[Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Not cuming for a while makes one more emotional, nervous. And sleep is effected.
One takes great breaths of air almost of despair.

Sexually, everything is amplified,. Everything looks good, many ideas have started to appeal to me. I want to be horny, really horny, right on the edge. It nearly consumes me.
And after only 12 days!

The feelings that follow an intense sexual session involving teasing is of anticipation, hope, longing and wonder.

The normality is. Everything goes on as if it never happened, and to try to grasp hold of one last moment of it is met with resistance or a push.

The memory can be savored, but I have to be realistic. my wife does not feel the same way. It was my game played for me, my way. Why would I expect more?

On Wednesday morning C said she had a job for me later, it was "my job to sort her out now" .
Nothing more was said.

I expected C would have me go down on her with toys and then most likley want fucking, and of course I would try to get her to hold out on letting me cum, then hopefully be edged.
But that isnt quite how it went.

That evening I was told to lock the door and start doing what was expected of me.
C "Your my fuck toy, the cage stays on, now get down there and do your job".
C came so hard. A massive orgasm that she could not stifle and the afterglow, tremours lasted a good ten minutes.
I simply lay and held her breast which was super sensitive and watched the blissful look on her face.
C eventually said, "Wow thank you very much, that was amazing. But I'm afraid your staying locked up until weekend" .

My cage was killing me, so hard.
I was both excited and shocked, but C rarely sticks to this, alway gives in with the least amount of pleading, and although I long to be denied, right now, I long for release, my edge, a fuck.

Me, 'OK, but how about I get treated to an.."

" Nope". No eye contact, not even a consideration.

"I promise I won't come"

C "no you won't, because you're staying locked"

I whipped the covers back to show the mound of flesh which was angrily swelling and buckling behind my cage with my swollen purple balls and tiny bulging cage sat on top.

But, look at this, I've never been this horny , it's killing me, you can't seriously leave me like this".

It was true, really she wouldn't do that to me.

C "ooh, that does look very uncomfortable".

"so how about letting me fuck you"

"Nope, I've had what I want, you'll have to wait until weekend for yours" and she leans back and picks up her book.

Seriously, I'm starting to belive she means it now, slightly panicking,

"OK, you win, just let it out for a bit, a quick stroke maybe"

C "I said No, stop asking"

"Please, just unlock it for a bit" .


Please. Really, I love you so much, you can't leave me like 'this!' please honey.

"Are you still talking? I'm trying to read my book", "OK then"

I think. Yes! Thank fuck for that, I was shitting myself.

"Ill hold your balls for you while you calm down" .


And so I sat, stunned, cock firing wtf signals to my brain (which had melted) . And all the while, with every refusal, getting harder, more swollen, more horny.

I caved in. I did. I surprised myself, I'm not a weak person.

" Please, I'll pay"

"What" ?

Ill pay cash, right now, £10 just to come out and be Locked again.

"Oh my god. No"

"£20?.fuck! . How much do you want, I have cash here" .

C. "Right! thats enough, one more word and I don't hold your balls" .

Fuck. And so I sat, dazed, delighted and awestruck.

C hadn't even flinched, not shown the least bit of compassion or concern and saw absolutely no need for me to be relieved in any way.

C read for an hour. I couldn't move. Such an overpowerful erotic state could never occur naturally. The urge to masterbate would be overwhelming. And had I been able, I'd have tried in vein to get it off to achieve this.

C put her book down and said. "Still suffering then.?"

I replied "Honestly, I came this close, so close to tears, to breaking down completely and begging you"

"Well, I still would have said no" .

So, C lay down and I spooned her.
Trying to mentally control this, trying to calm it down. Impossible. My mind would wonder for a fraction of a second, the memory of the "No" the slightest movement.
The last time I looked at the clock was 5 am and still hard.
I must have dozed a bit and my cock relaxed because C woke me up around 6, not very happy.
All the pre cum build up that had trapped behind the cage ring had shot out all over her and the bed, gone cold and woke her up.

"you've cum in you sleep, that's disgusting, fuck your weekend, it's not going to happen now. wipe it up and put some underwear on"

I felt around , wiped, explained that I hadn't come, what it was and it was only for being so aroused, put underwear on and apologised.
I was too deflated and tired to say more, C was too tired to care.

