[Mermaiden] mutually beneficial

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[Mermaiden] mutually beneficial

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My journey begins and my goal is a marriage and sex in our marriage that works for both of us. We are in our early 60’s and healthy and fit. We love each other and are committed to a happy supportive relationship. But things are never simple. Over the past few years my wife has lost interest in sex. It’s not medical, it’s not me and I’m not convinced is even abnormal. But I remain interested and have always been drawn to kinky things, at least in thought if not action. (I’ll admit it now, I like to crossdress). Chastity enforced by her might be a way to keep me happy and not unduly impose on her.

So after thinking about this for a long time, and encouraged by the success of others here, I brought it up yesterday. I was terrified and had worked through the conversation in my mind many times. My intent was to be honest but not overwhelm her. Of course the actual conversation didn’t match my imaginary presentation. I was able to bring up the idea of her controlling my orgasms, that I masturbate too much, I want her to help me with that, and I love when she teases me without release. A year or two ago we had tried a few times where she orgasmed with her vibrator and I was left hard, so she wasn’t confused. But she diverted the conversation quickly and I didn’t get to say everything I wanted. Never made it to trying a device.

So later we were out for a hike and at a quiet time I asked if we could talk more about, but she said “No, I understand “. I left it at that, not sure if she understood, and again no mention of a device.

Here’s the good part. I woke up this morning and we snuggled, my front against her back, and my semi against her butt. After a bit she rolled over and held my penis, then slowly rubbed it in circles. Very gently. I got harder and then the pre cum started and she stroked me to a full, wet erection. It was wonderful. The first time in at least six months. Then she rolled towards her bedside table and I expected she would get some oil and finish me, or, maybe even her vibrator. But she just smiled and said “now you can get dressed”. I was overwhelmed with gratitude and hugged her. Her smile was real.

Later this morning I was getting ready to leave for an overnight trip and I tried to casually mention I should be able to get by without masturbating until I got back. She looked right at me and said “ you better not!”

So, I feel like things are off to a good start, but my cock is asking me ‘what the hell?’
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Re: [Mermaiden] mutually beneficial

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Seriously, you just started...no device/cage yet?
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