[gehngus] one step forwards, two steps back

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Re: [gehngus] one step forwards, two steps back

Post by Gehngus » Mon Nov 25, 2019 2:33 pm

Friday came and it was exactly how it should have been. intense, exciting, sexual she wanted everything. including that I eat creampie (her words).
after we had finished my wife wanted me to shag her again but I'd gone soft.
" if you can wait 20 minutes?"
'we'll see?, probly gone off the idea by then"

Great. asking for seconds? that's new.

I offered do her without my cock though. No chance.

"ok. Ill save that for Sunday then"

we talked for 15 minutes and I became hard as steel again.

she gave me a quick rub and then looked at me and said. "ok, get it locked up!" :shock:

So i put the cage on as instructed and handed her keys
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Re: [gehngus] one step forwards, two steps back

Post by Gehngus » Mon Nov 25, 2019 2:40 pm

Tuesday. . My wife has the keys.
I can't make a big deal out of it or mention it.
its starting to dawn on me that I can not wank or fuck unless she let's me.
Just do what she expects me to do.

I don't think she thinks about being in charge of my penis now. but she is.

I don't think my wife thinks about it at all?

went down on her. toy and vibe orgasm.
when she had come she passed the key to me.
sagged and then i put cage back on after and pass her the key again.

there was a coment about this what I wanted. To be locked up.

but I'm not locked up. Ive been set free from my masturbating.

I had written a story "I want a puppy" and saved it to ebook. Asked her to read it. She found it funny but said not to get any ideas
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Re: [gehngus] one step forwards, two steps back

Post by Gehngus » Mon Nov 25, 2019 7:30 pm

got a text
The keys gone in the bin. You left the front door unlocked again.
no more free willy
she said if do it again I'm in for a week. after that 2 weeks then 3 weeks etc. but this time she will let me off.


constantly sing "I've got the key" by Madonna.

especially if I start to question or object.
puts her legs up to be rubbed.

Wednesday is no Cumming day (for me)

On Friday. our big sex day. I get down and go to town.
My turn now. can't wait.
but my wife looks at me and says.
"I do know what's going on you know".
I hadn't a clue?
"know what. that this is pretty good?"

'About this cage. odd how it turned from a safe into a prison isn't it.'

" um.. ?, well, yes. A bit of clever marketing maybe?"

'very creative . but I figured it out when you asked me to look after the key the first time. '

"It just seemed to go in that direction naturally"

'yeah I know how it goes. with a bit of smoke and mirrors' . Your "always" so good at that'

"but you've joined in? Went along with it?"

'yes. wasn't sure how I felt. I figured if you'd gone to all that trouble just to not have sex with me. But at the same time you were annoyingly giddy. it was like chocolate and salt"

I said. "Honestly. your every fantasy I have. they all include you, but you're never open to ideas."

My wife replied "No. Im not. So I didn't know what to do. explode? see where exactly you were going?
I figured you would stop as soon as you realised having less sex was going to mean "Less Sex".
she reached for the keys.
"but you kept trying to give me these?"

"I figured that its half term soon and spain is still very nice at this time of year,"

"Ah. Yes. but we've done Venice and Rome this year " already. "

"Exactly. that had always been my dream and you gave it to me.".

So I replied (very weakly) "And loads of camping. The woodland was a small fortune"

And my wife undeterred "lets just say I got you. And I would rather be tanned than pisses off or divorced.

what could I say "well it isn't that we can't afford it. this year has been really expensive, and this?" I gesture to my cage.

"it's just a thing. its in your head, maybe it does help, I really can't tell."

I had no idea what to do or say.

Then my wife said. "I'll keep it up until after the holiday. then we can talk some more"

I got to wank off. she didn't want me sulking.

the next day I booked a week in a family hotel in Magrat de mar. I added all inclusive hoping it might help.

And then everything went on as normal. (ish)

my wife was tired for the rest of the week so no sex. no nothing. just locked. lonely.
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Re: [gehngus] one step forwards, two steps back

Post by Gehngus » Thu Nov 28, 2019 6:24 am

On Friday 25th Oct. I had been locked up with the wife as keyholder for 10 days

The holiday was due this weekend (sunday night). So I assumed she wouldn't want me wearing the cage.

While talking about packing etc. security was mentioned.
I jokingly said i would have a job getting through security.
my wife looked shocked and said "oh my god I didn't think of that. You will have to put it on after we go through security".

She didn't even give room for alternative. It goes. I wear it.

My wife told me I may have to wait till I get home before I can come out. That would be over a week with no play at all.