I Managed to get a bit more restless sleep.

The alarm went off during a vivid sexual dream, and as I awoke C said "that should put a stop to whatever you was dreaming about, you were air humping and whimpering"

I was still hard. "sorry, its just this" and I showed her my still swollen lump.

"you don't have to show me, you've been sticking it in me and leaking on me all night"

So up we got, time sort break to home school the kids.

I made breakfast for C and presented it with a love heart note saying "wow! Thank you x x x"

I must have looked so desperate at one point.
C said "find something to do to take your off it, if your good and don't mention anything or pester me at all today, there might be a treat for you later"

As I write this. Pre cum is oozing from my caged cock at an incredible rate.

I desperately want some relief.
But at the same time, I want C to know that this is what I want more of, I need to say something that will help her to stand firm. I want her to break me.
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

Post by timmyboy38 »

What a fantastic read!!!! Love how your wife treats you :-)
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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So. The evening came, I had kept my mouth shut all day and my hands out of my pockets.

Before bed, c said something about bed and treat.

"I get a treat then?"

I was seriously desperate and trying not to look too keen. I was also very Very nervous, because last night had taught me a very clear lesson. I can't expect or assume any more, C seems to have shed this "feeling sorry and giving in trait which I thought would never happen. This isn't the same woman. I cant fuck up and get away with it.
Yes. I was excited. Terrified, nervous, my ears were pulsing and my heart racing.

C answered" maybe? Or maybe I'll get a treat"

And she held my gaze.

I knew what I had to say.

"You should get the treat" .

I really did not want to say this, but I knew the alternative could be a disaster. And, I've been dominated, defeated. I'm her fuck toy and tongue boy now.

So we got into bed.

C wave the key in front of me

"I know how much you want these, but I I'm still deciding what it is I want, so just bare with me"

I have no words to describe the number of emotions colliding in my head while I sat looking at the key, I do recall feeling physically sick.

"OK, I've decided.
I'm going to take that off and ride you, I quite like the idea of being on top and looking down at you"

Me "But, I'm not sure I could control myself if you do that"

"Oh? Let's test it."

C reached forward and started stroking me by hand. Maybe 5 seconds later I cried "Stop!"

C giggled and said "Ah!"

Well I told you what I'm doing,
Cum if you must, I want to ride it."

" But, I thought I couldn't come till weekend?"

"Well that was only a maybe anyway as far as I'm concerned,
And I think I get to decide if I follow my own rules".

"So let's do this, hold out if you can"

I struggled to Last 30 seconds. What a pathetic let down.

C "Well. That wasn't much of a taster even" .

C Wiped some come away, then said "you get to lick the rest clean "
And she raised herself up and sat on my face.

I started licking and then "enough"
I was just left wanting more.

"Get the Cage back on"

I put up a half hearted argument.
"But I usually get a little time after I've come, it's the only time I do get"

Is it for medical reasons.?

"No, but my dick might go permanently 2" long if it doesn't have some time to recover".

"OK. But absolutely no touching. 1st thing in the morning I want the key back"

Paused whilst considering.

"It's nice having this control
I like it."

The following Morning I woke up to

"Key. Now"

"But it's too soon. I haven't had chance to touch it even"

"Wtf. Is that why...Get it on now. I don't care if its swollen. Force it on"

"Cmon, I only lasted 30 seconds last night, can't you spare me a few more now?

"NOW. GET IT ON. Seriously. You will regret this for months if you don't. "

So I did. Wrestle it on. What fucking choice do I have.

"Good. Now get me a coffee made" .

"If I hear one moan. One word of complaint I start adding days" .

"OK, but im not sure this is completely fair" .

And then C came out with a sentence I haven't heard before.

"Life's unfair. Suck it up" .
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Me. "I only got 30 seconds, that's not fair". C. "life's not fair, suck it up" :(
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Can I stay with you and give C my keys? Lucky bastard ;-).
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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timmyboy38 wrote: Fri Jan 15, 2021 1:52 am What a fantastic read!!!! Love how your wife treats you :-)
Not sure I felt the same at the time, It was very full on and I had no idea it was coming. I also had no idea how terrifying It would be to realise you really, truly have no way out. Its a demonstration of power over punity.
Punity isn't part of my make up, so it really hard.
Even now, I have to wonder where this could go and if I really want to be there.
On one hand I get hard even thinking about what happened, on the other I'm petrified it might happen again, but pushed further.
It seems my wife felt a similar way and was shocked, thrilled and turned on as she realised this..
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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So I was expecting to be suffering from post O blues, I'm disappointed that I got 30 seconds of cock attention after a week long tease denial thing.

