Hot things your keyholder has said!

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Re: Hot things your keyholder has said!

Post by KittensBoyToy »

We were meeting some friends for dinner last night and after I got out of the shower i asked if I should wear my shock collar. (It is worn around the base of my balls with the probes against the underside, behind the base ring to my cage.) At first M'Lady said no because she wasn't going to carry the remote for it. As I headed to the bedroom to get dressed she said to put it on because "you need to get used to wearing it".
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Re: Hot things your keyholder has said!

Post by midlifelovelife »

Before bed, I was brushing my teeth and my wife was reading in bed. She called out and asked that I bring her a tissue, which I did after finishing up with my teeth. “Thanks, babe,” she said, “I need this to catch your ejaculate.” Then she smiled devilishly, “Just kidding.” And she cleaned her glasses.
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Re: Hot things your keyholder has said!

Post by sirmebane »

I've been out of my cage for a while to let some irritation subside. Yesterday was a challenge for me and I found myself becoming clingy with my wife in the hopes of getting some of her attention.

"Back off. You are unencumbered right now and I can't control you when you're unlocked."
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Re: Hot things your keyholder has said!

Post by Tom Allen »

(Mrs Edge has kept me locked and denied since March of 2018. Since Covid has given less less alone time, we only manage to have a few hours once a week for lovemaking, with me wearing my Vixskin strapon faux cock. That's when our conversations usually happen).

Her: "You know that this [the Vixskin] is the only cock I want now. You're never going to to be unlocked."

Me: "Even if I beg to be unlocked?"

Her: "Especially if you beg to be unlocked!"
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Re: Hot things your keyholder has said!

Post by cshorts »

When my SL put me in a ball gag for the first time today, I realized I wouldn't be able to speak my safe word if needed. I gesticulated for her to take it off, and after she did explained that I should have a safe gesture.

"How about I tap the top of my head 3 times?"

"What makes you think your hands are going to be free?"
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Re: Hot things your keyholder has said!

Post by nosaint »

My sweet little old lady wife, who rarely uses a four letter word and tends to use textbook words for anatomy...
"I feel well fucked"
(courtesy of the Vixskin)
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