Beach and holidays

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Re: Beach and holidays

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Hmm, trying to PM but can't find the "send" button.
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Re: Beach and holidays

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Re: Beach and holidays

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I was shy about going out like this, but my "friend" talked me into it -- then stole my clothes!
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Re: Beach and holidays

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My Gf and I have been naturists for over 30 years .
We have been members of a club, where as it should be , there are certain conditions to be allowed to become a member . Over the years a lot of things have changed, from not being allowed to smoke to being allowed to smoke.
Nipple piercings and tattoos were also banned . But because society is changing, people have also become more flexible. Many associations have trouble recruiting new younger members, they think it's all too old-fashioned.
Over the years, the regulations on naturist campsites have been relaxed here in Europe.
At some campsites there is no problem with piercings or if a man wears a cock ring.
Naturist parents also know how to explain to their children if their children ask about it , for example what does that man have sitting there .
Then they simply say a nice ring just like on your finger.
But in general, kids don't ask about it. It's not all that important to them either.
There are often discussions about this among naturists . But in general it is not considered a problem .
Provided , of course , it is not the intention to radiate sex , those things are simply seen as jewelry .

Although naturists are very open minded people .
Doesn't mean that they just accept everything and also think that certain things should be possible.
, A few years ago we were in Belgium on a naturist camping . And one of the older guests went to the toilet in the evening. That old man was wearing a chastity belt.
A mother with a young child saw this and reported it .
We also saw it, by the way, and we also had a conversation about it with that mother.
Both they and we thought that this was going too far.
A cock ring of piercings is okay , that should just be possible , but this puts too much emphasis on the genitals .
And it is also inexplicable.
That man and his wife also had to leave the next day and were never allowed to come again .

Now years later, my GF and I have also stepped into the world of chastity.
And we also asked how we integrate it into our naturist lifestyle.
And we brainstormed about that too.
Fortunately, here in the Netherlands we now know unofficial places where you can sunbathe naked.
Fortunately , we have a law for this that it is possible and allowed .
And also know where the people come who don't have children.
That does not mean that every beach or place where it is possible and allowed are all sex beaches.
Usually it is the case that people come for the rest and peace ,sometimes there are also single young people or men and women going alone. The people who come for something else are also addressed.

Only recently with good weather we went to that place again. Only now we were curious how people would react if they saw me lying with a steel cage.
In the beginning it was nerve-racking for me to appear as natural as possible.
We didn't get any nasty reactions from people who saw it, a few said it looks nice or how cool that you dare to do that.
We had also decided if people with children came by that we would hide it and if necessary just take it off.
We now know if we spontaneously come across a place somewhere and want to take off our clothes to enjoy naked, that we can just keep doing it.

We think that both the place and the situation can be judged with common sense whether the cage can be left on or whether it should be taken off.
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