[Tom Allen] Consent and Sensibility

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Re: [Tom Allen] Consent and Sensibility

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Since I've started using a thermos mug (instead of just a bowl or regular mug), the vixskin has gone from "good" to "awesome" for Mrs Edge. Last week, out of curiosity, I did a temperature test. Using just a tall mug of hot water, after a half hour the water temp went from 130º F (from the tap) down to 95º after an hour. In the thermos, it went down to 120º and stayed there. While the vixskin is not a good heat conductor, it allowed it to get up to 110º, making it noticeably warmer than body temperature, but not too hot.

By putting the vixskin into the thermos much and letting the temperature normalize for 15-20 minutes, and then refreshing the hot water again, the entire contents remained at 120º. This seems to be a sweet spot for Mrs Edge, because she can feel the warmth internally. I suspected this for a while, but I found an old thermometer for testing solution temps (from when I used to do actual film photography), and did the actual measurements.

Mrs Edge found this amusing, but ultimately, all she cared about was that it's been feeling absolutely wonderful lately, and has repeatedly said that all these improvements have just made it more obvious that not only is the vixskin a replacement, it's an upgrade.
Funny I came across this post. I guess I missed it when Tom first posted (though I did catch his posts about warming up the vixskin). Through a comedy of errors, we ended up with an extra Sous Vide. For those who don't know what it is, it's a combo water heater and circulation pump that's used for cooking. You can cook a perfect steak because the precision heater will keep the water at exactly the temperature you want for as long as you want.

I prefer my steak cooked to exactly 133 degrees F for about an hour. Medium rare.

Because we're also remodeling the kitchen, the extra sous vide ended up (with a bunch of other kitchen stuff) stored in the bedroom. I began to wonder what exact temperature my wife might like her strap-on. With the sous vide, I can get an answer.

No, we haven't tried it yet, things are still a bit hectic.
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Re: [Tom Allen] Consent and Sensibility

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"Sous vide" is French for "boiled baggies". :D

Here's something interesting. We recently bought a new Vixskin, the Ranger X. It is noticeably larger than the Tex, and takes up more room in the thermos mug... which means that it displaces more water, so it takes longer to get up to temperature. So now I start off with hotter water.
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Re: [Tom Allen] Consent and Sensibility

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We also like our steaks medium rare. The sous vide take all of the stress off of the grill guy . . . me. I set the sous vide at 133, an hour per half inch, then slap the almost perfect steaks on a very hot grill for just 1 minute each side to add the finishing touch of grill marks. Voila, then they are completely perfect every time.

Please let us what temp your wife prefers. :)
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