Since I've Been Locked Up...

Living the real life under lock and key
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Since I've Been Locked Up...

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...Melissa and I have had some fun.

On day 2 she unlocked me to play with her cock. Such a slow stroking and fondling of the shaft. Pulling hard on my balls. I asked her again and again for permission not to cum and she would tell me no, not yet. Then she told me that this was it. She wasn't stopping until I came and then she stroked me until I let go across her hand and my stomach. Then, she locked me back up.

Then 8 days locked up passed by with only verbal teasing and an occasional squeeze. On day 9 she had me put myself inside her while I was still in my device. It was amazing to feel her heat and wetness while in the steel. I was trying to get hard and I was swelling out of whatever opening I could find. And all the time she was whispering that I was not coming out of the device and that I would not be cumming. Then she took my cock and began to use the very tip of it - the tip that was sticking up through the top of the device - and began to rub her clit with it. Then she had me get out her new graduated glass dildo and I had to reach under myself and begin to fuck her with it while she used me to rub herself. When she got close to her own orgasm she used her fingers only and I concentrated on using the dildo on her. She said it was bigger than my cock and that she was going to enjoy cumming. Then she did - hard - and I did not.

Yesterday, on day 13, she unlocked me early in the morning. It was my first time free in almost 2 weeks. We kissed and touched for awhile before she had me go inside her. I thanked her for letting me inside of her and she said this was for her pleasure. I would not be cumming. But, she did want me to have a ruined one. She wanted to feel my semen inside her. So, right before she came I stopped moving. I counted to 5 and then I felt myself let go with a lot of fluid. She smiled and came hard. I knew I had not cum because I was still incredibly worked up and hard again within 20 minutes or so.

Now, my 24 hour break is ending and she expects me back in my device. If you saw my other new post then you know she is not going to let me cum for a long while yet.

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