[Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Saturday morning C said "I'm going to ride you when I have finished my coffee" and then gave me that 'what are you waiting for' look.

The penny dropped and I jumped out of bed to make coffee.

True to her word, C finished, placed her cup down, and then put the key on my stomach.

As soon as I was out C wrapped her mouth around it. Wow. Instantly hard.

And then she stopped.

"I said I wanted a hard one, that will do nicely"

And then C sat up and slid down the length of it.

C "ooh, that feels good, it's been a while, soon I'll have you back where you belong"

C breasts, amazing, tight pussy amazing, teasing and dirty talk, amazing.
Fuck this is good.

C had a huge orgasm. I had no chance of one. C got off straight away leaving me bobbing around, desperate and frustrated.

"Aaah! God I needed that, just toying with you, I'm horny as hell now, I'm sending you down with toy and vibe later. No release and No tongue, OK? "

"Yes honey"

I got off lightly because the deal was I did all the work on the list before I had an orgasm.

As far as C is concerned.. That was it, I took my own payment, and a fair deal is no robbery.

But I hadn't orgasmed, just some spillage. It took 8 days to do the last list. The next is still being written.

C was too tired to be up for the vibe and waited until morning. When sent down to vibe toy only C came almost instantly calmed down and then said "would you like to come too?"

"yes, I would like that very much"

"OK, I your allowed to come the same way, with the vibrator, no key."


"might be the only chance you get, up to you"

So I went for it, the combination of horny from making C come and not having had an orgasm for 10 days myself did the trick. I came for the first time while caged. Not wow, but a relief.

C said "Well done, its good to know you don't need to be unlocked to do that."
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Bit miffed today.
I'm still horny, yesterday's cage ruin was just another spillage, not an orgasm. I'm glad, I really would not want to have my orgasm that way. I worked hard for it, I really would like to enjoy it.
But C has said in the past "if cum comes out, as far as I'm concerned. You've come"

Usually weekends are better for me sexualy, with at least an edge or two and teasing. As far as I'm concerned, I still haven't had my orgasm from last week and we're heading into another one.
Im not complaining of course, things are happening and C seems happy with her management of me. She has had an orgasm which was in her words "ok, but not the best type"
So, no sex for me, but what C said when I question her about "the best type" .. Mind blowing.

Sleep isn't too good for me, I want her.
C wasn't interested in anything last night, she said "Well I've come so I'm fine and I let you out to play a few days ago didn't I? Maybe tomorrow if you get back early enough"

I'm out tomorrow night. Usually quite late back, not something I have any control over, I just have to hope it doesn't go on too long.

C is still having these terribly long periods lasting two or three weeks and when they are happening her appetite for play is low. Its frustrating. We just get back up to speed, things get exciting and wham! Another one hits.
It is more frustrating for C and I can't pretend to understand how it feels physically from that end. I wish/hope she will listen to my please for her to see someone about it. I worry, but I'm told not to. I try to discuss it but it makes C irritable.
Ill try again, fingers crossed.

In the meantime, I mentioned that I miss eating C out, I really do. C said she misses it even more, "that's the best type".
that her favourite sex by far now is 'making me think I'm coming out after a frustrated lockup, then telling me I will be staying locked while I'm sent down to give her a huge orgasm'

I quizzed her on this, "so why is it so good"

And the answer was pretty powerful, I lay awake trying to remember it word for word.. Ish.

C spoke for a long time in a quiet voice, as if she were talking to herself and trying to work it out.
I didn't interrupt.

