[waki86] the new journey .

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Re: [waki86] the new journey .

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She has changed.

Last Friday I came home and as usual I immediately take off my clothes and make coffee.
When I walked into the room, Miss R was sitting naked on the couch to my surprise.
There was a package in front of her and she said surprise.
I thought oh dear she ordered something for me again.
I'm going to make some coffee and then I'll be right over.
I brought her coffee and asked is that for me .
Yes and no said Miss R , I will unpack it.
She began to unpack the package.
They were all loose packages.
The first thing she opened was a necklace.
She told you I should wear that necklace with nipple clamps more often .
This one has more chains and a beautiful stones on it.
Shall I put it on you I asked her .
Yes said Miss R and I put the necklace on her . Tightened the loops for the nipples and she showed me .
It looks very nice on you, I told her.
Wait she said there is more , and she finished another package . A round stone came out with chains and stones on it.
What is that for I asked.
I'll show you and she opened her legs and put it in her pussy .
I told her didn't know there was such a thing.
She said there are so many nice erotic jewelry.
She opened the next package .
This time also something with chains and stones on it. Another necklace I asked , no said it is a G string .
She took the round stone out of her pussy and put on the G string.
A chain with stones on it ran in the middle towards her buttocks .
Looks very nice together and it is very erotic.
Yes she said and positioned the chains well.
She walked around the room and she said it feels good.
A stone hits my clit.
She stood in front of me and showed it.
There were two more packages on the table .
She opened the smallest of them .
A nice black egg came out that also had chains and a stone attached to it.
She got up and pushed it in her ass and asked how do you like it .
Beautiful sexy and horny I said bless Miss R .
Nice to hear she said , you wanted to see this .
I'll get us some coffee and then open the other package, you'll like it too.
My cage was now completely filled .
When she came back with the coffee she said everything is working well.
Her nipples were now nice and stiff and she put the coffee in front of me.
I looked at her ass where the chains with stones dangled from.
We drank coffee together and she gave me the last package . Open up said Miss R. I opened it and a G string came out . With a silver part on the front with a blue stone and a blue dildo on the inside.
Do you remember it she asked me.
No not really I said to Miss R . Sandra was not wearing anything like that last weekend.
Those were more like real panties, I told Miss R.
Yes, but the maker is the same and also had this one.
She has many more fun and cool things .
She took off her G string , took the egg out of her ass .
Now you have to help me, she said.
Make me nice and wet with your tongue and your fingers
She sat back with her legs spread . Her pussy was already glistening with horniness .
I worked her clit with my tongue and she moaned with pleasure .
Gently I started fingering her and suddenly she said stop.
She took the G string and put it on , slid the dildo into her pussy .
That feels great, she said.
Look she said no one sees that I have a dildo in him .
She sat down and moved her hips .
That feels good, I can satisfy myself so much.
She took the egg , put the thong aside and put it in her ass . Now I'm nice and full everywhere she said.
This is what you wanted said Miss R.
Well I said this is more than I expected .
I said I'll just take care of the food you enjoy it and gave her a kiss.
She kept the G string on all night. And she came herself a few times .
When we went to bed she only took off the G string and the egg

The next morning after showering she put the G string back on and took a butt plug from me with a blue stone .
She came to stand in front of me and asked how it is.
Nice I said the colors match nicely.
Yes she said and it feels even tastier and more filling.
You are such a nice horny thing, I said to her. Thank you I do it for you. I am very glad that you do .
Today we are going to groceries together I want to know how that feels.
And oh yes, put in the vibrating butt plug, I can tease you nicely.
We dressed ourselves and went shopping.
And I knew that she regularly turned on the butt plug and then whispered in my ear horny huh .
Are you already dripping , I 'm so wet and more of that exciting talk .
When I got home I unloaded the groceries. Miss R immediately undressed and sat down on the couch.
She played with her G string dildo until she came .
This is my favorite G string she said .
She wore it all Saturday and made herself ready a few times. Which is nice to see .
At night when we went to bed she kept him on. She even kept the butt plug in.
This is so good she said and she played with my balls.
I can cum whenever I want and I don't need you to do that she laughed.