But I am in fact as horny as fuck, like I didn't come at all, I'm still shaking from the events of this week and I truly don't know if this was play or if something has just "clicked" where C is concerned.

Maybe she just got to realising she really, and I mean REALLY does have the control.

It has only just dawned on me? to be honest, I didn't think for a minute it could happen, and I also admit to being very nervous and slightly afraid if this is the case.

This isn't a place I've been before. And I have now experienced the enormity of the power C is able to wield. I also belive that was nothing, to what she would be capable of if she put her mind to it.
After 20 years, I have only just discovered just how strong and determined a woman she can be.

I am still shaking. It has affected me, I am indeed being very carful now. I'm out of my normal control zone.
Sex games are for sex times, I'm the Alpha in the day and Im the strong one.
This has bled into my day, and I see it could effect everything, not just sex.
Is it even a game any more?

During the day as we embraced I said "I want more", I was referring to the embrace.
C assumed I meant my epic sex fail.
"you can't have any more, that was your fault, not mine"
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Me. "I only got 30 seconds, that's not fair". C. "life's not fair, suck it up" :(
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Un-fucking believable. What an enormous head fuck I have been through, I'm still shaking. My eyes feel like they have recessed into their sockets. I've aged a hundred years.

After the most recent (and last) 'episode'

I have the keys back. Although I am to consider them 'on loan' for a while.

Friday night finally broke me. And it was all my doing.

I won't call what happened sex, it wasn't, I don't know what to call it to be honest. Just deeply unnerving.

We sat, we talked, C said something had clicked, she thought "ohh, I'm getting good at this now"
And had decided to pushed on.

We don't have a safe word, C only knows the most basic rule, If I say I want, it's a game, she says No. Please, No, anything. No.

I've asked to be let out in the past, C has said "OK then :)"
I say "no no no, you don't let me out just cos I ask, and c. Looks confused but says" ah, OK, no then, your staying locked ", so I say, Nooo. Please and C says" Um.. Ok? No?. Tell me again?"
" Ok, tell you what, it's a game, you let me come, I win. You don't let me come, You win. Let's try that"

This was when we started. It's the foundation of what C has taken on board, and it's been built from there. And it just became the only rule she believes actually matters.

Problem here is, I could be in A&E or jumping out of the window before she realised I wasn't playing any more.

So yes C. Got the hang of it in a single urika moment, but without seeing the need for gradual introduction.
What didn't help is, she was all of a sudden feeling this "power rush" and found it turned her on. A LOT.

I'd been pushed as far as I wanted to be pushed and beyond

My 30 second come sesh had done nothing to help this, I was still as desperate and horny as before. It wasn't enough. I did not want any more teasing.

It's Friday evening, last night's epic fail still bearing down on me, a miserable night to come by the sound of it. I want to come out and I'm weary about asking, I'm hoping for at least a chance.

Friday is our date night, I cook and serve steaks and wine.
It went very well. I didnt plead, not once, so I didn't have to suffer for it.
We watched a movie, snuggled which was nice.
When we climbed into bed
I said "that was very romantic, surely I deserve some time out of cage now, I need to get myself grounded.

C has no idea how down trodden I feel.

C " I agree, we have had a wonderful romantic day and I have been thinking about how I can give you a wonderful reward. I know what you want, so this will be better treat than the other one"

I think 'doubt it could be any worse than 30 seconds?

Me. "Can you Just let me out of the cage". Flat, no please, I just wanted her to realise I wasn't messing about.

C giggles "ooh, that was very convincing, your treat includes a chance to get out you'll be glad to know"

Me, "I don't care, just. give. me. the keys"

So. My beautiful, clueless and perfectly innocent wife flushed, like she does during sex. She was turned on already.

