[addadayplease] My Journal of My Journey

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[addadayplease] My Journal of My Journey

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I just signed up today. I will be journaling here in the future. I'll also be posting poems / poetry :twisted: here that reflect the theme of chastity. I have a new poetic topic, as of today. Looking forward to the fellowship here. :lol:
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Re: [addadayplease] My Journal of My Journey

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Journey Update: Past and Recent Events

Before February 6

I had been quietly Amassing a Chastity Cage Collection
Names are either my creation or from the place I ordered from.
1. Training Ring – Lock the Cock
a. Base Ring and Penis Ring
b. Traps Balls, Penis is semi-free without any tube or bars.

2. 3 Ring Circus (Pinches and Sticks Out) - Lock the Cock
a. Tossed two smallest rings on February 26.

3. Open Concept from China – Lock the Cock

4. Holy Trainer Knock Off from China
a. Separation while at ring/tube and feared lock would not come out
b. Drilled/Modified to “lock” with a screw and bolt.
c. I have not been happy with the reliability of the integrated locks.

5. Integrated Padlock - like the Fail Safe at KoalaSwim

6. Tubular…A272 from China dhgate:
a. dhgate lists 10,000 chastity devices. Really?!

7. KoalaSwim “Lavish”

8. KoalaSwim “Swagger”
a. These last three , ordered separately, arrived in the same day’s mail, late January.
b. I tried them on privately as soon as I could

Up to this point I’ve been mainly self locking.

Sometime in 2019…
Showing her my caged cock for the first time…via sext picture/video chat.
I self locked while away for the weekend.

Locked for a Weekend Away Together….
with tease/denial, (x2) and finally an unlocked ohOhOHgasm.
She thinks it is odd, and has great pity for my locked up penis.

January 2021:
Typing up “Our Chastity” Document
Joining This Chastity Forum
Thinking and Fantasizing
Working Up the Nerve for Self Disclosure and Request

February 6 – p.m.
Heart to Heart with HER MAJESTY, QUEEN of sire’s DOMAIN.
Sharing what I wanted with chastity.
Discussing Her Rise to Power as KH
Talking about many of the details of “Our Chastity” Document… without reading it.

Feb 8,9,10
Feb 8 –
QUEEN writes on bathroom mirror with a whiteboard marker
“ Lock it up after your shower.” and she draws a lock.
Note: QUEEN does not do much doodling and art work.
It is a wonderful gesture of caring when she draws something.
Locked all day for work and overnight

Feb 9
Unlocked for morning shower and shave
Then locked all day at work and overnight.

Feb 10 –
Locked all day at work.
Evening Unlocked for Mutual Orgasms
QUEEN – with Vibrator
sire – hand job with nipple sucking
Left Unlocked

Feb 12,13,14,15,16 – Road Trip
We talked about me being locked up on the trip, for we’ll be sleeping in a shared motel rooms with PRINCESS2 (adult daughter) for the next 4 nights. No sexy climaxes for us, until a brief window of alone time.
I plan to bring along 2 cages.

February 12 a.m. –
LOCK UP message on the bathroom mirror. No drawing.
Locked in training ring at work. (Balls trapped, penis free through second ring)
Send SFW pic from internet, so QUEEN stays informed.

February 12 4 p.m. –
1600 hours – Change Cage: Locked in A272
Drive from 1615 to 0130 next morning with QUEEN and PRINCESS2 on road trip.
Remain Locked for Sleeping (4.5 hours)

February 13
Unlocked Shower and Relock
On the Road Again
Locked for Drive from 0700 to 1300 hours
Ball Pain – Unlocked in Mid-Afternoon
Unlocked Evening Bath Then Relocked for Sleeping

February 14
Shower…and Unlocked by Mutual Consent
Evening Bath and Relocked for Sleeping

February 15
Unlocked for Mutual ohOhOHspasms.
Unlocked for remainder of the trip and through February 21

February 22,23,24,25,26
Still trying to figure out which of these “off the shelf” cages, if any, will be suitable for long term wear. Lusting after the Mature Metal Jail Bird I’ve read so much about…

February 22
Mirror Message from MY QUEEN: Lock Up After Shower…
with a drawing of a push-button combination lock. So Hot!
Locked in Swagger all day at work and overnight. No Teasing
After work, sire writes on mirror a suggested schedule for the week.
QUEEN having ohOhOHspasms every night
sire - locked all week.
QUEEN enjoys ohOhOHspasm at bedtime.

February 23
Lock Up Orders in effect until further notice.
Unlocked Shower and Relocked
Locked in A272 all day at work and overnight.
QUEEN enjoys ohOhOHspasm at bedtime. 8 minutes of Teasing until 2000 hours.
Strict Bed Time

February 24
Unlocked Shower and Relocked
Locked in HT Knock-off all day at work and overnight.
Couple Massage Table Time – 15 Minutes of Teasing

February 25
Unlocked Shower and Relocked
Locked in Integrated Lock all day at work and overnight.
QUEEN experiences medical pain incident 4-Midnight. Dr. Consulted.
sire makes dinner
Couple Foot Soak in HOTspa tub.
QUEEN enjoys ohOhOHspasm at bedtime, despite pain.
QUEEN says “You were the one who wrote out the schedule. (wink and smile.)”

February 26
Unlocked Shower and Relocked
Locked in Swagger all day at work until 1700 hours, according to verbal orders.
Sire sorts out cages and locks and prepares two sets of keys.
1. for QUEEN / Wife / KH.
2. Post Shower and Emergency Keys (Honor System)
Evening Shower and PIV sex, with sire’s ohOhOHspasm.
QUEEN attempts ohOhOHspasm, but is sleepy…and satisfied from the weeks pleasures.
2100 Hours – Zzzzzzzz.
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Re: [addadayplease] My Journal of My Journey

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Feb 26 – Post PIV Sex Pillow Talk

sire: (after PIV sex and sire’s ohOhOHspasm. We had previously talked about and immediate relocking for sire for the weekend) “I’d be O.K. with staying unlocked all weekend and into next week, if that’s O.K.”

QUEEN / Wife / KH: (with mischievous smile) “We’ll see. You may have opened up a Pandora’s Box,” She coos as she heads for the bathroom.

sire: “Oh, have I?” (puts away vibrator and ponders the future)
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Re: [addadayplease] My Journal of My Journey

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Chastity has come and gone since Feb. But tonight, as THE QUEEN returns from a trip, I've locked up and asked her to leave me locked for the rest of the month (and beyond?). I said it was for "Locktober", and asked her to indulge her own pleasure at my hand and tongue, and to tease me but keep me locked. She texted me back. "Sure. If that is what you'd like to do." She has yet to grasp her full power dynamic. She feels guilt if she denies me, and pities my dick all encased in steel. I'm trying to reassure her and I'll see what the next 20+ days hold. One thing is for sure...her sire will serve her.
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Re: [addadayplease] My Journal of My Journey

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She came home today, driving her mom's car from a week away. I have been driving her car in her absence. On my return from work... I washed HER car. Filled it with gas. Vacuumed the interior...and brought her flowers. And what a kiss as we greeted each other. Then in the privacy of our bedroom. (MIL lives with us since July, so we aren't as free to be free.) She said. "And I'm using my power tonight. There will be no this (motioning to my crotch) tonight. You will watch the game (Giants vs Dodgers). We will be on for tomorrow night." Then I asked her if I could lick her between innings. "We'll see..." she said.
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Re: [addadayplease] My Journal of My Journey

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Ordered to watch a sports...Talk about cruel and inhumane punishment!!!!!!!!! ;) :lol:
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