Do you have children?

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Re: Do you have children?

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We have a 6 year old boy and I am always worried about him wanting to sit on my lap. But he has and not seemed to notice, THANK GOD!
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Re: Do you have children?

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We never had kids. Could not without artificial insemination and chose not to go that route for many reasons. The two main reasons were my career which involved several relocations. A job that required me to be overseas for a third of the year, a wife that wanted to work and eventually a third member to our sex life which would be hard to explain to a child. We have no regrets as we have had a very interesting and exciting life. We have two dogs that we treat as children. Does that count? :)
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Re: Do you have children?

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My children are teenagers, and I wondered if they would notice anything. My daughter used my computer recently as told my wife she had learned that I had an interest in chastity. I'm not sure what she noticed. I have a text file that holds a link to a couple of chastity sites. I also have a chastity game that I did programming for (it helps to determine how long someone should be locked). Anyway, I told my wife not to worry about what my daughter had said. The subject of chastity is a relatively tame subject in general, unless the teen goes searching on the internet for more information.

I put some electrical tape around my lock so that it would not make a clinking sound against the chastity device, either at home or at work. I still hear a tiny clink every now and then anyway, and I hope other people do not notice. I wear a security badge at work and I have keys in my pocket, so any clinking sound could easily be attributed to those moving metal pieces.

I'm hoping my kids don't find out that I wear a chastity device, because if they tell their friends at school, then eventually someone I work with might hear about it. I'd rather that people at work didn't know this.
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Re: Do you have children?

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Always a worry I guess youngsters finding stuff on shared PC's. Your programming for a game sounds interesting
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Re: Do you have children?

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I put blue electrical tape on my hubby's lock too. I wrapped it around maybe 3 times and its stayed for weeks so far, through showers and everything. The clink we hear sometimes is usually from the lock part through the hole. Anyway, it works!

I just wanted to say too if there was stuff about chastity but not specifically male chastity, maybe your daughter thinks you want to put her in chastity haha :)
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Re: Do you have children?

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Yes I do. 2 Daughters (in their teens). No reason to share the privat things from my wife and myself with them.
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Re: Do you have children?

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Our kids are grown up now, but we have gran kids, I have to be careful that's all, the oldest is nearly 3. It wont be an issue as they go home. :D :D :D
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Re: Do you have children?

Post by forest »

Great discussion , I got banned from a forum on FetLife for asking this same thing. I have 4 kids. We go to festivals a lot and allow nudity in the house. Our 5 year old has walked in on us having sex many times (pre-chastity). She likes wrestling and gymnastics (with me). I'm fairly sure she will notice eventually. Thus far, we think we will say it is there to help me heal from a wound.
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Re: Do you have children?

Post by Linus »

Our only son is an IT engineer
Will be getting married by next year
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Re: Do you have children?

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Havent been on much but started playing with chastity again and i noticed this post.

We have multiple childeren and all are under 10yrs so its a busy house with not much time for physical teasing but verbal teasing is ok at times.

All my kids want time with me and to sit on my lap etc so i sit them Side saddle (on my leg) with their legs facing out so they dont hit my device.

The other is locking doors when changing/adjusting/moisturising.

Ive had one of my kids (3yrs old) pat me for attention and he hit my device then looking at me with a puzzled look i simply said stop that...and he hasnt tried again.

So locks or some way to secure certain doors is a must.
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