[Dredger] My journey so far.

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[Dredger] My journey so far.

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Hi All

Well its been a few days since joining and the journey has been immense. My gorgeous wife had been feeling neglected with me often pleasuring myself and forgetting about her needs, to the point of her being upset. I showed her a pink Holy Trainer V3 and when she saw it and saw the lock she was very turned on. Now things went to plan and it was fitted within 30 minutes of it arriving. She locked me up and broke the key. A new original HolyTrainer lock arrived today from uberkinky to replace it. This is tougher and keeps me secure until the official HolyTrainer V4 arrives later this week.I showed her the milking tool and she said I can be locked in for months and be relieved without needing to be released.

I wondered if she would be into all this but my God was I wrong. Within minutes of being locked I was told not to expect release for a while. Evenings are spent being teased until bedtime with potential to be unlocked but it has happened once when it got a bit painful. She is massaged and tickled for hours every night and sometime she lets me help her come. Last night she spent a while ensuring she was completely shaven in all areas for me to look at. Smoother than ever. I sat there watching her use her rabbit and she let me let me watch her come three times then turn over and say goodnight. I may be out in a few days but its doubtful. The look on her face when she said that.

My behaviour has changed and I have never felt so attentive to my Princess and every whim is catered for. I love it
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Re: My journey so far.

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Hey @Dredger
Thisnis the blog forum. If you are starting a blog here, please read the sticky posts at the top.

If you're not starting a blog we can move this post to another forum.
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Re: My journey so far.

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I hope it’s a blog - started good and I enjoyed reading it! 😁👍
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