[Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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OK. I think she did it?

I'm Still locked, this is really surprising, usually months pass by before c is up to the idea again.

Im hioing to take a different approach this time, just to see where it goes.
Previously I have had to pull strings or too from the bottom because C will not read up on it. It's my game.
This time I'll do little or nothing, I will not ask for anything unless I know it will be a No, just so C gets comfortable with the idea.
I have a spin wheel app to help me decide other things, so all in all this is experimenting.
I am concerned that I still haven't been able to have the chat, C really doesn't want to communicate about chastity at all. I did mention having typed a few points that might help but C said "please don't sent it to me"
So, at some point I am going to say "I need a safe word" and explain why. But not yet.

So, on Sunday C did indeed give me a BJ and she did stop a few times, to inform me that "I would be coming in her mouth and then she would make me swallow it"

This happened of course. Before ot happens it is so fucking hot! To be told this, just to know it.
After I blow, it's a quick dive into No fucking way am I doing that.
But the next day I look back and think, Yep, that is such an amazingly erotic high.

After making me eat it, and seeing the sudden doubt and panic I always feel. C Seemed to change, a very smug, excited look and she instantly told me to.
"Locked back up"
I had been drawn in, and caught good and proper.
C knew what she was doing and that I can't resist this.

I did not mention cage or sex or anything after that. Just to see what happened next, I do know if I did, C would edge me, I'm trying not to lead.

So. On Wednesday morning as I got up C pulled her breasts out (which are still amazing, firm and bouncy, full but not too big)
And she said without prompt "I'm going to give you an oily edge over these later, and you going to lick them clean" all the time looking very smug with herself.

So I replied "I will do what ever you command, thank you"

And then went to do anything I could think of to make C's day easier or better.

During the day C made jestures about what was to come, making squelching noises while squeezing her breasts in front of me, and saying "ya gona cum on this one, then cum on this one, then your going to lick them clean"
Seriously, if this grosses you out, you really need to be there. This is insanely erotic when your in this place.
C isn't a natural teaser, I have to ask, this came from no where.

So the evening arrived and C passed me the key, I had to wait until ready before unlocking and was told.
"It will Will locked back up when I'm done with it"
C strayed with an oily edge and then said "well, you know what I want, so kneel over me"

C got really turned, telling me what she had planned in the next few days, when she was ready, how I would serve her and clean up again.

My orgasm built pretty quickly, I said stop just in time, but quite a load oozed out onto one nipple, then a trail of cum over to the otheron nipple.
Quite a bit considering I hadn't actually blown my load.
C reached below the Purple swollen cock and grasped my balls, painfully "clean! "
When C seems my hesitation, she often let's me off. Not this time.
And so I started to suck, and lick these amazing breasts, that's the best way to think about it. I'm susckimg tits, no problem.
C started Humming, this was really turning her on, Usually she is grossed out and stops it quickly.
Again, not this time.
For the first time she made me clean up every drop, Drip and trail of the stuff., all the time humming and quivering.

When done I lay down, still rock hard and C held 'her' cock while she read.
I couldn't move, just sat there in a state of bliss for an hour or more. Hard, ragging hard.

Eventually it subsided enough to be playable
C said "OK, I'm done with it now, Lock it back up"

A comment was said at some point, I don't know when. Along the lines of
"Time to stop trying to control and start being controlled"

I woke to a ball crush and an order to make breakfast, which I was only too happy to do. C's eyes were full of passion , and we snogged like teenagers.

I enjoyed making breakfast

So, a pretty mind blowing start to our 4th episode.
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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I'm trialing a few ideas.
This week.
No mentioning of cage or asking for anything sexualy related. At all and see what C wants to do.

Wednesday C offered to do something very erotic for me.

So normally at this point I would have had an edge or two.
What C offered was far far better quality.

Each day C is getting happier and more open minded. She has a bit more time for me.
C has been very passionate for last two days, French kissing lots kitchen, grinding against me.
This isn't normal, maybe backing off completely pays dividends.

I have no doubt that if C keeps climbing the passion scales like this, very scary things might happen.
Today I sent a short, none erotic txt thanking C for making me feel so loved and hers. How I love her making, telling and denying me.

