Wife can’t do PIV, that’s fine by me.

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Wife can’t do PIV, that’s fine by me.

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So the fates have aligned beautifully over the last few years. Gotta watch the details to avoid doxing myself. TLDR: my wife has a medical issue that’s going to make PIV sex more and more difficult over time. She’s also not a fan of giving oral.

The thing I find amusing is that before I reminded her of a particular fetish of mine. She was worried that the lack of sex would push me to cheat. Brief chat about my thoughts on the topic and we’ve been doing more and more chastity play.

She’s very vanilla and when I brought it up 10 years ago she wasn’t keen at all. We agreed to give it a try and now she couldn’t be happier with the arrangement. I basically have to make sure she’s really pampered and in the mood before we do non penetration stuff. If we do go for PIV it’s extremely rare.

I just love the irony though. Her friends told her if she doesn’t put out I’ll go off. In practice the exact opposite is true. She’s happy I’m happy.
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