C "Knowing you're so desperate for me turns me on. So I love sending you down while locked.
And then, when your down there and I can sence how horny you are, that you're so horny you would pin me down, and take me like an animal, it really builds me up. I imagine you being like a chained sex starved beast, fighting to get to me, to have me.
And then I realise I have the power to keep you there, and I decide at that point, I am going to deny you. You will suffer this, willingly, for me.
It wakens something deep inside me. My animal. I am going to make you suffer and keep you snarling and wanting and desperate.
It makes me come harder than I ever have. The more I think you need to get out and have me, the harder I come.
Then you come up to watch me as my orgasm carries on and on.
The reason I keep coming is that look in your eye. That fire and fury and desperate frustration fornm me. I can feel the want, so primal, it makes me keep on coming. I look into those eyes and I know I'm just going to keep denying you, keep you chained, locked and my orgasm continues to rip through me.
I should feel selfish, but I don't, I don't feel sorry for you, I just revel in knowing I will sleep soundly while you are so sexualy wound up, you'll lie watching and wanting me, desperate to have me, So close to me, touching me, smelling me, listening to me breath, turned on but unable to take me. I am everything. I consume your every thought, but I'm fast asleep, Worn out from coming so hard and have forgotten about you already..feeling safe, protected, watched over, loved content.
It's so powerful, once it starts it's hard to control.
Does that sound as bad as I think it did? "

Me "...."

"Before any of this.."

And C waved her hand at my caged crotch"

C "I would have said it was abuse, cruel, horrible, inhuman even, to treat someone this way, I still think it has to be wrong and just..well very wrong, so I'm horrible to you sometimes because.. Everything is your fault"

Me "I don't feel mistreated at all, quite the opposite"

C "But as bad as I feel sometimes, and I feel that way less often. Hardly ever now come to think of it.. Well now? God I can't wait to do that to you again, It makes me shake just thinking about it"

"I have no words to follow that C, other than I love you and your really quite amazing"

"Good, and yes, I know. Now go to sleep and stop making me think about rude things when I can't do what I want to do"

And so I lay awake, typing this.
I don't feel like we are abnormal, I feel like we are privalaged.
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Me. "I only got 30 seconds, that's not fair". C. "life's not fair, suck it up" :(
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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When C got back from work, she sat to tell me about what a crap day it had been.
All the while, sitting with her hand resting on my cage, like it was the most natural place to rest a hand. It's become another normal for C, as if she is constantly mindful of her property or responsibility. If we are alone, and sat together, C near always pushed her hand inside my pants and 'just holds them'. But not in a sexual way, if you get me? I know it isn't a prelude to sex, it's just nice, natural. Another example of how we are leagues away from the couple we were.

It seems that C had been turned on by describing her fav orgasm last night, so when she had finished dissing work she said "double treat for you tonight, a de-stress would be good. If you're early enough home. If not it'll have to wait"

I wasn't taking any chances. "I'll cancel my meeting. I seriously don't want to risk missing out on a chance."

The truth is, I needed C more than she needed me.

"OK, good. You just guaranteed yourself a double treat"

That evening we sat together watching TV. when we did retire to bed I was edged and edged. Milked until it was near empty and dick tired so it had started to go soft.
"OK, time for treat number two"
This is when C sent me down, "My thinking is. You'll want to fuck me, but won't be able to cos it's empty and worn out .
That should keep you both happy and frustrated. Down you go" .

I went down with vibe and toy.. No tongue. C came quickly and hard, I felt like I had hardened up considerably, I was certainly horny as fuck, so after C came I climbed on.

C enjoyed it, But just as C had predicted, Horny as I was, I was only at thee quarter mast.
I'm still pretty big even with a limp on, so I gave it everything I could and seriously wanted my proper orgasm now.
C had another orgasm, but try as I might, I couldn't get fully hard, and couldn't get there, so I climbed off and stroked C's body.

I had to hand it to her, she knows how it works more than I do.

Me "thanks honey, that was quite an amazing double treat"

"Good, you deserve it, and how do you feel now? "

"Both Happy and frustrated"

C looked very pleased with herself.

"Told ya so. Night lover"
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Me. "I only got 30 seconds, that's not fair". C. "life's not fair, suck it up" :(
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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C was very teasy. Entiined a few times how keeping me locked while having an orgasm was definitely on the cards. Also that I had worked very hard again finishing another more tasks from the list.

C "I have added quite a few more things to it" .

Me, "I don't mind, I fucking love that list, I earn points from it'

C "Yes, and what do points mean? "

"Prizes" I said with a great big beaming smile.

"Treats and denysies" said C.

