She's All In

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She's All In

Post by locked4her55 »

So after dinner last night my lovely and supportive wife of 29 years and keyholder for the past 10 says to me, "guess what day it is today?" Me not the good one in remembering dates (except our wedding anniversary) replies "the day Microsoft stops supporting Windows 7". She says "NO, It's International Male Chastity Day".
Who knew she would even know that. Then she hands me an envelope and inside is a handmade card (she has a business on the side in which she creates her own greeting cards).

I was so impressed!
1 - she even knew about the day.
2 - she had ordered the rope paper, key dies and padlock dies so she could make me a special card.
3 - she took the time to make me a card celebrating the day and our commitment to my chastity. :D

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She's all in and I'm a lucky "locked" guy.

btw: The TB on the envelope doesn't stand for Tom Brady. She affectionately refers to me as Toy Boy. ;)
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Re: She's All In

Post by Tessasissy »

That's brilliant I can only hope my wife gets in to it that much. You are very lucky.
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Re: She's All In

Post by Beard »

That is some seriously cool stuff right there
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Re: She's All In

Post by KittensBoyToy »

Damn! We :? missed it.....
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