Living Male Chastity One Year In

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Living Male Chastity One Year In

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Well, it's been one year and some weeks of male chastity for us. It's been a journey, that's for sure.

It's interesting, (to me at least), how much male chastity has changed us, and how our practice of chastity itself has changed.

Male chastity has become, for us, one part of a new, wife led marriage. Melissa leads now, without a doubt. We are still partners, certainly, but Melissa is the final authority. She is also beginning to incorporate some little practices of a "female domination" nature just to keep things spicy and me humble.

This is a complete 180 turnaround from how we used to be. We are both leaders and now I can see how the two of us jockeying for that position caused so much tension. The good news we discovered, though, is that we are also both switches in our private lives. We like submitting to one another, but I like it much more. It thrills me to surrender myself to her and so it works for us for her to lead. Boss me, even. Tension solved! Well, at times it's difficult, but Melissa's got a few ways of making me give in!

Our practice of chastity itself has changed. In the beginning it was all about duration, dates, games, ratios, etc. Those things simply don't matter for us any longer. My chastity is who I am now. I am a chaste man. She likes it this way and so do I. Actually, we sincerely cannot imagine doing without it. There were two bumps along the way when we weren't sure if we wanted to continue, but when we stopped we were so unhappy and quickly re-booted the practice.

I can honestly say I do not desire to orgasm. I don't. If anything, a ruined orgasm brings me just as much pleasure. Maybe more. So, unlike how it was in the beginning, the promise of coming is no longer a motivator for me. Being chaste itself is pleasure for me and I am almost disappointed when she has me come for her pleasure (which is not often). What I do desire is intimacy and being sexual with her in all the many different ways we enjoy together. The most difficult thing for me is wanting to do everything we ever do every single time ha!

I know we're different than many male chastity couples in that we talk about being intimate with another couple, or maybe another man, but that fantasy is still in the context of her control of the situation. Melissa is always the boss now.

As far as we know now, we're going to keep at it forever.

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Re: Living Male Chastity One Year In

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We are approaching our second anniversary. Congrats to you both and glad to hear it's working out for you two
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