Common Terms and Abbreviations

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Re: Common Terms and Abbreviations

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I believe figging started as an aid to the spanking of naughty ladies - the plug of ginger was intended to stop them clenching their buttocks in an attempt to reduce the effect of the spanking, but clenching increased the release of the "hot" effect so gave the victim the choice of increased "burning" or pain from the spanking.

From personal experience, as a "giver "and a "taker" the effect is a hot sensation that declines over a few minutes, but nothing like the effect of chilli (eaten or used elsewhere!).

"horniness" must come from the circumstances of applying the ginger, the exposure, in a vulnerable position, the actual feeling of insertion and "fullness".

You need a large piece of ginger and a sharp knife, to carve a "butt-plug" shape. Don't wash the ginger after carving, Apparently leaving the ginger to start going mouldy, before carving, increases the effect, but I have no experience of that. You do NOT just use a piece of ginger with the skin still on !

but " acute pain" "end up in hospital" "RIP" ??? what a load of light-weights...
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Re: Common Terms and Abbreviations

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Yes. Tried it years ago. Slight to moderate burning, especially when clenching cheeks together. Not as bad as reported. The "horniness" is in your mind - or not - depending on whether you like things like that. The anticipation, whittling your own plug, etc. does much more for the "horniness" than anything else.
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Re: Common Terms and Abbreviations

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I hate abbreviations everywhere. It's great for hubby in the basement on his ham radio or in the early days of texting when the alphabet had to fit on 9 keys. With speed typing apps and full qwerty keyboards using over using them seems lazy and incompetent.
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Re: Common Terms and Abbreviations

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MeanChristine wrote: Sun Oct 14, 2018 9:35 pm over using them seems lazy and incompetent.
Ouch. :shock:
I guess u r mean. :lol:
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Re: Common Terms and Abbreviations

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Great idea to post this information in one place. Kitten and I are new to the world of chastity and the list of abbreviations and definitions helped a lot, especially for her. I see that the list has not been updated since August 2013. One suggestion was to include the abbreviation and definition for the Holy Trainer. (HT, HTv3) Another one that is common on another forum I frequent but I haven't seen used here is SWMBO (She Who Must Be Obeyed) It describes most of the relationships of our members.
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Re: Common Terms and Abbreviations

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It's true I haven't done much updating. Your suggestion about the HT I was going to do. The SWMBO I guess I overlooked. I hope anytime someone catches trends like that would make a comment.

Before there were some limitations on what I could do and an Admin had to allow me to make the changes. I think it was to do with too many web addresses in a single post. Would one of the Admin's please PM me on how to do this with the new site?
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Re: Common Terms and Abbreviations

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Hmm. Settings are in a different place, let me check that out.
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Re: Common Terms and Abbreviations

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Thanks for the digest of abbreviations.

There were a lot I had never even thought of.
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Re: Common Terms and Abbreviations

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Thanks for the information. Being in my fifties, I am not up with all of the abbreviations.
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Re: Common Terms and Abbreviations

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ARK then is ... nope I give up.
Advaark Rescue Knights?
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