[britcam] I have joined the club

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[britcam] I have joined the club

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Hey all, thought I would make a post about my journey as I have just started out :)

I have read a lot about chastity and general kink over the years and finally decided this is something I want to do with my wife. Now, I am very open with her and even though she thinks I am a weird, she is open to "trying stuff with me" She is vanilla but even to have the relationship we have that I feel open to talk to her about everything is great. So I put a detailed messaged together on why I wanted to do it, got called weird, but she is happy to try it out and she will read up on it. Now, I don't think she will read up but it's a good start!

For me I want to go down this road to enjoy my wife more, quite simply. I love her to bits, but I am very aware the time I spend on porn and the less time I spend appreciating her. When I keep away from the internet I love the intimacy we have and notice a huge difference in my affection to her. I do not have the self control though to do this all the time and I hope chastity is that help. Now, I also love that she can have the control etc over me as I have always been a submissive, but the change of mindset that she is the only person that I now enjoy is quite euphoric to me.

So I have been left to do my own research and buying of devices so far. I kind of expect that a lot of leg work will be my end in trying testing getting fit etc as she will take some time to fully get into it. I started with a cheap knock off, put it on, loved it but very quickly decided I need a more custom version which is more open/comfortable. It was fine for 3-4 hours, but with it covering most of my penis I can see the cleanliness issue being a problem and as I would like to be 24-7 if its possible so I started looking and researching more online. I have settled on a cherry keeper which I am trying and testing at the moment, I have done my first full day today at work wearing it and its been great! I think I am going to to do a few weeks of daytime fulltime, then try and do some evenings... This has been all my own doing so far, but I text my wife that I had it on today (she didnt know) and that I was enjoying with the reply "emoji (of a face with stars popping out) "I was feeling horny last night" So I feel bloody great so far!

I do hope in the next few months this is something she buys into with me as I can see huge benefits already, I do feel like I am 18 again towards her. I am now 34.. haha But I do know not to rush and even if she doesn't it is something I can do myself happily.

I know the road is long and probably expensive in getting the right fit/device but I feel fairly positive so far. This forum is great and hope to be involved/contribute in the future :)
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