"Tonight, I think you may have earned at least a breast massage with you cage resting between my lips.. Maybe more even"

Could not wait. I was dripping every time C gave me that look.
It's one I recognise instantly now, I see that look, I know I'm going to be played with.

Evening C waited for me to come to bed and immediately started massaging and light tugging my balls.

"So Mr P, who's been excited and giddy all day?"

"Me =)"

"And who's been a good boy and earned some teasey points"


"your balls are very wet, you must have been leaking so much juice. And it's so swollen in there. I'll bet your cage is about to explode"

"Fuck C, you have no idea"

"So, I was thinking breast massage and suck, maybe let you put pet next to my lips" .

"Oh god.."

"And then I thought I might edge you over a nipple, make you come a drop and suck it clean"

"Oh fuck really?"

"Yep, I really did consider that, but the kids took so long to settle I'm feeling tired now" .

I didn't like the sudden 'but'

"So.. Should I do that now, or keep you locked up?"

"Please C, now, please."

"Shush, I'm thinking.. Am I too tired or should I let you come just a tiny bit."

My mind went numb.. Breathing stopped..

C then asked "What day do I normally let you come?"

"Um, well, it's been Thursdays, but you haven't actually stated a day as such.. It wasn't Thursday last week, it. Erm.. I messed it up and didn't actually get one"

"Oh yes, that was very naughty"

"So. Thursday then. If you carry on being good" .

My face must have dropped when my brain imploded and my stupid cock swole up even more.. What the fuck is that about?.

"Aww, poor baby, tell you what.. I'll keep playing with your balls while I fall asleep OK" .

So, I'd earned a tease. And as bad as I wanted to protest. I just knew this was all I would be offered, and I could lose it just as quickly.

"Thank you C, that would be very nice of you" .

So C fell asleep holding my balls.


C is still teasing, holding my cahe while talking to me, flashing me, squeezing her breasts while I'm watching.
I'm leaking like a tap now, I was also requested as naked shower servant, look but dont touch.. "
Is that shaved enough do you think, look closer, no touching"
and I was told I might get a little tease later.

C also mentioned Thursday to which I piped up.. "I'm very excited about tomorrow" .


"Its normally my weekly orgasm day."

Now then, this is the thing, I have never agreed to any such thing as weekly orgasm, or longer as it seems to be these days.. So how the fuck has she done this? I mean I actually said that like it was my idea? Or I had somehow agreed to it.
And now it's been said and mentally recorded by C. It can't be unsaid.

Very clever C, very clever.

"C Well.. Maybe it will be. You never know. But what you can know is. I will be coming for certain.."

Oh, my god..
And that was her final piece. Check mate.

I'm in a state of constant arousal now, C can ask for anything, have me do anything. And I wouldn't hesitate.
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Wednesday evening, C's playing continued.

Im obviously crazy with desire now, C is enjoying it, and flexing her powers over me.
I still feel bad about canceling Monday, I haven't ever pulled a sickie before, but C"s lure was so great.
Wednesday is D&d night, C knows how important this is to me, sacred, I've moved mountains so I don't let my fellow adventurers down.

But I'm beyond my limits with this frustration though and C's teasing has been relentless. Some of her well aimed touches and whispers have caused waves of lust so powerful they have had me near passing out.

C "Would you like to sit with me and watch a chick flick tonight? "

Normally, I'd rather chew on glass. But tonight I answered. "I would love to sit with you, every cell in my body wants to be with you when I'm like this, it consumes me. But you know I can't let them down"

"I'll hold your balls and sit with my top off"

I struggled with this, I really did. I wasn't being offered release in any way, just more torture really, but the fucking power this woman can have when she wants to play.

"I'll send a message to them now"

I must have looked crushed.

C "Ha, and wow! I can't belive after all these years I got you to fold on D&d.. I even worried about giving birth on a Wednesday in case you wouldn't show up.. don't be silly, I wouldn't do that to you, I know how important it is" .

Thanks C. That would have fucked my head up.

"No problem, I'll make up for it and head fuck you later" .

