[waki86] the new journey .

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Re: [waki86] the new journey .

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I've just caught up on your recent posts... very interesting and engrossing.

The holiday break sounds wonderful, and the intense humiliation of being caged and shown off in front of others must have been incredible!

Looking forward to how things further evolve...has your gf shown any interest in the sissification, even if on a smaller scale than her friend?
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Re: [waki86] the new journey .

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Thank you for your response.

It was indeed very humiliated for me when I first carried my cage with close friends .
Although it has been accepted by our friends , and I can wear it in front of me .
I try to behave as normal as possible .
My GF really enjoys being able to do it .
She says nicely that they see that I have your penis in control . I think most of them now know what a penis cage is for, it would be weird if it wasn't.
I have to say that it has given both me and my GF a lot of confidence .

I can not give a clear answer to your question whether my GF wants to apply a form of sissification .
It is something we talked about after the contact with her friend.
And I have also indicated that I do not want that myself . But I have often said that with certain things and in the end I went along with it.
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Re: [waki86] the new journey .

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The Cock code .

We are now almost two weeks further and her list of the cock code commands has become longer .
When I come home the clothes are taken off and the chain is also ready every day. I then have to attach this to my cage and then swing it over my shoulder.
Learning the codes by heart is not always easy.
But she has set up a training program for that.
Every evening after dinner , I practice , and when I do it wrong . Then she pulls very hard on the chain, sometimes I think immediately you pull my penis off.
After training I have to give her an orgasm with my tongue She then sits on the couch with her legs wide , and she has the necklace in her hand .
She calls me her nice pussy dog..
With the chain on the cage she controls the licking speed or the depth of my tongue .
In the meantime she has become so addicted to orgasms that not a day is missed.
Before going to sleep she usually wants an orgasm but with the viberator or with the strap on.
When using the strapon .
Can't I take this off even after she comes?
She wants to see me in the morning with it .
She teases me in the morning with it, how nice it is.
Much nicer and tastier than your own cock .
At least I have what's on, always stiff and never get tired.

Yesterday the weather was lovely and we decided to go for a walk in the woods near our house. She had put on the chain of the cage and hung it under her dress .
After walking for a while, she grabbed the chain and lifted my kilt. She fastened the chain
And she grabbed the chain and said so nice pussy doggy I'm going to walk you .
After walking for a while , she pulled a few times on the chain that became tight .
It can't be like that, everything from a dog wears no clothes. I undressed and she said this is how you should be naked , and she pulled on the chain follow me pussy doggy .
Chained and plugged I followed her completely naked . Good so enjoy it she said we will do this on a regular basis now . After a long walk it started to get dark and we arrived at the edge of the forest .
Now you can get dressed again .
And she untied the chain and we walked home . Which was about a 2 km walk.

On the way she said that was wonderful to do.
Exciting but supper delicious to let you out like that.
Yes I said it was exciting and delicious at the same time .
I prefer to see you naked and caged and plugged , it turns me on that I own your penis and ass .
And that I can make you do things what I want . I complimented her on how proud I am of how she is doing as a key holder.
She laughed , we 'll see .
Your release is already in January 2023 . All that takes another 5 months. Yes, that's not that long, or should I make it last longer. Uh no, it's short enough.
Well she said I'll think about it now that you've said that it's short enough.
Now she got me by using the word short .
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Re: [waki86] the new journey .

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Her property .

We have been working on the chastity journey for 6 months now.
In that short time I have already experienced a lot that I could never dream of .
Being accepted by some of our good naturist friends.
The contact with her good friend , whose man also wears a cage .
To carry out assignments made up by herself .
I never thought it would do us both good .
Although we have often experimented with sex in the past. O,a partner swap, bisex, bdsm, outdoor sex, and swingers clubs. With all those experiments it was always this is just not it .
I have always experienced ejaculation as an end exercise.
And also trained for that to try to postpone it as long as possible .
I like the feeling of sitting against the edge and still like it better.
That I myself would be submissive is something I never expected of myself.
Never mind being in the state of near constant excitement I would do all those things .
And that I was going to enjoy serving my girlfriend and giving her orgasms.