C is Very excited now, eyes wide and bright, adorably cute. Those amazing big brown eyes forcing me to melt.

C "Come on then, lie down, I thought of this all on my own, I'm really excited to try it, I'm actually wet already look" C touched a finger to her smooth pussy lips and gave a shudder".

I instantly lost the anger, yup, I'm hard instantly, there was mention of release and.. C has designed this, no prompting. How can I not say OK?

It dawned on me at that moment, She really doesn't know how owned and near broken I feel. This is what I asked her to do, she really doesn't get what I'm actually saying. Only what I have told to do when I say it.

We don't have a safe word. I don't want to hurt her, all I can do is go with it, eventually I'll get the key.

"Ok, what are you asking me to do?"

"I'm not asking, I'm telling, do you want a chance to come out or not?"



C climbed so she was straddling over me, pussy near my cage.


she slammed the vibrator against her pussy.

C. "Oh, that's nice, I want you to beg me for the keys and to let you out and to let you cum"

Me. "Fuck, I've been doing that all week! But you dont"

C. moaning, "I so nearly did the other day, just try a bit harder, if your convincing enough I will"

OK, I admit, this was hot, I'm bulging, C has noticed. C. Never comes with just a vibe, never does herself, never masturbates.

Me. "shit C. What are you doing? When, when? can I have the keys"

C "Before I come, convince me before I come, oh fuck, your running out of time"

SHIIIIIIT.! C, give me the keys". "No"

"Seriously, I don't want this" .
"Yes you do' beg. If I come, you wait"

"what? Wait? how long?" . Panic, she's getting there." please Stop doing that"

C "Nggg oh oh, yes nice. Only till next.. Oh god.. tnext weekend, Your hard. You like I'm so good, No Begging, no key, please beg"

Shes serious, my brain exploded, tears filled my eyes and I begged for my life.

The more I pleaded, the more turned on C got. The more panicked I got, the more I begged and the more turned on C got.

It was like priming a bomb, two bombs, I couldn't stop it.

C has her eyes shut, she can't see my tears, she has a look of sheer bliss on her face.

"ask me more, don't stop, oh god don't stop "

So I did, "For fucks sake, get my cock out of this cage, give me the fucking keys! Let me out, I need to cum. Oh god c pleaaaaaaase."

C. eyes shot open and she looked straight at me, like it just dawned on her I really actually might have meant it?
Saw the tears streaming down my face and.
Went into a convulsion, an orgasm ripped through her, she feel back and bucked up and down for such a long time.

I panicked again, for a different reason this time, was she OK?

Yes, it was an orgasm, c passed out and was still being assaulted by it. This is messed up..

As C began to calm she let go of the vibrator and it fell, along with the key onto the bed. Which eas in her hand all along. Why. Didn't I just snatch the vibrator. If have got it.

I didn't waste a second. I got the key and unlocked. I was almost insane now. My tears had caused this? That is so wrong.
I didn't even wait for her to recover, just pounced and aimed my just freed cock directly at the pussy in front of it.

I didn't even get my head past her lips and I blew again. But carried on anyway as long as I could.

Unreal, fucked up on so many levels.

I kept fucking and weeping until I passed out C was already gone.

We talked on Saturday.
C had been seduced by this control , but didn't trust herself to wield it. Was frightened by the strength of it and the orgasm she had.
She said the keys stay with me, maybe we need to be normal, for a while, maybe reballance.

I hadn't offered the keys back, no way that was happening.

So. We have been normal,
I have paid C back in full for the teasing she gave me,

I have demanded and insisted and pinned and channeled my pent up frustration at C. And, like Monday she has enjoyed it.
I've come 5 times in 24 hours. Something I thought would be impossible in a week once.

C has said "ooh it gets me horny when your forceful, maybe we can mix it up a bit, y know, take turns"

I look at my once vanilla Catholic petite nieve wife, who had never heard of evolution by the age of 30 and believed everything was a sin. And I was.

...... Speachless.

I might give the blog a rest, I'm not planning on anything now, I'm recovering.

I won't be going back in the cage until I have made a guide that clears a lot of stuff up for c, one that simplifies things and explains what coming means and how there are different type, she is dangerous as she is. And I will have a safe word and a club handy.
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

Post by avid fan »

Thanks Mr Pickle...your last few posts have been pretty mind blowing - I cant imagine what your current situation feels like but I would love to experience it, so thanks for the posts that put me as close as I can get 'remotely'!