She enjoyed the txt, normally I'd get a bit of flack. But I'm not sure she got the underlying message?

C walked into bedroom and said she was taking it out so she could slide down it. And she did.
While at it C reminded me I was her fuck toy and tongue boy. But also her tit cleaning boy,. That it had really turned her on so I had to do it again tomorrow.
Tonight though, I had to come inside her.
I'm not one for being able to get hard the day after an orgasm let alone come.
Somehow I managed to come partly whilst inside C I haven't done this before. It must be all the edging.
So I had an orgasm ish and I'm still up for C's next request.

C let me. Have a night out of cage. Her suggestion.

I got my first ball slap for asking to come out during the week. Not too bad, she needs to mean it though.

The following morning hard on. C noticed and said I should make use of it.
Piv, C wanted me to come. Which I didn't. So I got another ball slap.
Following morning was an edge and clean.
Didn't clean all of if. So I got four ball slaps.
Never say to a woman, "you hit like you throw" what follows can be pretty painful
C said I would be sorting her out later and there would be no need to take the cage off for that.

Happy days

The bummer came from the statement.
C said we were very passionate these days, it must be this lockdown. But she meant the covid lockdown. Not the cage.
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Sunday evening C had a use for me. So I very dutifully went down and did what was expected of me and as always when I'm locked and down there, the orgasm was huge.
I love the part where C is in post orgasm bliss, I massage her breasts while the tremors still run through her, and then we lie down while C gently massages my balls. Then curl up and go to sleep.

Monday I was buzzing, got lots of things done, C had a great day at work and came home wide eyed and full of life.
"someone had a decent nights sleep last night" I said.
"well I had a pretty decent night Cap" C replied.
"So, you want another later?"
"No, not back to back, but I might play with your balls maybe, or slide it in me? Maybe. We'll see"

C then went on to describe what I could have had if I wasn't locked, and in detail how she would expect me to be eating creampie very soon.
I told her that listening to this, my head was getting all the sex I needed, right here, right now.

I made supper and tidied a few things up, lit a fire and was just getting drinks when C said "if we didn't have kids, I'd have you do this in skimpy briefs or a little outfit.
I replied" Im not sure I would want that thanks, but if it would make you smile I would do it for you, but thank goodness we have kids"

That evening while sat in bed C brought up me sliding into her again. I was instantly bulging and quite eager.

C then said "Yes, I would really like that, or a finger fuck, but I'm in the mood for the whole lot,
but it is rather late and I am working tomorrow and I did come very hard last night, what I want would take quite a while, I am really horny.
I'm just not sure, so it's all or nothing"

"I would love to do this, anything you want, please? "

"shush! I'm thinking about it"

I was very apprehensive now, C doesn't mention sex unless she wants it, definitely doesn't back track? I held my breath and..

"No, you can stay in your cage and have minute with the vibrator instead, or you can oily wank it"

My eyes lit up, better than nothing right?

"But you have to do it over the cage, it's staying on"

I opted for the vibe, didn't hit the spot, just made it worse.

I told C that I loved her so so much, and I loved that she kept my cock locked up like this. what else could I do?

So, I didn't get much sleep last night. And I have no idea what to expect.
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Yesterday I think I did good. Made breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper. Cleaned, Fire, logs. Chores, kids schooling. Diy.
I did well. I really wanted an edge or something so went the extra mile.

So I brought up last nights desision.
"Thank you for making your toy feel wanted enough to save it until you have need for it.
I just wondered why you didn't let me out for even for a minute.
I know it isn't cos I hadn't earned a bit of a treat and I understood It was definitely staying locked.

C "I let you use my vibrator for two minutes, I didn't have to allow that"

"Yes, and thankyou for that but.
Can i ask. Did you deny me for me or for you?

C said "for me, I get some odd kind of enjoyment from it, it's quite satisfying, you always get hard when I say No and go all doe eyed so I stopped feeling guity and started liking it "

C said she would definitely be sending me down there later and might even let me slip it in this time"

That evening. Oh dear.

I fucked up on Tues, after going down I was allowed piv but no orgasm. I was told to edge over C's nipples and suck them clean.

