Best lubricants to use

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Re: Best lubricants to use

Post by hiskh »

We use jergens unscented. Our sex lube that has glycerine leaves a residue that fills a little sticky.
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Re: Best lubricants to use

Post by MrCage »

What's this A&D stuff? Where can I get it?
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Re: Best lubricants to use

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A&D ointment is usually in the baby isle and used for diaper rash, but it works awesome for any kind of chaffing. It's called that because it contains vitamins A and D to promote healing. Most big box stores and pharmacies carry a store brand that's just as good.
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Re: Best lubricants to use

Post by Aarkey »

MrCage wrote:What's this A&D stuff? Where can I get it?
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Re: Best lubricants to use

Post by Cagedrosie »

Pure Shea butter mixed with jojoba oil works wonders in plastic cages, prob metal too and is all organic. "If your into that stuff"
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Re: Best lubricants to use

Post by slave d »

Lady M wrote:It kind of depends on the device... we use steel and started out using water based or silicone lube but have since switched to Aveeno body lotion. It seems to do its job lubricating, absorbs into the body well and even takes care of the skin keeping it soft and nice. It also doesn't get as gunky as the lube did.
Just another "thank you" for the idea. Didn't think W/we'd find it here in NZ but W/we did and Ms M has provided me with a tube of "Aveeno intense relief hand cream" that does the job very well and i smell a whole lot better too !! Come to think of it this "intense relief" is all i'm likely to get for a while lol !!

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Re: Best lubricants to use

Post by Lady M »

I'm really glad you were able to find it and things are going well. :)
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Re: Best lubricants to use

Post by cc1988 »

Best thing I have found is Vaseline it doesn't absorb so it keeps the cage from sticking all day with a tiny amount
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Re: Best lubricants to use

Post by chastitybitch_dave »

I have a jailbird and found baby oil to work the best for me.

when self locked, I used to have to (just take it off) because of skin discomfort, but now

with using baby oil, I barely notice I am wearing it...

stay locked! and have fun! :-)
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