[locked_husband] The letter that started it

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Re: [locked_husband] The letter that started it

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I'm a little torn. I want to say I'm sorry to hear that, and at the same time I want to say congratulations. Not sure which you'd rather hear, but all I know is I'm jealous. I'd love to be told that I'll never be released or have another orgasm ever again.
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Re: [locked_husband] The letter that started it

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That is so great to hear that you and your wife have gotten so much closer through the aid of male chastity. I too have a loving wife that helps curb my tendencies to masterbate, and through this it has brought us so much closer. It was my idea that we try it and she was a bit hesitant but we went slow and she has warmed up to it quite nicely! It’s not a lifestyle yet but has become a much more frequent occurrence at her suggestion which is very exciting for both of us.
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