I came, full load, then because I'd orgasmed tonnes, I didn't want to clean it up.
The next day I was grouchy, didn't put the cage on when told to.
C wasn't happy. At all.

Cage went back on Wednesday eve when C told me I'd lost my chance to go back down there, which she had been looking forward to so I was a double disapointment.

I apologised and handed her the key
"Sorry honey, please let me explain"
C "you don't have to, I know what happened, I let you empty them, this always happens when you empty your balls, you get rebellious. Your on best behaviour when they're nearly full, too needy and desperate when they ARE full and a shit when they are empty"

"yes baby, I behaved badly, I'm sorry"

C "No. I'm sorry, I didn't put my foot down and I let you out when I didn't need to. I'll try to keep them nearly full in future, but DO NOT empty them again unless your told to"

"yes honey, I mean.. No honey"

C "Good, Now I expect you to go down there later and I expect a huge orgasm, the last two were amazing. But you will be staying lock up. Ok?"

"Yes dear, thank you"

C then teased me through the day. While pretending to lap dance and wiggling her ass in my face, C. for the first time ever, said she would like me to edge some cum onto her ass and have it licked off.

C isn't an ass fan at all so. Wow. Where did that come from?

I am pleased at C's revaluations, she doesn't feel guilt at my being locked or at being desperate and has clicked on the Orgasms are not good for her thing. She is demanding more sex for herself now and is allowing me less.

C has recently realised that she sleeps better and has a better day if she has one massive orgasm by tongue, finger or toy and it isn't followed by the grunting and piv.
So a good day means sacrificing that bit, which is becoming less important anyway.

Piv used to be her main orgasm supply, now she only has small orgasms from piv which she doesn't really need as much. That bit is for me, if C wants to give it to me.

C is also taking on board that her orgasm is my treat, that I obviously get something out of it as well her, if not as as much as her.

So it may be drifting towards "her cuming, her sexual fulfilment is also be my sexual fulfilment"

Also, that edges and milking are more preferable to coming for me and for C

And me. Yes. I do prefer edging now, much more than orgasms. They are equally as powerful, the enjoyment lasts for hours rather than seconds and I don't feel worn out afterwards.

We are both still learning and finding our way to this perfect ballance, which feels so much nearer now.
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Thanks as always for the updates..

20 years together with my wife and only in the past few months have I realized how turned on she gets from me playing with her tits.. she's always been very vanilla but she now begs me to roughly grab them, and pull them as we're fucking, and she absolutely loves it...it's great to have this extra source for arousal, just wish I'd known earlier...
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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C "I'm going to send you down there later, and you're going to give me a nice big orgasm.
But you will be staying in your cage. Ok?"

""Yes honey."

C "Um.. Or I might want you to slide it in afterwards .. I'm not sure"

So I gave C the orgasm she expected and held my breath (remembering last Mondays carrot followed by "No").
C allowed me to edge 'some' out onto her breasts but she didn't want me to orgasm again, and was still a bit peeved at my previose 'Rebellious' behaviour.

So I think, C might have made the orgasm=not good connection now?

I edged, but slightly too close, so it was a fair amount, but I didn't orgasm.
"that's too much! Far too much.. Clean it"
I did, reluctantly, but I didn't want a Ball slap like last time.
C seems to have got this slapping idea in her head now and I wasn't going to encourage it. It isn't something I have asked for.
Eventually C said "Yuck!, stop! that's enough, hand me a wipe"
As I leant over to get them. SMACK!
"Oooofhuuck! C why?"
"I said a bit, need I say more?"

I slept pretty well, but im still horney, still leaking pre cum like a tap. no way I feel like I came the other day. I do not feel sexualy fulfilled.

C is now showing more and more disinterest in what happens after she has come, less effort and over with quickly if possible. My sexual satisfaction isn't a pleasurable to C as it once was.
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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As much as I want to have real proper sex, I do need to get certain messages across. One being. It is OK for C to come and not feel a duty to return the favour. If I don't let her have this option, I will not find out what it is that C really wants as opposed to her asking for what she thinks I/we want.
So the decision I made Saturday morning was a hard one.


