So, how many devices *do* you have, anyway?

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How many devices have you owned?

Just One. I mean, how many would you need, right?
A couple of them. For now, anyway.
Yeah, put me down for Three.
Four, I think, counting the one on the way.
Five. It's become a hobby, okay?
*cough* Six, 'cos I can't get the fit right.
Seven. This is my last one, really.
Six. Umm, plus the full belt. Oh, and the one I made from duct tape, so yeah, Eight..
*mutters* I stopped counting at Nine.
What?! None, of course! Chastity devices? You guys are crazy!
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Re: So, how many devices *do* you have, anyway?

Post by filltee »

Had all the cb2k the Curve 3K 6K 6Ks.. a stainless steel Fort and tried some cheap knock off stuff and The HT V2 in both steel and plastic (or whatever it is) w awas sent some as yet unused cb3K copies for soem reason when I bought other things. Would happily sell or trash the lot for the right one.
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Re: So, how many devices *do* you have, anyway?

Post by Reinest »

did some cleaning up and ended up getting rid of a bunch of devices I don't use anymore. Back down to 1 device, my htv3n
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Re: So, how many devices *do* you have, anyway?

Post by KittensBoyToy »

Knock offs of CB3000, CB6000s, HT Standard, HT Small, and one Chinese steel cage. All were bought as a way to find the right size and fit. Now have and wear an HTv3. The others will be cleaned and offered for sale cheap for other newbies.
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Re: So, how many devices *do* you have, anyway?

Post by Steve2059 »

Four devices, but one firm favourite.
I'm only a year on from my first device, having spent a couple of months previously using honour during the day and cuffs & panties at night. My wife, who was at that time unconvinced by my latest kink but was playing along reluctantly, forbade a cage - so I secretly got one anyway.
The first cage was one like this ... d300-steel I didn't want anything too small (hey, what did I know) and the hinged ring looked easier than forcing everything through a hoop, plus it came with three rings. It was in fact desperately uncomfortable. partly because of the hinge but mainly because the angle of the tube drives the ring into your body. Also, having room in the tube led to my waking up at night in serious pain as my cock thought it could get free!
So on to No 2 - a pink Holy Trainer v2 knockoff (small tube). This was much more comfortable, but only for short periods. It needed removing daily if smelly genitals were to be avoided, and I had an issue with retained urine leakage (not good) I also had chafing from the end of the tube at the top, which my penis skin seemed to fold around.
Cage No. three is this: ... 3611544646 This is too comfortable for words and fits my flaccid cock like a glove. I'm currently six weeks into an indefinite challenge (weight loss) and I have sustained no injuries/chafing at all. Showering and cotton buds keep everything clean and it's really discrete. I've used the urethral tube on occasion but my fears of infection/injury/medical attention outweigh the kinky pleasure I get from it.
Cage N0. 4 is this: ... 6115446401 As you see it's the same cage in standard length, I bought it because I feared scrunching up my cock long-term might have unfortunate effects. However it's just not as comfortable for some reason and, as I mention, the small cage is just brilliantly comfy, so I shouldn't have bothered.
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Re: So, how many devices *do* you have, anyway?

Post by SusansToy91 »

We have just one...For now, but my Wife/KH wants me to get another one...She likes the metal cages a lot...Something nice looking for when she tells me to go nude for the day...I really like the wood grain one...Maybe we'll have three pretty soon...
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Re: So, how many devices *do* you have, anyway?

Post by sherulestherooster »

I still have my CB-6000S and I "donated" my mini birdlock (hated the smell of it!) to another male interested in chastity. Got a short metal cage from DHGate and have been experimenting with it, finding the right ring size and cage length. My "KH" is not into caging me but does enjoy denying me from time to time. I've mentioned that I have this new toy but she hasn't come around to locking me up yet. I do enjoy wearing it when I'm working from home and I do think my body's getting used to it.
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Re: So, how many devices *do* you have, anyway?

Post by Lockedforwife »

After my most recent purchase of two from DH, I got rid of some other ones I didn’t like or were broken. Currently down to three devices.
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Re: So, how many devices *do* you have, anyway?

Post by Mattinur »

Nine... but I have tried somo more too...
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Re: So, how many devices *do* you have, anyway?

Post by Bittererbobdob »

I have just 2. Got one off extreme it was a metal wire cage. Felt awesome when getting an erection. But was not good for daily use. So I found a plastic one that covered the head really well. No pinching when it bumps into things at work. Got it off Amazon. Lol. Had to modify it to fit better.
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Re: So, how many devices *do* you have, anyway?

Post by Kitten »

KBT has a total of 6 right now. The first 5 were clones for testing. The 6th is his HTv3s, which is the only one he wears now. Will be getting his (hopefully) last cage soon ... the MM JailBird. When that one arrives the HT will become his backup cage for times when steel won't work, like whenever he needs to go thru metal detectors.
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