The next morning we went for a nice walk.
And after showering she put on the other G string .
I want to know how it feels when I wear it all day.
She just wore her necklace all the time .
We ate our breakfast put our clothes on and drove to the forest. She was wearing a skirt with loose pantyhose stockings.
After walking for a while I asked her and does it feel good this G string. She stopped and looked around , lifted up her skirt and put a finger in her pussy .
She put her finger in my mouth and said guess what .
Yes you are wet and horny.
Yes she said very horny, we are going to find a place.
We found a spot she lifted her skirt and said get ready in the woods.
I fingered her to a high point .
And then we walked on.
When we got to the car she said I'm wet and horny again.
We got in the car and while driving she fingered her own . When we got home we undressed ourselves and I went to make coffee.
When I came into the living room she was sitting on her dildo Sorry she said I'm so horny have to fuck myself.
Doesn't matter I'd love to see it.
Only on weekends she said.
I asked Miss R what do you mean by weekends only.
She said you asked me if I wanted to wear my necklace with nipple clamps and clit clip more often.
For you I have now ordered these things and only wear them on weekends .
Okay I said I love you.
But that means I won't release you in March.
When then I asked Miss R .
Only when we go to the Sauna, to the nudist beach or on our naturist holidays.
And furthermore, the cage always stays on.
It's your choice whether you want to see me walking around at home with it every weekend or not.
When do you want to know I asked Miss R .
Before it's weekend again.

I've been permanently locked up after our summer vacation and was really looking forward to March.
But on the other hand, I've gotten so used to the cage and the feeling that I love wearing it.
Yesterday I informed Miss R that I accepted her proposal and that I will be locked up forever.
When I told her that she said I had not expected otherwise and had not actually planned to release you.
But because of this it gave me the opportunity to decide for myself whether or not you want it.
But if I hadn't asked you what would you have done to never take off my cage again.
I probably would have come up with something else that you would go with .
But now you are reminded every weekend that there will be no more release.
And I have nice things that please me and excite me , she laughed .
I am in control and you are not , and loves to be in control .
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Re: [waki86] the new journey .

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Smaller cage.

By now I have three metal cages , which Miss R changes every now and then .
What as she says herself, the eye also wants something.
They are all internally locked cages.
Which is of course easy, they all fit on the same base ring. Miss R loves it when she wants to de-stress and play with my balls.
The three cages I have are all the same length 53cm bottoms. The cage rests nicely on my balls and it looks nice and sweet too.
But last week Miss R said since I'm not going to release you , it would be nice if your balls came out even nicer .
A smaller cage would be much better suited for this.
Together we went looking for a new cage.
Now there are cages where you can't see your cock at all. Lucky for me Miss R didn't like it at all.
We ended up with a few cages that have a shorter length.
So I will no longer have freedom of movement.
All the sites we looked at had the base ring and a lock everywhere.
Buying them separately is hardly done by any supplier.
I contacted a few suppliers to see if it was possible to buy them separately. In the end , a supplier agreed to do it .
He also sold loose basic rings and loose locks .
We ordered two cages, one comes with a Urethral tube.
And the other one is a smaller version of the tiger head I have .

Now I have never used a Urethral tube and I don't know if that is better.
The cages arrived on Saturday and were delivered to the postal parcel point.
Sunday afternoon was the shop with the postal package point open.
Miss R decided to pick up the package , so that I could continue with the interior painting in the house .
When she came home she called me to her.
And together we unpacked the package.
She took the key she wore on her necklace and unlocked me . She picked up the cage with the Urethral tube .
She first disinfected everything well with alcohol and slowly slid the Urethral tube into my urethra.
It felt strange when she did that .
Then she took the cage and with some lube and using cotton swab she got my cock inside.
Now my cock was immediately very tight in the cage .
She said my balls are coming out much nicer now. I did say yes your balls.
She grabbed my balls and started playing with them.
My cage was now tight and it felt great.
So be it Miss R now at least I have a whole handful of balls to de-stress.
I had to pee afterwards. And noticed that it was now also much neater .
No more splashing but a nice beam.
That same evening it took some getting used to sleeping because now everything is much tighter, and it also woke me up a few times.
So far I have no chapped spots despite the fact that it is all tighter.
The coming weekend we are going to the sauna with friends for a day. For a long time I will then be free from the cage

Miss R also kept her word last weekend .
She has worn her necklace with nipple clamps and her G strings , where she was also naked like me .
It 's nicer to be naked together .
Although I'm always naked at home, I now enjoy seeing her like this even more on weekends.
Her G string with dildo is her favorite , and it looks great on her too .
It has a disadvantage for me, spoiling her was not an option this time either.
She loves to spoil her own dan, while playing with my balls. Last week we also had little playing time together.
Too busy with our work.
But it is nice to see how she plays with herself and cums ..
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Re: [waki86] the new journey .