C "OK Mr. Would you like a shag?"

Me "Yes of course, but If you send me down there instead of a shag, I'll treat you to breakfast" .

"What! You would rather do that instead ?"

"God yes, it isn't even close competition. Its the ultimate treat."

(in my head, I would rather do both)

Me "If you send me down caged, you can decide if you have any further need of me afterwards" .

C "I don't need anything else after that. I'll have had what I wanted" .

"then that Would be your decision" .

"C. Well then. Get down there and have your treat and we'll see" .

So I went to town and got as much of C as I could, lips keck, beasts, ass and finally fingers tongue, vibe and toys.

Im sure C always comes much harder if I'm kept caged, maybe mentally she knows this is all for her, and she can just enjoy every bit of it.

So the post orgasm bliss went on for quite a while and C quivered and purred, while I massaged and sucked her breasts during her come down.

My head was a mixture of bliss, frustration, anxiety, worry, elation and god knows what else. I was shaking.
No matter what anyone says or what I read. As far as I'm concerned at this point I am desperately hoping for cock attention.

And then C looked at me, reached out and wrapped her hand around my balls ooooh that feels sooo goooood
and then said "Three slices and a coffee please" while squeezing my balls on each syllable.

Me "erm..? "

Whack! Coffee
Whack! And
Whack! Toast
WhaaaacKk! Please

I rolled away quickly and scuttled off to the kitchen.
I returned and served breakfast in bed.
"Coffee and selected toast for my beautiful wife" .
"Thank you my handsome servant" .

I then went and woke the always asleep teenagers up and sorted breakfast for them.

C was reading in bed when I collected dishes.

"Thank you. You can get the shower ready for me now"

And so I did.
Cleaned the kitchen, lounge to keep my self occupied, made lunch for everyone and eventually sat down with a nice cup of tea next to C.

C was reading.

Nothing was mentioned for the rest of the day, no tease, no indication of anything.

I think C is starting to get this particular message.
Her pussy, her orgasm. It is also something for me, I have been given this so she does not need to feel the preasure of offering something in return.
I've had what I wanted now so her job is done. What else is there to say?
I am pretty sure that the orgasm C had will do her now for a couple of days and giving sex to me for no reason may not be considered. This is probably one of the reasons for doing this, even though Im not sure I like it.
No more preasure or guilt sex.

However, I will most likley give in and try to appeal to her charitable side and ask if I might have a treat. But I know its easier on myself to expect a "No" or at best 2 minutes vibe time.

But. I feel irritable today, tired, slightly down. I want to come out.
When does this giving and not getting start to get good? Please can someone explain why I'm doing this?
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Following on. Same day.

C was more distant today, like she has taken a step back or isn't comfortable with something.
I'm trying not to upset her in any way but that can be difficult.
Last time C was like this was after I took over too many chores and she felt I was taking something from her.

I think this morning went well?
But now I'm not sure if I have triggered something.

It might be that after no orgasm again I act differently and she doesn't like it.

I am different, I feel wired and spaced out. My ears throb. I'm horney and know C is not because I have given her this mornings orgasm .

When in bed I asked C if I had done enough to earn few strokes, and C presented her arm and said "OK, stroke this a few times"

So I did for a while feeling a bit crestfallen.
C then laughed and said "aww poor baby, OK then ill let it out.

C then edged me a great many times while she was browsing ebay, until I leaked out a bit.
The pre orgasm high was so powerful and long lasting it quelled all the negative feelings, almost as if my body had adjusted to this increased level, and raised the bar.
Does the body adjust to accept all these hormones and chemicals being produced?

" OK, that's enough, I'm not letting any more out"

It was nice, took the edged off.

C didn't actually say lock up, so I'm hoping to get away with it tonight.

Sunday morning C discovered my free erect penis and said "ooh! Let's make use of that. (she really can't resist a bit of morning wood). And I didn't get a slap which is very good.

" I can cage you up afterward and send you down there later".

