Hot things your keyholder has said!

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Re: Hot things your keyholder has said!

Post by sirmebane »

Last night my wife enjoyed her foot rub and then got ready for bed. I was told that this would be a night we'd have some 'fun time.' She came back to bed with no sign of a key.

"Don't look at me like that... you'll stay locked up."

She snuggled in next to me and slipped her hand under my shirt to start working on my nipples. I was a little disappointed since I thought I'd at least be allowed out for a little hands on teasing. She let me know in no uncertain terms that she would do what she wanted tonight and then clamped both nipples; one with her fingers and the other hard with her teeth. Her attention went on for enough time that I was a panting mess and straining against the bars of my cage in a good way.

She would let me calm down a little and then she would bring on the intensity with some rough treatment of my nipples. I had to adjust the cage because I was straining so much and just thought 'to hell with it, I'm going to just do what I can in the cage.' I started shaking the cage, pulling the cage, doing whatever I could to get some stimulation. All of it was completely fruitless and so frustrating.

It became apparent to her that I was trying to get off and she clamped down hard and pulled in opposite directions which is normally a one way path to orgasm for me. Any stimulation with that much intensity always gets me off but there was no stimulation through the cage. I was furiously moving the cage while she had me making sounds I'm embarrassed to admit to until she finally eased off and let my heart rate fall below 150.

"You poor baby! Are you okay down there?" I told her that had I been unlocked I would not have lasted so long but I was ready if she wanted to get the key.

She put her finger to my lips and and just said, "Shhh... don't say anything else. You're not getting out."

Be careful what you wish for.
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Re: Hot things your keyholder has said!

Post by Tom Allen »

"I can't believe that when we started, I didn't like the idea of a metal cage. I love that this thing will never break!"
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Re: Hot things your keyholder has said!

Post by KittensBoyToy »

Last night, after the first time we used the new Vixskin in the harness, we were cuddling with her holding me. M'Lady looked at me and said, "OK, 'Vic' can stay".
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Re: Hot things your keyholder has said!

Post by nosaint »

Your little cock is trying to get hard, but the cage won't let it...

I think she's reached acceptance.
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