It's amazing how much a woman is a turnon when she exhibits her 'nasty' side...I've been with my wife for over 20yrs also, and while I've not had anything close to your experiences, I am occasionally still surprised when she decides to open up to me about certain kinks, and a pattern has emerged - she's generally very 'prim' I guess, but she frequently asks me to pin her down as 'force' myself on her...even suggesting I cover her mouth with my hand....it seems a clear 'type' of fantasy but when I've mentioned the 'R' word I'm met with a look of shock and disgust...guess the female of the species has a perception of how they're supposed to behave and dont want to thought of in a derogatory way...

Christ, even a couple of nights back she insisted I really grab and twist her tits as she rode me...it's something I've previously avoided...silly me I thought breasts were a male fixation and did nothing for omen, but apparently I was wrong...

Thinking on it, what was so intensely hot about your experience was, I think, that your wife found such arousal in your discomfort and her control...I wish more women, especially mine, would realise this and revel in it!!

Needless to say, I'm selfishly hoping you dont take too long a break as I really want to know how things move forward from here...
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Thanks Avid, glad your enjoying it.
I read quite a few journeys before attempting introducing the idea. And I had to take an unconventional cowards way in.
There is, in all honesty, my wife would ever have agreed to lock my cock up, it's just wrong.

Bit here we are anyway, and it's been a mainly very slow. The last bit.. Too fast.

I really want to know how things move forward from here as well.

But I am now thinking very seriously about what might happen.

Its very clear to me now that C would definitely used the cage to fit sexual acts into her own schedule.

But this mention of switching? That has me baffled.

For now, things can be normal (ish).
Nothing is normal like it used to be.
We would have "sex" every 3 to four days.
Too much for C, not enough for me.
It caused friction.

If you count edging and Tonging,
Last week, we had sex twice on Sunday.
Once Monday. Very wild.
Wednesday Denial for me.
Thursday although only 30 seconds.
Then Friday, very frightening
Saturday normal
Sunday twice as I was very insistent.
I have said I expect more tonight and c is up for it.

That one big mother of a change.

So, back to normal? No, not really. There is no normal now. It just is what ever it is one the day.

I happy to say, C is singing while in the kitchen.
she is happy.
That's good enough for me.
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Me. "I only got 30 seconds, that's not fair". C. "life's not fair, suck it up" :(
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Not much to say at the moment.
2 weeks uncaged, however I am caged today waiting for a promised Bj later.
While I'm free my wife hasn't stopped playing with it, it's like I have just grown a penis to play with. the first week was lots of piv with my not climaxing until weekend (my choice). This week C is on her period but has still edged me every night whilst reading or watching TV (her choice)
So, no complaints here.
Life is not as exciting without being owned, sex isn't as good, I don't feel the same bond.
I ask, I enthusiastically get. Somebody's dream right there. But not mine anymore.

I haven't mentioned this to C as it would upset her and she is perfectly happy, so why would I spoil that.
I mentioned being locked a few days back, I want to try to iron a few things out and hand the reigns completely to C.
But she is not in a listening mood at the moment.
I want to be Locked and owned, but i would rather wait to sort these things out first.
A safe word or traffic light system. The difference between no cuming and complete denial. And then there is the real hard one. How to actually take the reigns and decide what she wants oit of this.

It is so hard not to top from the bottom, especially when your keyholder only has what you say to go on. And she will not read or look it up. Even if I write it, she will not read it?

Why? is it some kind of denial, can't accept its real or something I just don't get. C will read 2nd rate books for hours every day. But not 10 minutes of something that is important to me.

So, I'm locked for today awaiting a treat that I asked for.
C is now back in the "things are nice and normal" stage.

I am now, waiting to work out if C has some kind of pattern, possibly warms to the idea of caging me at certain times of the month more than others.

I think in order to progress, C has to want this more than she does.
And won't want to unless she does it.

Chicken and the egg. An unsolvable mystery.
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Me. "I only got 30 seconds, that's not fair". C. "life's not fair, suck it up" :(
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