NEW MEMBERS - Read this first! No, for reals. Read it. Srsly

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NEW MEMBERS - Read this first! No, for reals. Read it. Srsly

Post by thumper »

Due to the constant annoyance of forum spammers, we now require all new members' initial posts to be moderated by the forum staff before they're seen by the general membership. Basically, we need to verify that you're a real person before you can participate. Sorry for the inconvenience, but it seems the best balance between maintaining the existing community and the needs of people who want to participate. In addition, we will be regularly deleting accounts that have no posts since 99% of them belong to spammers.

Here are out tips for successful Chastity Forums participation:

1. Choose a user name that doesn't look spammy. I can't tell you exactly what that is, but here's some examples of spammer names:

» coombkeme
» rasturlNutNiz
» portxsheds
» wina30Motoideorse
» offewoxipsype
» anahijv25
» axionia61
» Immuttper

Notice that many of them look like a random collection of letters and numbers.

2. Go HERE and make a "hello world" post. Tell us you're a real person. You don't need to give us your blood type, but sketching a general picture of who you are and why you're interested in participating is a good idea.

3. Don't get freaked out when your first few posts don't show up. Remember, we moderate them to keep spam off the forum. As soon as one the friendly staff sees your post, it will be released. Soon, you'll be able to post without restriction.
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Re: NEW MEMBERS - Read this first! No, for reals. Read this.

Post by Tom Allen »

Just a note: if you make your first post in any other forum (except for the "Hello World" thread), and if we don't recognize your name (which we won't, because you're new) we will probably delete it.

Also, if you are a new user and you start a new topic with a non-descriptive title, like "Problem sleeping" or "Hi, new here" or "Looking for info" then your post will probably be deleted because those are *exactly* the kinds of titles that spammers make.

We do not read every post; we delete them based on what fits the description of the typical spammer.

But all you need to do is get 3 simple posts approved, and then you can do pretty much whatever you like.
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