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Last night when Miss R and I had just finished eating , the doorbell suddenly rang .
I looked at Miss R and asked we expect visitors.
Yes I forgot to tell you.
She walked to the door and I heard familiar voices.
It was Sandra and John, so I didn't have to worry and put clothes on.
John himself now also carries a cage.
They came in and I greeted them, and asked you for coffee too.
After chatting Miss R said get your other cages,
Sandra wants to see them and know if they fit John.
I went upstairs and got my three cages.
Gho said Sandra I didn't know you have so many .
With a cage I also had different size rings and I also put them down on the coffee table.
Miss R said let me grab an extra lock and keys , and she walked to the cupboard .
Sandra looked at the cages and said that tiger head and snake head look very nice .
Yes, I said and I also like them. I recently got this one that I'm wearing now, it's shorter and fits even better.
Also have the tiger head cage which is shorter. i will also grab it for a while and walked upstairs again.
When I came back and put it on the table, I asked someone else for coffee.
And poured coffee for the second time .
I asked Sandra how come you also practice chastity.
Sandra said when she saw me with a cage for the first time she thought it was great.
And she had gone to investigate what that entailed.
Nice said Miss R and then it was like putting John in a cage. No said John we first tried without .
But that was more difficult than I thought , and in the end we bought a cage .
And wear it every now and then.
And you asked Sandra how often do you wear it.
Always said Miss R , I am in charge now .
I think it's nice to see and because he always wears it he is and continues to pay attention to me.
I nodded and said that's totally right.
Well John said Miss R take your pants off if you want and you can try them on.
John looked at Sandra and they answer yes, do it. I thought we would try them on at home said John.
Sandra laughed no of course we don't do that here.
John stood up and took off his pants .
He was wearing a cage with a padlock.
Sandra took the key and loosened the padlock , and removed the cage .
John's cock started to grow right away, and Sandra said that was not the intention.
That's very normal I said, doesn't matter John.

In the meantime, I'll pour some other drinks.
And walked back to the kitchen.
I heard Sandra ask is he always naked at home .
Miss R answers yes always that's how I prefer to see him. When I came back and put down the drink, John's cock was back to normal.
Come on Sandra said we are going to fit and she gave John a basic ring .
He put it on and Sandra took a cage and put it on John , and then she slid the lock in and locked it .
She grabbed his balls and pulled them out a little further . Looks nice said Miss R .
John's cock immediately filled the cage and said this is great. Yes I said they are great, is the ring not too tight I asked.
No, this one is much nicer than my own ring. That's right, I said this one has a nicer shape.
It's nice that it's possible, Sandra said.
Yes why not we are also just people and that we have the same interest is only fun. I
t takes some getting used to, said John, to do it that way. I get that I said.
The first time everyone saw it I was also very embarrassed, I didn't know what everyone would think of it.
That's right, Miss R said, the intention was to keep it to ourselves.
But because we lost track of time and suddenly everyone came in , everyone saw it .
O said John thought you had done it on purpose .
Miss R didn't say no at all and didn't know how everyone would react.
But luckily it all went well it looks like , and looked at John. Sandra took off the cage and took the tiger head cage and wanted to put it on.
Wait, I said I'll grab some lubricant and a cotton swab. I got it and gave it to Sandra.
They tried to put his cock in the cage, but she couldn't.
Shall I show it said Miss R , and she took over .
She showed how it went best and with the cotton swab she pressed the skin inside .
Then she locked the cage.
This one is totally cool Sandra said.
And grabs John by his balls and she looked closely at the cage You are a beautiful cage model said Miss R .
I told John get used to it women find a man in a cage attractive.
The ladies laughed about it.
Then the cage with snake head was fitted .

