Worse teasing without denial?

Living the real life under lock and key
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Worse teasing without denial?

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A question, mostly for the keyholders. Certainly something to think about. You know you are going to give him an orgasm. Whether he knows it or not. Do you tease him more? Does this give you permission to be a little cruel? :twisted:

I've looked forward to today. My first orgasm in six weeks and a couple days. Sometime today. Last year, the misses and I would talk about what I want on my special day. (Not this time!) Last year I told her, you plan to have me come. You can still tease me. You can even deny me on the same day. Or over that weekend. She was surprised! :!:

Why wouldn't you? Things you would never do if he stayed locked. Or was just ridden hard and hung up wet. But you know you are giving him an orgasm. Some time today. You can still say no, not now, in ways you never would. ;) And then still say yes later.

I find myself thinking of her using me. And then edging me. Maybe tucking me away for some teasing that way. And then talking about our goals for going longer and longer. Telling me that I've made it to Valentines Day. No worse for the wear. Let's double up and wait for April Fools Day. We're going for three months eventually. May as well start now. :shock: Why put off the inevitable? :twisted:
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Re: Worse teasing without denial?

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If there's no denial, isn't it just delaying?

Either way it's better than denial without teasing.
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Re: Worse teasing without denial?

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I don't plan his orgasms, so I really can't answer this question. If the mood strikes I tell him to cum, usually mid sexual interaction.
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Re: Worse teasing without denial?

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Today is April Fool’s Day. Beware, a perfect day for teasing and denial. Do not get your hopes up for a release.
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