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Re: Personal Best

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The longest denial I've endured is 152 days. The longest actual 24/7 lockup was 40 days, but now I'm on 45 days with no prospect of release any time soon.
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Re: Personal Best

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I think it’s quite common to define “orgasm” as something with emotional release and a pronounced refractory period, not just the release of semen. That said, around here, anything with semen release is an orgasm, “ruined” or not, and resets the clock.

How you handle that is really completely up to you two.
Steve2059 wrote:
Thu Sep 13, 2018 10:45 am

It's difficult to come down with answers here for a couple of reasons:
First, since I'm on a full-year challenge, is the argument over whether no release is a bad thing for one's prostate. Since the jury's out, I'm erring on the side of caution. Having said that, it's not as if I'm 21 and fertility or worse is an issue.
Second, I have learned to ejaculate without the concomitant physical and emotional associations with orgasm. It's a fine line and caution needs to be taken not to cross it. I actually find it fulfilling in that while it may well protect me physiologically, it also placates my wife, who is uneasy over me going long periods without emission (and of course out overriding rule is that, notwithstanding her rules, whatever she says is the rule).
As I say I can do this thing (multiple times which is fun but in a weird way) but can't get away from the feeling it's a bit of a cheat/cop-out.
But it's too late to change things for 2018; perhaps a new and stricter challenge for 2019? Grateful for input, but it wouldn't be 24/7/365 locked - My wife does have her own needs which would entail some hours out from time to time.
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Re: Personal Best

Post by bondinchas »

My personal best is 106 days.
That's just over 3 months of being continuously locked, no orgasm, no masturbation, no unlocking at all.
I've only managed to do that with my steel cage, for me it's impossible to use a plastic device without having to take it off at least twice a week for cleaning, but with the steel cage I can adequately wash through the bars.

It's always my wife who unlocks me for sex, I think sometimes she wants sex herself, but she often finds it uncomfortable, as she seems to be a little short (I'm certainly not longer than average). More often I think she unlocks me as a reward for being good, I must tell her that it's actually disappointing for me, a better reward would be a tease and then her telling me she'll keep me locked without orgasm for longer!
She understands that I like 'beating my record', maybe I should suggest we stop counting in days, and count in months instead, that might change things!

Regarding long term chastity being bad for your prostate, I find that every so often I'll wake up wet, and sometimes when I'm giving her oral I'll produce a lot of fluid without orgasming, so I think the body is quite capable of keeping things running down there, without having to have direct stimulation or orgasms.
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