So, how many devices *do* you have, anyway?

Living the real life under lock and key

How many devices have you owned?

Just One. I mean, how many would you need, right?
A couple of them. For now, anyway.
Yeah, put me down for Three.
Four, I think, counting the one on the way.
Five. It's become a hobby, okay?
*cough* Six, 'cos I can't get the fit right.
Seven. This is my last one, really.
Six. Umm, plus the full belt. Oh, and the one I made from duct tape, so yeah, Eight..
*mutters* I stopped counting at Nine.
What?! None, of course! Chastity devices? You guys are crazy!
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Re: So, how many devices *do* you have, anyway?

Post by WhatsMineIsHers »

Started with a cb-6000s, liked it a lot, but I wanted steel. Ordered a half dozen cheap ones from DH Gate, but they were all huge for me and fit terribly. Ordered a MM Jailbird 5 years ago, just Amazing!!! Felt so much better to have one fit to me. Only problem was the bend. At 1.5" soft, I'm straight, not curved, so I would poke out of the upper bars. 4 years ago I ordered a straight MM Queens Keep. I could not ask for a better fit. I have worn it constantly for months at a time. I can play racquetball, work all day, go anywhere and do anything in it.

We fell away from play for a while, but about six months ago, we had an awesome weekend at a hotel where I focused on pleasing her again. We kept that up at home for another week or two. Then it happened! I hadn't cum in all that time. I pleased her orally, then moved up for PIV. I could tell she wanted to say something, she got a little nervous. Finally, she looked me in the eye and said, "I don't want you to cum." She had said it before, but only in play, and mostly because I wanted it. This time, she said it because SHE WANTED IT! Since then I have been locked constantly in the Queens Keep, and I've only cum once. That was 2 weeks ago, just before I left for a family trip without her. She unlocked me for the trip because of close quarters with my family. I bring this up because I am excited that when I get home today, there will be two new devices at home, Steelworxx Looker 2 and Steelheart, both with penis plugs. We are hoping for greater security and easier locking and unlocking compared to the security screws. I can't wait to see how they fit! I hope I don't have to send them back for adjustments.

In the end, that puts me at 10 or more devices in the past 5 years.
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Re: So, how many devices *do* you have, anyway?

Post by Sub2MistressC »

I have 4
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Re: So, how many devices *do* you have, anyway?

Post by sirmebane »

Mine were purchased to figure it all out and get the fit I wanted. Devices 1-3 were all about what type of device worked and narrowing down the fit.

Device #4 was making sure the fit was right.

Device #5 was the Jail Bird from Mature Metal which will be my last cage. Probably. Well, never say never.
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Re: So, how many devices *do* you have, anyway?

Post by Barkis »

Well, I'm only 9 months or so into the whole chastity thing, so early days, but...

I started with cheap clones of a Holy Trainer, followed by a CB6000s. I didn't get on with either, and reasoned it was because 'if you pay cheap, you get cheap', so bought a full-price Vice. That was an expensive mistake, it was waaayyyyy too big!

I then figured that for 24/7 wear, an open steel design was the way to go, so invested in a couple of cheap chinese devices from DHGate, one with 50mm cage, the other 40mm. I count these as a good investment, as they allowed me to determine that my ideal cage length is precisely in the middle at 45mm!. I wear the 50mm one as much as I can, but it's a bit on the heavy side and the 50mm base ring is too big.

Next, I decided to try a custom-made device, but didn't want to pay too much, so bought one of these. I'm uncircumcised, so I was hoping that the cupola-style end to the cage would prevent the discomfort I'd experienced with other devices due to excess foreskin poking through. Wrong!! In fact, the pain from friction between my underwear and tiny bits of skin coming through the small holes in the cupola was intense.

I'm currently waiting on a custom device from Red Chili. They are the only supplier I've found that offer a range of head designs including some that aim to prevent foreskin-related problems. Also, being in the UK, there is no import duty to pay (until we leave the EU, that is, but I won't get into that discussion!).

When that arrives, I make it 7 devices in 9 months. Greedy, or what...
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Re: So, how many devices *do* you have, anyway?

Post by Tabbhas Swain »

I have a tricky little guy to cage

Started with PA-5000. Unfortunately with shrinkage it pulled my piercing.

Next CB 6000 knockoff. Rubbed me and created sores

Then CB 6000s, still rubbed & created wounds

Next we got a cheap Chinese stainless on eBay. The top had a pin we tried to file which dug into pubic area and caused bleeding. We tried to file it and it still hurt.

Ordered a custom MM Jailbird. Loved it but could easily pull out and no real secure PA option that for my anatomy.

Next we ordered a custom titanium Steelwerks cage. It was gorgeous but due to shrinkage still pulled on my piercing and the ball gap allowed my balls to pull through. Chris at Steelwerks was amazing and spent months trying to come up with a solution.

While he was problem solving I bought a temporary solution of the HTv3. Unfortunately my balls also pulled through on that.

Finally Chris at Steelwerks came up with a solution and redesigned a cage from the ground up. It is the best thing I ever have worn. I admire his perseverance for my difficult to cage penis.

I learned not to skimp. Each cage taught me something unique about my anatomy so that Chris could design the perfect cage for me. Btw if anyone needs an old cage, let me I could open a small shop)
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Current device: Custom Steelwerks Extreme

Past Devices: HTv3, MM Jailbird, PA5000, knock-off CB6000, and CB6000s, bad "Made in the USA" Jailbird knock-off

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Re: So, how many devices *do* you have, anyway?

Post by amtrackgjm »

at least 6 have a fit problem hope it goes better soon
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Re: So, how many devices *do* you have, anyway?

Post by Atsta »

one only, Neosteel total hip
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Re: So, how many devices *do* you have, anyway?

Post by Rachel13 »

While only a couple
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Re: So, how many devices *do* you have, anyway?

Post by Atsta »

purchased 12 years ago "his and hers" Neosteel Hip total

"she" has sine left, so the "hers" is lying covered in dust in a cupboard somewhere
"his" doesnt fit me either anymore. 10kg too much good food, but have started a diet and excercise regimme, so that it can be worn day
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Re: So, how many devices *do* you have, anyway?

Post by TonyF25 »

My wife Sarah bought the cb6000 s at a sex shop. She had to order it because they didn't have a " s " in stock , it's clear plastic and is about 3 years old. It is starting to discoloration a little, but it is still secure when locked.
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