[FindingFun] Back at it...not sure where it's going

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Re: [FindingFun] Back at it...not sure where it's going

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I've been off this site for a while because I've been serving my Miss online for almost 7 months now, and this has kept me occupied. In the beginning chastity was something that facinated her but wasn't something she insisted on. But then, after a night of following her direction including a ruin followed by a morning of a full orgasm, I experienced a strong sense of sub drop. A few days went by and after chatting with her, she realized that chastity and denial were very important in keeping me in the proper submissive mindset. It's worked. Since Jan 31st, I may have had 5 total full orgasms. Chastity keeps her property locked away. She has me edge or ruin to keep me needy. It's been a great relationship. I am always willing to please her and she appreciates that of me.
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