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Re: [ShalesToyBoy] ToyBoy ..again

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June 9

Woke up aroung 6 o clock with a struggling hard on toom some and focus to get it down.

One task out of the ordinary today - wear my band shirts one after another and send her a photo of me wearing them. She gets to pick which to use at our getaway.
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Re: [ShalesToyBoy] ToyBoy ..again

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June 10

My partner was so kind as to ask which kind of bikini waxing I would prefer - choose the brazilian strip and she wrote she would consider it.

Later that day I had the chance to visit her and get things cleaned. Got an erection while the cage was off and she fondled my cock .. I just cant help it she gets to me every time.

I was starting to get a bit nervous thinking about what she had in store for friday.

June 11

Special task this day - go to the local condom-shop and buy at least two packs + take a selfie in the shop and send it, major fail, the shop was closed I didn't research its opening hours well enough. Told her and offered to go to the pharmacy instead - fail no. two, forgot to buy two packs of comdoms.

I had to record a video of me apologising on my knees in the nude - luckily she accepted it.

Fail no. three - didn't write a journal entry the day before. The loss of sleep and continuously wearing the cage was getting to me - she took away two of my regular task, no more journal and day rating for now. She takes good care of me.

June 12

Finally out getaway

One task before we took off - find a bottle of Asti Martini aslas every I store didn't have it. She decided we just had to get some when we arrived at our destination.

It was a very nice trip - so good to finally be alone with her again for more than a moment. At this point I was pretty mindfucked and didn't know much about was she had in store for me. However she did reveal we were to be at someones place around 8 p.m and there would be other people present. At the hotel she swapped the small cage for the large one - she thinks it looks better and is more of a show piece. I also got to clean my cock again without the cage.

Was told to wait outside in the street while my partner went and prepared things - it felt like a long time and I was very nervous. Finally she called me and ordered my to ring the doorbell. An unknown rather stern voice came through the door-speaker. I walked up the many stairs and was greeted by a blonde woman in a tight blue dress(lets call her W1) - inside was my partner dressed in a sexy dress and another well dressed woman with short dark hair(W2). Felt somewhat underdressed in my black t-shirt and jeans but my partner picked it out for me.

I didn't knew what to expect, only thing I did know was - there would be no pain and no ass-play. you should probaly know that i'm a rather shy guy and had only been intimate with two women up to that point - and I have certainly never been nude in front of unknown women.
Was told to sit down on a hassock while the three women sat in the couch and a chair respectively. They all had a knowingly smile on their faces - and I was very silent and only spoke when asked.

They drank wine, I was offered water - and they ignored me when they made a toast.
W1 was very chatty and outspoken, apparently she had more than a little experience with several forms of d/s games.
W2 was more subtle and quiet but behind her innocent look was a glimt of sterness.

Eventually my partner asked me show what was mounted on my cock and I let my jeans drop to the ground. They all admired the cage and I couldn't help getting a small erection while standing there. The two women took turns examing and fondling the cage and my scrotum. Didn't know what to think of it part of me wanted to experince this and part of me wanted it to stop.
Then to my chagrin my partner decided to remove the cage letting my now very flaccid cock out - I was beyond embarrassed at this point.

While I was told to kneel down on the floor - she asked the two women if they wanted to do anything with my penis - again it was fondled and massaged which caused it to swell up only to settle down again due to my nervousness . W2 took it in her mouth and ever so gently she sucked and teased it to erection - it felt nice.

W1 had the opposite approach - she practically devoured my cock slobbering and spitting all over it - I was really impressed by her skills.. and a little afraid.

They were all very postive - commenting on my cock saying how very nice it was.

My partner took good care of me all through this - asking if I were ok, and told me to go wash before each time my cock was licked or sucked by the next.

I couldn't help feeling that I needed to show I could get a good hard erection but it was hard to concentrate - the rowdy banter of the women and the unease I felt just mindfucked me again and again. On the other hand I knew nothing I did this night could in any way dissapoint my partner or anyone else (except maybe my self). Even when she told me to get an erection and I only got half-way it was all fine.

After my partner had me lick her tasty pussy I was also asked if I wanted to offer this to W1 and W2 - I just couldn't say no had come this far I wasn't about to turn down now.
W1 grabbed my hair and pulled my face towards her very wet pussy and I eagerly sucked and licked - it felt and tasted nice. She was a like a sexual volcano holding herself back from doing all kinds of kinky stuff to me.

Again my cock was sucked down her throat - it felt really good but with my cock in chastity for 4 weeks this much stimulus was too much and I couldnt keep it up - my mind shut down again even as I felt like an orgasm was approaching.

Now my partner asked if anyone wanted to fuck me... and if I remembered to bring my pack of condoms. I didn't - it was in my bag back at the hotel. Then she asked if there was anything I wanted to ask W1 who lived at the place we were visiting. I freaked out - saying things like "I dont know if I can do it" my mind already two steps ahead. She calmed me down and made me do what she requested - to ask if W1 had any condoms - and yes she had plenty!

My partner and W1 rolled the condom on my mostly flaccid cock I was almost sure I couldn't get it up again - at this point it was a bit sore from all the cock sucking and fondling. However after some messy french kissing with W1 I was aroused again and I penetrated her. It was a special moment as she only the 3. I've had intercourse with - it was also special in the way that there were no feelings involved, this was pure lust. I fucked her from behind - doing my best in that messed up state I was in.

I didn't orgasm at any point during my stay at the apartment - just couldn't get there.

We said goodbye and went home to our hotel room, I showered and went to bed - my partner decided to let me sleep without the cockcage, also she was very horny and had been all night from the moment we were at the apartment. I wanted her so bad right there and it felt so good as I slided into her warm wet pussy. We fucked each other good and hard to the point were my cock was so hard it felt like a steel rod actually hurting from the strain. The it hit me like a train and I orgasmed - one of, if not the longest orgasm I've ever experienced.

We fucked again in the morning but I had to stop before long my cock was simply too sore - instead masturbated until I shot my cum all over her pretty pussy. Also licked her pussy intil she came.

Before we left the hotel she put on the cage again.
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