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[RobertWhite] My journey

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I started this day off nervous and excited as my gage is due to arrive today. Fast shower and shaved my body getting ready for the mail to run.

My Master sent me a text that today was the day. I was to wash my new cage and video chat him for instructions when it arrived. Yes Sir, I replied and waited for the mail.

An hour later I hear the mail pull up and I ran to the drive to meet the driver. Out she comes with a box and a few envelopes. I take a deep breath and reach for my mail, said thank you and turned around. Ready for my journey to begin today. I look down and my heart falls. It's not the package I have been waiting for.

I was sad and frustrated wanting to start this new life only to have to go through another 24 hours of waiting. I contact my Master and informed him. I shared with him my rollercoaster of emotions. He reassured me that it will be ok.

So maybe tomorrow will be the day for me
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