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Yesterday wasn't too eventful but I'm still caged. Gf was busy most of the day, and when she was home she was working. I love being left alone caged and having no idea where the keys are, so it was still fun for me.

The cage needs to come off by Thursday as I have an endurance sport thing and it would cause chafing, we had already agreed at the start that it would be removed before then.

Last night after a late dinner she tried to tickle me. As soon as I began to retaliate she warned me not to otherwise the cage stays on for Thursday. I know she was joking but I absolutely love when she threatens to keep me locked longer. Of course I obeyed and didn't tickle her back.

When she showered she made a point of parading in front of me naked on her way to the bathroom. So hot!!
I had to stay up late tonight so she went to bed first. There was no further mention of the cage and I wasn't offered any release or pleasure, just left locked as she went to bed. I think she is becoming good at this!

I can't remember how it popped into conversation but on the first night of me being locked she also asked me if I liked wearing women's clothes. When I said "no, it's not really my thing" she was relieved. I suspect she may have done some of her own research into chastity and stumbled across the sissy side of it that seems to be popular, on Reddit especially. Nothing against that but it isn't for me.

It is also brought back a memory from earlier in the year when the gf told me that she had a Wonder Woman costume, but she refused to wear it for me. We played a drinking game one night and I said that if she loses she has to wear the costume for the rest of the evening. She agreed but said if I lost I had to do the same. Naturally I lost and wore it, but it didn't bother me and was actually quite fun. She may have worried that I was enjoying it too much.

Anyway, the reason I mention that is because the gf seems much more comfortable with chastity this time around. Before, she seemed to tolerate me wearing the device but clearly wasn't that keen. Now she is actively involved and having some fun with it.
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