[SlocksT] Our Journey begins

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[SlocksT] Our Journey begins

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So after many discussions my gf and I have decided to give this a serious go.

A little bit about ourselves we’re both 26, live together in our own place (fun 24/7 ;) ) and have been together for 4 years now. We have a really active sex life already full of kink and toys but so far it was always me being the dominant in the relationship, she is actually quite submissive by nature which makes this secret desire of mine to be dominated and locked up that much harder to achieve. However we have done this right and taken time to reflect and ask questions to see what a reality like this could look like and not think too much about fantasies we’ve seen on porn etc
So went out and bought a cb-6000 and have been locked up since satarday. Was able to sleep through the night with a lot of waking up but nothing too bad. She has said that for the first time it needs to be a long lock up to really be serious about this on my end so around 45 days. She’s trying to learn as much as there is about this and how to be mean/humiliate as that concept is completely new to her, but already she seems to be enjoying teasing me about my cage.

First thing she wants is a doxy wand and thanks to this forum we’re looking at vixskin to improve our dildo collection and make it as realistic as possible.

Any tips from mistresses for my KH would help her out(she’s reading everything with me)

Excited (can’t show it) to be part of this journey!
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