The internal locks are much nicer said John , no rattling padlock and also easier for trousers .
That's right, I said, and it also looks nicer.
Can we also try the short one said Sandra .
Yes of course Miss R said that's why they are also on the table. After some fiddling, John's cock also went into the shorter cage.
That looks even more beautiful and sweet said Miss R .
Your balls will also come out very nicely.
This one isn't as comfortable as the other one, said John.
It takes some getting used to, I also have to get used to this one.
Only have it on for a few days. I think the open cage and the tiger head cage are the most beautiful, said Sandra.
Then I made it up to you, I said, can you keep the open cage. The chance that I will wear it again is small, Miss R .
That's right, she said, I like the smaller cage better.
The small cage was taken off and the open cage put on.
This one won't go off for the time being, Sandra said.
It will go off next Saturday , I said to John , then the four of us will go to the sauna .
Then only said Sandra.
But after that, he stays for the time being. We drank some more afterwards.
John pulled his pants back on and chatted about other things. When they had gone,
Miss R was all excited.
And I spoiled her with my fingers and tongue until she came. Later in bed she played with my balls , she said they look so delicious and nice .
I enjoyed it immensely and it was a wonderful feeling again.
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Re: [waki86] the new journey .

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Last Friday I came home , Miss R was home earlier and she was nice and naked .
She was already wearing her jewelery , this time she was wearing the panties with the chains and stones .
Instead of going to get her coffee , I didn't have to .
She got us both coffee , and saw how she also had her anal egg in it .
My cage filled right up.
She looked very oriental with her black hair , nail polish .
We drank coffee together and she took the key that hung around her neck .
And she said I unlock you a little earlier ,
I want to tease you now without a cage . It 's been too long since I played with your boner .
While she said that she unlocked the cage , and immediately took off the base ring .
She massaged my penis until it was hard .
What a blissful and wonderful feeling it was to be touched there again.
She played with my balls and gently pushed against my butt plug .
Don't cum eh, what are we not going to do.
She bent over and took my penis in her mouth, and started playing with her tongue with my head. I had completely forgotten how good she could give a blowjob .
He stood nice and stiff and she said he is also very beautiful. Now I am pretty well hung about 18 cm , and my penis is also nice and straight .
He stood stiff for a long time now, like I'm free and have to enjoy it.
Together we drank our coffee , and I cooked afterwards .

During cooking Miss R teased me , by pressing on my butt plug or to make it stiff again .
After dinner we had a drink together , while she played with my penis .
That went on pretty much all night long.
When we were in bed , she made him hard again and started to suck me softly, and she played with my balls and butt plug . She said well, the cage is doing a good job.
You keep it up for a long time.
She just kept going and going.
Suddenly I stopped and I said , it was supper delicious dear . She gave me a kiss and said let's go to sleep and tomorrow I'll play with it before we go to the sauna.

The next morning I woke up with a blow job from Miss R . A wonderful feeling , which I had not experienced for a long time . I also wanted to spoil her , but that was not allowed .
She said I'm going to shower and then make coffee , keep it stiff for me all this time .
She took off and took off her erotic jewels and went to shower . After about three quarters she came back with coffee .
Nice, she said, he is still nice and straight. And how many times have you had to help him. 5 times I had to help him to make it beautiful for you.
She grabbed it and started to play with it softly again .
The feeling was wonderful again and I enjoyed it. She played with it in such a way that it's nice, but that I wouldn't get the feeling of an orgasm.
She stopped playing with my penis and sat on top of me. I want to feel it before we go to the sauna .
Very slowly she started to ride my penis .
She moaned softly , and said oh don't cum you . I felt myself coming closer and closer to an orgasm.
I said I will come right away.
She stepped away from me, took my penis in her mouth and licked my head with her tongue.
Yes I can taste it , and that is not the intention .
If you hadn't made your penis erect 5 times, and hadn't come nearly. If I had given you 5 days of freedom .
But unfortunately for you, you still have a lot to learn
She took the cage and put it back on .
And she said permanently locked up is better for you .
I said it is not allowed to wear a cage in the sauna.
I know Miss R said then you just take it off there .
I asked Miss R, can I take off my butt plug already.
She thought for a moment and said, no, you can hold that in there too.

We dress ourselves , packed our bag with sauna stuff and went .
When we arrived at the sauna,
Sandra and John were already waiting.
It was not busy and we checked in , and then walked down to the lockers .
We picked a locker with the four of us.
Miss R gave me the key , I went under my kilt and took off the cage .
And handed it to her.
John said that's risky.
Well said I screwed up, and took off my butt plug. Then unbuckled my kilt and was also naked.
The four of us had a very nice and relaxed day. We didn't leave until the sauna closed.
There was no one in the part where we had the lockers.
Miss R gave me the cage and put it back on .
Took my butt plug in my mouth so it was wet and stuck it in my ass .
At the reception we paid from what we used.
And in the parking lot we said goodbye to Sandra and John and drove home.
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Re: [waki86] the new journey .

