cleaning his own cum from my pussy

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Re: cleaning his own cum from my pussy

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Mr Pickle wrote: Fri Sep 24, 2021 2:50 am But honestly, I would rather be tied down. C won't do this for some reason. The tie up thing, it's too kinky?
I used to tie Mrs. Twisted, then tease her for hours without letting her cum. It was more than 20 years before she turned the tables, but when she did, it was amazing. It was an incredible was also the first time she made me clean her, so, a two-fer.

Have you ever tied her? Have you *asked* her to tie you?
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Re: cleaning his own cum from my pussy

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Sorry, realize I never updated this afternoon my slightly underwhelming first attempt...

So...after a few days of silence it picked up over the weekend and there was some positive news to report for a change!

After I made my initial venture into licking my cum from her, she was rather hesitant at the time, didnt really force me (though clearly came after my efforts) and was silent for the next couple of days with zero mention of anything sexual.

However, on Saturday she had picked up again, probably reacting to my passive aggressive sulkiness, and was in a teasing mood when we went to bed.

She brought up the licking again, and when i asked she reconfirmed she loved I reiterated that I adored it also, and the point about needing her to be more 'demanding' and forceful. I mentioned how I just wanted her to do whatever made her feel good, like when she grinds on me. She said that she didnt want to overdo it and cause me to 'drown myself' in cum (she actually denied she does grind on me, maybe feeling selfconscious?!) and we had a joke about how that would be explained to the emergency services! (I suggested 'at least I'd have a smile on my face'). I think she was initially doubtful that I liked it, but should now be pretty clear that it's one of my favourite things.

After a little stroking etc she again climbed on me and we went at it, and this time when I came - again before she had as I'd had ~3/4 days buildup - she was more forceful to make me slide down under her (just something like "go on then, you need to get down there..." - hopefully I can feed her some lines) and I licked away.

Again, she was a little slick but nowhere near as 'full' as I was expecting, especially as I dropped quite a load in her. When she came, she quickly climbed off and we went to clean up. Again, I spotted that the majority of the cum was sitting on my belly...must have dripped out as I was sliding down under her (I didn't tell her, prefer she thinks I swallowed it all enthusiastically). Also, she woke up later to say that more was dripping out of her and she had to sort herself out again (I did offer my services...).

Another day or two's lull in action (she never wants anything the day after, then its usually a day or two buildup back from there. What's playing in my mind at the moment is using a toy on her AND licking her after I've cum...I've done the lying under her and using toy/tongue once or twice and she's loved it...I figure if I happen to cum much too early then she'll be more keen on a toy, and the thought of pumping it in and out of her dripping pussy, while lying underneath and licking away, is so so hot!!

Anyhow, that was a week or two back now and she's done it one more time last week (I got more, but still managed to miss the big load... guess that's going to happen when she's on top).

We're now in the middle of her period unfortunately, so no action... interesting comment last night though...she was saying it would be nice for her period to be over so we can'poke' again and then said "hmmmm...I wonder what your friends would say if they knew you liked to lick me down there after you've leaked..." . God I love it when she teases...
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Re: cleaning his own cum from my pussy


Yes avid fan it is an amazing feeling to feel her body quiver with an orgasm as you clean up . For me the best is if you can get there before any leaks out and are licking with mouth open and she pushes and it comes out with a little force still warm filling your mouth !!! Totally amazing . Wish you luck going forward.
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