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[SevenBeforeNine] Two Years Ago

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Hi, I'm a longtime lurker that has been experimenting with longterm sexual and orgasm denial with my wife off and on for close to twenty years, but with things having become more serious, intense, and extreme in the past two years. Although we haven't experimented with any sort of chastity devices, we're both still feeling things out as we go.

The first time that my wife and I ever practiced any sort of orgasm denial was about 20 years ago when we decided to shoot our own homemade porn and I opted to abstain from orgasms for a couple of weeks in order to ensure a bigger cumshot. Prior to this I don't think I had ever gone without an orgasm for more than a couple of days at best, and had been in a series of mostly long term sexual relationships since becoming sexually active in my teens. We shot a few more home videos each time pushing the denial period up until we agreed to try going a full month without allowing me to orgasm.

My wife and I both have fairly high sex drives and the heightened sensitivity that I was developing from the lack of orgasms made having penetrative sex difficult and impractical during the month, which being as my wife didn't want to also abstain from PIV sex meant that playing with orgasm denial was typically something that would be reserved as a special treat for birthdays / anniversaries / etc. It became something that we would try again occasionally over the years, but never for more than a month at a time.

We initially experimented with dildos and strap-ons to make up for the lack of PIV, but disappointments and dissatisfactions with some of the mostly cheaper items we tried meant that they were used on even less occasions than our month long orgasm denials. It wouldn't be until several years later that we eventually found a dildo that she liked, but our orgasm denial months were still just occasional treats until our 19th anniversary came around.

As a treat for our 19th going onto our 20th anniversary, I proposed a bet with her to see if we could try refraining from having any PIV until our 20th anniversary. I honestly didn't think that she'd want to attempt to go for that long without PIV, but she surprisingly agreed to try this and make it through the year without it. We even agreed to back the bet with a monthly ante so that whoever 'caved-in' before the year was up had to forfeit the jackpot with the stakes getting higher the longer we made it. Ultimately this year wound up changing a lot of things for both of us.

For her, she initially started to become more comfortable with using dildos, eventually discovering what works best for her and ultimately leading to bigger orgasms than she had with PIV. Although she initially felt guilty for being "selfish", she also gradually became more comfortable with denying me an orgasm after having hers as the months wore on. Prior to our bet, throughout nearly the entirety of our relationship she had always ensured giving me an orgasm after, and sometimes instead of, having her own.

For me, after enduring several months without PIV and only experiencing mostly handjobs and much rarely oral sex, my newly found hypersensitivity had shot my pleasure chemicals through through the roof. Blowjobs had never really been a big thing for me before, but now they had become the most intimate and intense experience that I had and that I was allowed.

We both made it through the year with a lot of changed perspectives about our sex life, with some aspects having changed drastically (such as her toys now becoming more commonly desired than PIV). Things had also begun changing in our personal lives as well with my wife rediscovering recreational marijuana, which put her already high sex drive into higher gear. She was wanting more orgasms more frequently, while I was enjoying and craving the increase in our sexual activities but wanting fewer orgasms.

I also got through the year with a lot of edging through porn and through some of the more 'femdom' oriented videos I stumbled upon, we (re)discovered ruined orgasms. Although we had tried something similar years ago - where my wife would let go as soon as I came - we now discovered and learned that the key is to stop the stimulation *before* the ejaculation even begins. When we found that I wasn't feeling the typical post orgasm crash and that I was still very erect and very horny, my wife started to enjoy giving me ruined orgasms more often than full ones.

Almost two years ago we took a bigger step towards a more long term orgasm denial game, where I put my wife in control of allowing me (roughly) monthly orgasms in exchange for giving her control over our "movie nights". Initially we did 4 months of just monthly ruined orgasms; we doubled that the next time around with me receiving nothing but monthly ruined orgasms for 8 straight months. Although we did have PIV very seldom in the first two rounds of our game, currently I've been denied both sex and full orgasms for the past 7 months.
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Re: [SevenBeforeNine] Two Years Ago

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It looks like this is your first post in the Journey forum. Please make sure that you have read the sticky posts and that you understand how it works.

This forum is for blogging, so if you did not intend to start a blog here, please let us know so we can move this to a more appropriate forum
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Re: [SevenBeforeNine] Two Years Ago

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Sounds like you've had a lot of fun and wondering if a cock cage might be the next step. You seem to like a challenge and to shake things up a bit.
So you need to decide if you're going to take the red pill. It's a totally different experience to any of the above I think.
If you're partner is willing... "Button up Dorothy, Cansas is going bye bye'
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