back to bed. MsM said “thank God you found that, i thought i had tinnitus cos i’ve been hearing that for hours” .... dummy replies “oh it’s amazing what a “Willy” (cock) can find (referencing male v female perception) .... immediate response “but you don’t have a cock any more do you” !! and She rolled over and went back to sleep !!

MSM’s ld
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Re: Hot things your keyholder has said!

Post by UltraWhiteStar »

Just remembering the first time my wife denied me:

She: “you really want to come now, do you?”

I nod eagerly

She: “but I won’t allow it!”

Me: “...”. I might have looked surprised, shocked, embarrassed at the same time

She touches the cage and my straining balls: “so much need... This should be fun!”

Me: “...”
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Re: Hot things your keyholder has said!

Post by Laudie3426 »

This thread seems to have died. It's my favorite one so let me add:
On only the 4th day my KH was getting ready for a shower. She tossed me my cage and said, "put this on. When I get out I'm gonna want some oral."
I had to take a cold beer out of the refrigerator and hold it against myself to get it on...😳
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Re: Hot things your keyholder has said!

Post by LockedinFargo »

I always enjoy when my wife says "No, not tonight" when we have sex and I ask her permission to cum.

But the things that get me most are in the course of regular day-to-day activities. For example, we have two young boys and they enjoy climbing on me. One time they kept trying to stand or sit on my head. I wasn't allowing them (I wear glasses), but they kept trying. My wife, "Boys, stop. Only mommy gets to sit on daddy's head."
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