That's it...I quit.

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Re: That's it...I quit.

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Atone wrote:Maybe we need coins like AA.

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Re: That's it...I quit.

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On the odd occasion, I'm allowed out of my Jailbird for things such as today's Doctor's appointment --- "OK, Mr Haversackers, turn your head and.... What the fuck is this??" --- and on those days the expectation is that I will lock up as soon as I return home. However, I usually stall a bit, and sit down in front of the computer, open a few Tumblr blogs and stroke myself a bit. I have enough willpower to stop myself before I go over the edge, but damn, it's tempting...

The last time I actually masturbated is almost two years ago. I stopped for the same reason many of you did. With a flagging libido, it was taking away from good sex with my wife. I'm occasionally tempted, as I was today, but for the most part, it doesn't bother me, and besides, what can I do. I'm locked in my JB 99.9% of the time.

By the way, it was getting to feel really far too good, that stroking, so I relocked myself about an hour ago.
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