So C came quite a few times, surged on by my describing what I would do to her pussy if I was locked later.
Initially C said I should come becuse she likes it when I come inside her, but then changed her mind and said "actually, Dont come, it doesn't suit you" .
Again I stiffled my own orgasm, but it was enough to deflate my penis for a while.
C hadn't finished and decided I should go down there now as well as later.
So once again I serviced as best I could and re locked when done.
A few things to note here.

Told not to come imside? C just made a sacrifice for the greater good.
C wanting sex two days in a row, possibly twice in one day? and I've been edged so possibly five sexual acts in two days?
18 months ago (pre chastity) C had said she thought once a week was more than enough, I thought twice a week was fair, and we argued about it.. A lot.

I don't know how women work? Do women get used to having more and so want more?

C likes morning wood, we miss out on that if or isn't there, but we're obviously not missing out out.
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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At the moment C is making the most of mornings and evenings, but nothing I feel justifies adding to the log as, although I am mainly locked, it isn't cage related as such, just more of the same.

C is happily experimenting, trying to find a middle ground that she likes, and now thinks the sperm control might be the answer.
I'm just doing as I'm told.

I was Caged Tuesday morning and told I'm staying in for a while.

Wednesday C was in a foul mood so I hid, everything I do or don't do is wrong when C is like this. She is due on. I know it, everyone else does, but no one dare say, we just try to avoid the bullets.
So when evening arrived I was surprised that C wanted some action.
I was told "get down there and sort me out with a really big one", I went all out in case this was also my treat and Wham! Super orgasm time 30 minutes buid up, 30 minutes of quivering after bliss.
C "oh my god, that was just incredible, I was holding back as hard as I could, it just got bigger and bigger, thankyou, did you enjoy that?
Me." Wow yes, that whole thing was amazing, I've never known your post orgasm to last so long"

"Good, I'm glad you enjoyed it, so you've had enough for now, you can stay locked"

Bit of a restless night for me, C slept like the dead.
On Thursday C was in a much better mood and that evening C said I could try to convince her to let me out. I had three attempts, two were instant No. One was considered a while and then.. "very good, but No, good night then"

Another restless night for me.

This morning C said she would edge me and she did indeed. Iwas edged a great many times and then ridden.
But I had been given very firm instruction not to cum, not a single drop.
So I had to back off earlier than I like to and C just stop mid bounce, just when I was really getting to the "fuck this, I'm gonna plough your pussy to bits" stage, and stopped, got off. And told me I
was only allowed to look at it until it was able to be re-caged. Then make food and drinks.
It took took too long, I had to make and serve with a purple hard on.
Eventually, after a pee, i was able to fit it and it instantly bulged again, it still is, hours later.

So this morning I am ever so slightly horny and not allowed to mention it.
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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OK. Just a few notes.

C came out with a line that I felt signified something on Friday evening, without prompt and out of the blue C said "just in case you're thinking about asking. If you do ask, you will have wait longer"

I think this is the first time C has used this 'shut it down before it starts' approach.

When I looked a bit miffed, C said "You've already been out twice this week"

So at this point not a drop of cum has been allowed out since Tuesday morning (only 4 days I know) , but I have given C a few orgasms and have had an amazing edge, so I'm pretty horny, but not desperate.

Saturday morning.

I was allowed to come (I did a bit), so I'm less likely to become annoying.
C did say that I could come if I wanted to. This oddly had the opposite effect one might think, instead of thinking "yeah, I'm gona come", it was more of a disappointment and the urges dropped away.
The psychology of it is "if I'm told not to come, it takes all my effort not to, because being denied is so erotic. If I'm told I can come, it simply doesn't give that boost, it isn't erotic so wanting to fades away.

The piv was enjoyable, but the cum release was nothing to write home about becuse of this.
I realised I wasn't going to come now any way.

I think if I was told to get as close as possible but not come. one word would have taken me over the edge.

Some time later I threw a curve ball at C and said. "Would you be OK with us having some time away from the cage and just being normal for a while?"

C didn't hesitate and said "No, you're staying locked up"

Me "really? What difference would it make, we were fine when I wasn't caged for a few months last year, I just wonder why I'm even wearing it sometimes?"

C replied "Because it makes me happy"

So I shut up, there really couldn't be a better reason.
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