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Re: [Luv2belocked] she likes it locked...

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My wife and I have had extensive conversations about what we both want from our chastity arrangement… it has slowly been moving from a game that we played when we would go away… to … it now becoming more of a lifestyle with much more of a permanent tone to it. We’ve agreed … at her suggestion and urging that I will only get release on special occasions … like my bday , our wedding anniversary, Christmas , and New Years. This year I’ll only be unlocked for a very short portion of the year as she wants to lock me for Locktober and keep me chaste until New Year’s Eve. That would be a full 3 months locked. We’ve never gone that long to date but got close last year. I’m always horny as hell for her and have gotten so much better at putting her satisfaction ahead of my own. That’s what initiated our conversation about more of a permanent arrangement. She has really begun to feel the full effects of what chastity has done for our marriage, as have I. We’ve discussed how much better she’s become at taking control of my release. She mentioned to me that she wished we had gone this route much sooner than we did. ( I feel the same way). If she stays serious about our lifestyle like she has …I’ll get to cum only 2 more times this year, and she’ll have an orgasm whenever she wants. We’ve begun to fantasize a lot more with cuckold situations and it makes her incredibly wet! This fantasy is very hot for both of us!! I always wonder if other people are having these same conversations.
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