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Tiger head cage.

Last Friday I came home , and undressed myself as usual . And went to make coffee , before Miss R came home from work .
Grabbed the vacuum cleaner and went vacuum cleaning.
When I had just finished Miss R came home, she kissed me good day, grabbed my balls and pressed my butt plug.
You look hot again honey , I love your balls .
She teased me about it for a while , and we went for coffee together .
We discussed our day, which we always do when we get home. Now that I still have my clothes on she said, I'll go get pizza for tonight.
Yes, that's fine, then I'll do the laundry in the washing machine. She came back half an hour later with delicious pizza.
We ate it together, and she said I'm going to get undressed.
A little later she came back and she was wearing her new necklace with nipple clamps and her dildo g string .
You look great again baby I told her .
Her nipples were nice and stiff again and she looked a bit horny in her eyes .
In her right hand she held the tiger head cage. In terms of length, the cage is shorter than the one I was wearing at the time.
Let's see how it fits and what your balls look like then , said Miss R .
She took the key to the cage and opened it.
My penis became stiff right away, and Miss R said that's not going to work.
She went to the kitchen and came back with ice cubes.
Soon my penis got smaller , and she took the cage and some lube and a cotton swab .
Slowly she stuffed my penis into the cage , and closed it again . She pushed the base ring a little further back and she brought my balls forward.
It looks nice and sweet Miss R said and your balls look even nicer .

With the other cage I had already noticed that my erection was better held back.
Had no freedom of movement with that at all.
My balls also stayed a bit bigger when excited.
But it could also be that it only seemed that way because the cage was shorter.
With this cage they seemed even bigger.
I noticed that since I wore that other cage that Miss R played with my balls even more often .
She said it feels so wonderful and relaxing to play with. I then went to wash up and put the laundry in the dryer.
Suddenly I heard Miss R calling , put in your remote controlled butt plug .
I want to play with it.
After I put the laundry in the dryer, I walked to the bedroom and changed the plug and went downstairs.
Grabbed my phone and connected the butt plug.
It is ready to use I said to Miss R .
It wasn't long before he started shaking.
My cage filled up as best it could.
My erection was now held even tighter.
Now you only felt a little how the cavernous body pushed itself inside .

The vibration of the butt plug also felt different now .
In the beginning a little less intense than before.
Whether it was because of the strength or the pattern I can not say .
But it did feel nicer , a kind of soothing yet exciting feeling .
I told Miss R how different it all felt.
She grabbed my swollen balls and played with them .
Your balls seem to feel a bit softer now with that cage.
I will now have some more skin left I told her .
They feel great and gently knead my balls .
The butt plug vibrated on different patterns through what supper felt wonderful.
Slowly I became hornier and hornier .
And asked Miss R if I could play with her.
She said no it's my play time and not yours. While gently massaging my balls, she was playing with her g string dildo with her other hand.
Suddenly a drop of pre-cum dripped from my penis.
She saw it and rubbed it with her finger and put it in my mouth. We are not going to do this, she said sternly.
She took out her phone and turned off the butt plug.
They kneaded my balls for a while and said, they have to stay nice and full that's how I prefer them.
By now the laundry was dry and went upstairs to clean up the laundry.

When I was done and came down, she said honey I feel like fucking ready.
Get the strapon and put it on.
I went upstairs again and got the lifelike dildo and put it on .
I grabbed the lube and lubricated him.
Miss R got up and took off her g string and while I was sitting on the couch she gently slid the dildo inside.
She hugged me and started fucking her own.
She moaned softly and felt how she was fucking her own . What a nice fuck you are darling, she said and she started to fuck wilder and wilder.
My boner that was held back by the cage felt it in my lower abdomen .
Although you are not really fuck yourself , you do feel a kind of stimulation .
At one point she put her nails in my nipples, and it got even more intense. She came very violently and hugged me and said this is so delicious.
She stayed on the dildo for quite some time.
And she said the cage is the best we could have done. You are always ready for it
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