I had a wobble on Sunday when she canceled my tongue session. but then the wife gave me a golden ticket (its something I have to earn. a BJ ticket. I get rewarded this and I can keep it on display. Until I have earned the right to cash it in (which can take forever, but who cares cos I fucking got one woohoo). So I am over the moon.
now all I have to do is wait until I'm permitted to use it.

So I guess we'll see how holiday goes.
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Re: [gehngus] one step forwards, two steps back

Post by Gehngus » Thu Nov 28, 2019 6:46 am

The night before leaving for Spain I was allowed out to wank off.
I then put the plastic HG2 on.

went through airport security. beeped. checked. scanned. no problem.

Then switched back to metal before boarding the plane.

it's Wednesday now and so far everything has been amazing.

My wife constantly flirts with me. everytime we are alone she pats my cage. and let's me know how happy and turned on she is.
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Re: [gehngus] one step forwards, two steps back

Post by Gehngus » Wed Dec 04, 2019 3:41 am

The kids went off to kids club so my wife and I shared a shower. I soaped and rubbed her down. she cleaned my cage and balls for me. no problem at all with cage.
Then she said "oops! forgot the key sorry. have to wait till next time.

On Friday my wife said we could sneak to the spa showers and that she wants to "de-flower" me. I asked her to keep me horny for another day. . at least.

she said. "ok then. you have to wait".

And this is where I think I fucked up. but didnt realise it at the time. this will come back and bite me

I imiediatly playfully replied "nooooo please. I'm so horney ".
So now looking a bit confused my wife said "oh? ok then. we can go now?"

Now I had to frown. and she said "erm. Oh. No! you have to give me more leg rubs and be nice if you want to get any?"

look of confusion.

I tried to explain that it's the being so horny I could pin her down but knowing I can't do anything about it. That's the real buzz. being so horny. being teased.

I explained "I will do what ever you want. because you have the key"

and she replied.

"but your asking me to do what YOU want. I just said what I wanted to do?"
And I don't mind doing you just in case you become an ass moody fuck".

I said "since we last talked, a month back, and you said my life revolved about my penis I made a decision to sort it out. not long after I gave the key to you.
I think things have improved.

she said they have. a lot. she doesn't feel under pressure now. and I seem to cope better.

i said. "instead of hinting for sex or trying to work out if your up for it. i dont have to. because i couldnt even if i wanted to.
because of that. All the feelings and flirting now are real. the way i feel realy about you. Not a nudge or hint.
I feel like I can appriciate you. and I love who you are. I crave what you have and what you are.

she kinda got it. I think. but it must have turned her on because she said "when we get home you have to do your stuff on me"

'what stuff?'

"you know. clean me up".

I was very horney, excited, giddy.
This feeling I realised, was quite addictive.
I wanted more. craved it. shook with the intoxication of it. life was taking on a new light and my wife was the beacon from which the light was shining.
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Re: [gehngus] one step forwards, two steps back

Post by Gehngus » Wed Dec 04, 2019 4:16 am

So on saturday my wife said she intended to del-flower me now.
we went to the shower in the hotel spa. My wife unlocked me and wanted me to do her from behind, having chosen a bench to lean on that had a full length mirror in front of it.
It was a new experience for both of us.
The Spa was quiet. empty. but knowing that the door could open at any time just added urgency and fear to the mix.

To wait so long for sex and then to blow in seconds? not funny really.
My wife likes to be pounded. deep, hard body slapping pounding. I'm sure she wasn't at all impressed. she stood up. wiped,
said "lock yourself back up when your done" and walked out of the spa.

I was at this point still recovering from.. release?
I washed and started to put on my cage, but my wife had taken the key with the barrel still attaced.
So I made my way back to our suite unlocked.

The Kids were alert, we were all dressing for dinner so couldn't mention the key.

My wife and I left ahead of the Kids and
in the lift on the way down my wife put my hands on her breasts and said to squeeze them.
I did. wow. this is so unusual (not complaining).
Then she grabbed my lockless cock and jumped back shocked.
"where's your cage? naughty".

"you took the key with you. I thought I was getting some time off"?

"erm. no way. No chance. I didn't realise you needed it to lock up".
and she didnt allow me to exit the lift. "keys in the room. put it back on"

And so I did.
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Re: [gehngus] one step forwards, two steps back

Post by Gehngus » Wed Dec 04, 2019 6:42 am

Sunday was uneventful. we all relaxed and later that day prepared and packed for the trip back home.