We have now contractually agreed that my penis belongs to her.
And that she decides what to do with it.
How long I will remain locked up and that she can rely on her decision at all times .
And that I will do everything I can to please her , no matter what else she has in store .
The cage may only be removed in case of medical necessity. Or when we go to public nudist beaches or naturist holidays. I can not touch my penis or secretly cum .
The butt plug is also included in the contract.
That I will always wear a matching color under my kilts. And that from now on I have to take care of that myself.
Now that the heat wave in Europe has come to an end .
Does my girlfriend prefer me naked.
Fortunately, we have nothing to do with the sky-high energy bill yet.
We have solar panels on our house and we have been heating our house for years with a good wood stove, which also provides hot water.
Being naked in the house in winter time will not cause any problems for me either , fortunately . It also states that from now on I will address her as Mis R .
We both signed it .
And then we went to a restaurant to celebrate . And after dinner I spoiled her extra with my hands , tongue and the strapon . And thanked her that I had become her property .
For me there is no going back .
And we'll see how now the mandatory travel will develop.
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Re: [waki86] the new journey .

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Miss R.

We are now almost 14 days further after we signed the agreement together .
In the beginning I had to get used to not being allowed to call her by her first name , but Miss R .
She now has the leading role in our relationship , and it has become her cock . I notice in myself that I am also undergoing certain changes. At first I saw it as a form of a game , but I am becoming aware that it is no longer a game .
But that it is becoming a lifestyle , where I am no longer in charge .
The saying men think with their cock is absolutely correct. Especially when your cock is locked up and you can't get a hard one anymore, or you can touch it yourself.
Will your behavior change unintentionally? One learns to enjoy the moment when your cage or balls are played .
All touch become much more intense and one just start spoiling .
It will also be much more enjoyable to spoil your partner both sexually and in daily life. It is no longer about your own orgasm , but that the other one .
People also experience a completely different form of orgasm , but without being able to ejaculate themselves . In the meantime I have mastered the cock code and the chain on the cage is now used as a game part. When it is ready I have to attach it to the cage.
We have cleared a spot at the bank , where I stand with my hands behind my back .
Miss R then uses the chain to give me commands without speaking.
Or to take me somewhere in the house .
The assignments can be of different nature . To serve her to do household chores , to spoil her sexually .

Our day looks like this .
I get up half an hour earlier in the morning. I set the table downstairs for breakfast , then go to bed with Miss R giving me the key to unlock the cage so I can clean everything .
I also clean my Buttplug.
Empty my bowels with an anal doche .
When I'm done Miss R locks me up again and I put a kilt ready for the day.
Take a matching butt plug with it .
I now have a lot of butt plugs with different colored stones on them.
I put this butt plug in my ass again and I'm done.
Miss R then goes to bed and I wait for her until she is dressed . Sometimes she wants to be pampered by mouth or fingers before breakfast .
When she is ready we will have breakfast together .
Then she goes to work , and I clean up , get dressed and then go to work .
I did cheat in the beginning when I wore the butt plug, removed it before going to work.
Because I was afraid that I would lose it , it would be a shame if a butt plug suddenly falls on the floor in the workplace .
By now I am so used to it that I know well when I have to go to the toilet.
The size is also perfect and stays in place no matter what I do. And am only aware of it when I sit .
I also had to get used to wearing the chastity cage under the kilt in the beginning.
Because I never wear underpants one can sit on your balls with the cage around or that the cage pushes very tightly against the front of your cock.
Miss R is always home from work earlier than I am .
When she is with a friend she lets me know , so that she does not suddenly become a surprise .
When I get home , I immediately undress and pour us a cup of coffee .
Together we discuss our day , and ask if she has any wishes . Then I will cook dinner and set the table and we will have dinner together .
We just do the dishes and clean up together.
In the meantime she also teases me by saying you look nice . And also grabs me by my cage or balls or pushes against the butt plug .
My cage is getting tighter and tighter. I'm not allowed to touch her which sometimes drives me crazy.
When we are done she does some homework at home and I do some household chores .
Then we relax together on the couch with a glass of wine and a glass of whiskey .

She also indicates if she wants to be pampered.
She has also become very direct in this. Where she was very hesitant before it all started, she now says I want to be licked ready or I want to be fucked with the strapon.
What can happen downstairs or in the bedroom .
She is also aware that there are people who practice locktober . We're not good, she said, you're in it until January.
But I want to do something special with locktober.
So that it will also be a special month for us.

For everyone who is going to do Locktober , I wish everyone a lot of success and lots of fun .
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