So, how many devices *do* you have, anyway?

Living the real life under lock and key

How many devices have you owned?

Just One. I mean, how many would you need, right?
A couple of them. For now, anyway.
Yeah, put me down for Three.
Four, I think, counting the one on the way.
Five. It's become a hobby, okay?
*cough* Six, 'cos I can't get the fit right.
Seven. This is my last one, really.
Six. Umm, plus the full belt. Oh, and the one I made from duct tape, so yeah, Eight..
*mutters* I stopped counting at Nine.
What?! None, of course! Chastity devices? You guys are crazy!
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Re: So, how many devices *do* you have, anyway?

Post by Anymouse »

A CB-6000S, purchased a couple years ago. The tube has developed a small crack on the underside, and should be replaced. However it is still serviceable, and used for backup now for . . .
The Avenger chastity belt from It uses a steel "athletic cup" design, with 14 gauge steel, and I am still working the edges in a bit to get it to quit rubbing the tops of my thighs (I am a very tiny guy).
Probably in the future a Neosteel will be considered. . . .
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Re: So, how many devices *do* you have, anyway?

Post by biggar »

I started with a homemade PVC one to see if it was what we both wanted. The wife went to it like a duck to water! Bought the CB2000 then The curve, then the Exobelt X1, the Waterhole, CB3000, CB6000s and finally the Mature Metal Mistress! And the Mistress will definitely be the last one! I guess that's 8 total. :D
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Re: So, how many devices *do* you have, anyway?

Post by Whizbang »

Tom Allen wrote:So, spill it - how many do *you* have?
Seven. But *I've* only ever bought one.

My partner bought me that first device (PA-5000), which was a life-changer. But then...

"This device is really hurting... I need to take it off." "Okay."

Next week, CB-6000 arrives.

"Ok, this is better, still not perfect. Let me research a bit." "Ok."

A few weeks later, two CB-6000ses arrive.

"Dude, sure the smaller tubes are great, but, looks like metal devices are really better options." "Ok."

A few weeks later, the Curve arrives.

"Why do you keep buying these plastic devices?"

A few weeks later, non-custom chastity metal device arrives.

"Ok, this is nice, but STOP already! Look, if this metal device works out *I'm* going to order a custom device for myself. Seriously, I'm researching this! I -will- get one. I'll even let you approve the device before I click the Submit button!"

Yah, my partner can be pretty impulsive sometimes.
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Re: So, how many devices *do* you have, anyway?

Post by thumper »

CB6K original and the chrome version, first Steelheart and a shorter one (her main axe), first Jailbird and then another better one, Looker 02, CB5K, Birdlocked Neo.

I think that's it. So far...
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Re: So, how many devices *do* you have, anyway?

Post by Tom Allen »

thumper wrote: I think that's it. So far...
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Re: So, how many devices *do* you have, anyway?

Post by steph17 »



3rd-lori 7

4th-carrara concept belt

5th-fort (steel cb-3000)

6th-MM jailbird

7th-looker 01

8th-steelheart 2

I think that is the lot, 8 in total, would not say I am an addict ????.
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Re: So, how many devices *do* you have, anyway?

Post by KeyheldHubby »

Just one. A MM Jailbird. And as happy as I am with it, it may well be the "last chastity device I ever buy."

As you can see from my profile picture, I wore a home build for a long time while I was "self-chastised." I did this for a couple years while I was practicing chastity "in the closet." But I also made many modifications to my home built over time, until I got it exactly where I wanted it. I experimented with materials, sizes, hole configuration, shapes, everything. I also spent a lot of time browsing various websites looking at different devices and their configurations and options.

When I finally came "out of the closet" to my beautiful wife, I was so fortunate that I knew exactly what I wanted, and that made the decision so easy for me to go with the MM Jailbird that I am locked up in as I site here writing this, with my wife not 6 feet away from me working at her computer.

I've not gone so far as to let her know that I post here, but I may someday. One step at a time for me... When I DO show her, and when we set up a user account on this forum for her, I'll be quite happy. I share my thought with her, but the notion of a Keyholder only forum where she can share her thoughts and concerns without having to worry about me seeing them is reassuring to me.
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Re: So, how many devices *do* you have, anyway?

Post by Harry Haversackers »

Three... Two CB6Ks, one as it was originally made, and one that I carved up with my Dremmel tool to provide some ventilation (I posted a picture at one time). Number 3 is a Jailbird which I've worn almost constantly for the past 14 months. It's fantastic!

I'm looking at buying something that has a urethral insert. A Looker from Steelworxx would be perfect but is outside of my budget for now. Can anyone offer any suggestions as to what else is available that's worth having?
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Re: So, how many devices *do* you have, anyway?

Post by Urcatcher »

I was lent by Mistress a CB6000 to see if I liked being in chastity. I loved being locked up but found the CB6k to be ill fitting, causing pinching and soreness and too long allowing partial erections. Despite trying a huge number of combinations of different spacer size / different pin combinations with different base ring sizes, I could never be comfortable in the device and never would wear it for more than 3 days. Hygiene was also a constant issue. I was also afraid to sleep on my stomach because of reports of these devices splitting on the seams and injuring the wearer. After 2 months, I concluded that these CB devices are incredibly poorly designed; hinges cause pinching, blunt edged base rings cause soreness, and enclosed plastic is not good against the skin causing too much friction and also poor for hygiene. I decided to go custom fit metal and did my research. I very carefully sized myself using mature metals sizing rings and guidance, and I purchased my first chastity device, a jailbird with the high security key. The device is a perfect snug fit. I have never experienced discomfort. The first time I wore it was for seventeen days at which time Mistress briefly released me. Since then I have been continuously locked in (as of today for 3 weeks) and I am unsure when I will next be released. The device continues to be comfortable and works perfectly. It completely prevents erections, I cannot escape from it, it is easy to keep clean because of its open design, and I can wear it while working out and while cycling without any issues. :) . I may eventually order the next smaller sized base ring but other than that, I don't see myself ever getting another device. I am totally happy with the jailbird and will be in it for as long as Mistress wants me locked up... which may be for the unforeseeable future....... Mistress is now planning on training me to be milked on a regular basis! She tops me in every possible way that a woman can top a man, owning all of my orifices. We continue to explore my complete and total submission!
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Re: So, how many devices *do* you have, anyway?

Post by tjscooby »

I have and have used six … over the last three years … but only two (MM JB and PT) during the last two + of those three years. But then the wife and I were talking about this same subject and I mentioned, "well, how many different bra's have you had to try before you found one that's comfortable for you?" She oddly agreed, though she did mention the cost difference and the fact that I don't "need" a cage. Yet somehow, I now can't think of not having one. And I believe she couldn't either ;)
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