Monday night the wife was tired but offered to let me relive myself anyway, in case i felt the need.
I do love her for offering this but didnt take advantage.
I asked if she had enjoyed the way I had been for the last three weeks.
Yes she had. very much.
I explained that while I was caged and she had the key she no longer needed to offer herself to me as though it was a duty.
she looked hurt.
so I carried on and explained.
of course I wanted to have just as much sex but I might be happier not cumming as often myself and as long as she had an orgasm or was sexually fulfilled I would also feel fulfilled.
I had hoped to let her call the shots rather than me.
In fact I would prefer it if we could push the boundaries a bit. make me go longer without cuming.

"you dont need to offer yourself to me any more. Instead think about what you want. and how you want things to be".

Yes she had enjoyed the way I was when I had gone without. "but how long could you stand that for?"

"I don't know. I read blogs where it's gone from days to weeks to months and longer. I dont know if that would be posible but it's only just dawning on me that things really could go that way if it made us both happier"

my wife was concerned.
"I dont think a man is designed not to cum. I'm sure there would be health concerns".

"well. we can look into that if it ever goes that far"

She said she would have to think about it all and lay down to sleep, hand on my cage while I stroked her arm..

I didn't lie down. I read. I looked at some blogs, forums etc. what is the reality of long term chastity and denial.

It was dawning on me that if we did head down that road. it really could mean a power swap and life could be better all around. And yes. I might end up having far far less orgasms myself.
This did not tie in with anything I had imagined when getting a new toy three months back and I having offered this to my wife I wondered if this was what I wanted after all.

As scary as this felt. I also felt It would be selfish of me to shut it down.

I thought being caged with my wife holding the key would be the end of my journey.
Now it feels like it might just be the beggining.
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Re: [gehngus] one step forwards, two steps back

Post by Gehngus » Wed Dec 04, 2019 7:06 am

Wednesday 6th Nov.
Today I fucked everything up.
More a misunderstanding than an act.
One of those situations that looks far worse than it is but doesn't give much room for clarification.

Today was busy with work until the light went.. Winter meant it started getting too dark to work by 16:30 but today the weather changed to stormy and I had to call it a day even ealier.

I got home to an empty house. made a cup of tea and went to my office.
finished off some accounts and invoices and then had time to spare (idle hands)

Yes. I fucked up big time. likley this will kill any notion of life improvment in chastity. stone dead.

I had finished my office work so read some more blogs etc. about male chastity and how it affects lives. There was mention of the posibility of an enlarged prostate due to not having orgasms for months on end. arguments for and against.

I had, had no intention going this long. but many couples seem to go down this route once the women see the real benefits of it.

Not a problem says the blog. prostate milking is one way to go.

so. curiosity gets me and I google it.

link takes me to a porn site.

some guys wife is using a prostate massager on him and he's filling a glass with cum. but no erection and it isn't an orgasm.
ok. I am more in awe or dum struck than interested in being butt fucked. (this is never going to happen). but I was transfixed. like when you know you shouldn't look. but you can't not look?

I hadn't realised how long the video had gone on for. My wife came home and when she came in I jumped up in the air. panicked. hit the X button, and the page closed.
behind it was one of those pop up adverts for porn sites. naked women etc. not at all related to what I'd been watching.

ok. shes very upset. not because I was caught with my pants down. I'm caged. there would be no point.
partly because I'm looking at women (which I wasn't. no point. caged. and I only look at her)

because it could have been one of the kids walking in and I would have had a lot of explaining to do.
This threw me off the real issue here. Naked women on my screen.
I had started to explain that the kids have been taught to knock and always do so. And the fact that the kids have never to this day visited my office .

That was my window. where I should have said. I was not looking at women. this isn't ... ah fuck!

Either way. Whatever!. It is what it is. I can only apologise. no stories. no excuses.
im stupid. Ive let my wife down. hurt her feelings and filled her with doubt about me.


shit shit shit shit Shhhhitttt!
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Re: [gehngus] one step forwards, two steps back

Post by Gehngus » Fri Dec 06, 2019 5:54 pm

I had to leave it a few days.
the keys to my cage are now on my bedside desk.

best behaviour. everything very civil and to schedule.

unlike many other occasions I wasn't wracked with guilt. There really was an explanation. just not one so easily told.

I kissed my wife at some point and she said it was like kissing me after I had kissed another woman.

She looked baffled when I replied "That was an advert. I didn't realise it was there.
Had you seen what I was acrually eatching it would be more correct to say I had been kissing a man".

So my wife looked a little confused but still disapointed enough in me to take no notice and carry on with the grievance based on what she "did" see.

In time the smoke settled. not quite as cold. and at bed tim,. so I tried to explain what I was looking at and why. and how it had looked worse than it actually was.
I think she realises I can't have been ogling porn. I was locked. There would be no point.

we left it at that. but no I am longer locked.
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