So, Night came, C has put me off last night and messed with me, I'm near breaking point. Again C reach over and got hold of my balls as soon as I got into bed. It's her way of getting my complete obedient attention.

"I know your thinking I will fulfil last night's raincheck, but I'm going to make you wait longer"

"No C, you can't do that, you promised"

I don't make promises, I make you make them.
Anyway, I figured you'd expect me to do something tonight.


Expect it because it's what you'd want?

Yes, well. earned.... Need. Ok. Want!

But I think It's not about what you want anymore.

Please C.

"it's about what 'I' want. How I want, when I want. And I want to make you wait until I want it."

"But .."

"Argue and I'll put it off more. don't and I'll hold your balls again while I nod off".

"oh god, that's so unfair"

"How about if I stretch and pull on them too, poke my fingers though your cage a bit?"

"That does make all the difference, OK C. Thanks"

And so, put off again. Unable to sleep, feel like I've been robbed, mugged. Worse.

A little while later C stirred and quietly said "do you like it when I send you down locked? "

"C, I love it when you keep me locked and make me serve you"

"Well you're going to love tomorrow then"

And now. Its tomorrow. Very early, I can't sleep so I'm writing this. we'll get up make breakfast and see the kids off, make coffee, come back to bed.

What then?
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Me. "I only got 30 seconds, that's not fair". C. "life's not fair, suck it up" :(
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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I can't keep up with my notes when C is like this. I write everything I can remember because God's I want to remember it.

So. C started right off by saying "Am I going to let you out? I'll think about it while you do your thing, but for now I just need to decide."

The two donkey dildos apeared.

"Normal big.. Or Fatty big.. Ah fuck it, use both. "

I went down straight away, still toys n vibe only.. No contact. It was mindblowingly good watching the faux sliding in and out rhymically with C getting closer and closer to orgasm.
With no tonguing, I could watch the whole show. God I love it when C does that to her breasts.

"don't come too soon baby, let me enjoy this"

"This is My orgasm, I do what I want, when I want. Don't talk" .

So I carried on, switch to fatty big and soon after C exploded.
I stoked her gently for an age, remembering very well what she had told me about getting off on my not getting off.

My bulge was solid.

C came round eventually and said. "So.. Should I let you out?"

"Please C, I can't stand this any longer, I need this I really do".

It was true.

"Well, I wasn't going to, but I'm still extremely horny so your in luck" .

C lent forward and prodded my bulge.

"Oh my, that is rock hard, this should be good" .

The keys flew in my direction.

I was at full mast instantly, veins bulging. I didnt waste time, just ploughed in.

C Holy fuck that's big, when its this hard it much better than the toys. I'm not interested in having it in me unless it's hard like this

I was grunting like a pig.. "You didn't let me orgasm for fucking ages!"

C laughed out loud," I know, and look how fast you're building this house"

Grunt, "teased the fuck out of me.." grunt "Don't let me have an orgasm for weeks" . Grunt. "Get my hopes up" . Grunt.. "Don't let me come" .

"ooh, but your so hard now, not like after You fucked it up. Besides, I haven't said you can come now" .

"Dont you dare" .

And then C started the teases again. Its unnerving that C can get so much pleasure from describing how she tortures me?

"I lock you up, I don't let you come, I make you give me orgasms, lots and lots of orgasms.."

C came again.

"But you can't come, I can tease you and make you desperate, make your cage swell, make you want me, Tonbenmy fuck toy, my caged pet.. " .

C came again.

"Can I come" .

"No. Don't you dare. If you try ill ruin it, hurt it"

I slowed down. Breath deeply, think of work, Hairy Brian's builders crack.. That'll do it.
Good ol Brian, known him since we were kids.. His Mum was hot, used to serve lemonade in that t-shirt that was near see through.. Great tits.. No where near as good as these though C has incredible tits.. Fuck.. Not helping..

C was just watching me.

C "you can't escape you know, trying to think of things will always lead back to sex with you and that will lead you to me, Im the only way you can have sex. You can't even do yourself can you. Can't even get hard"


"I control it, I deny it, the dick is mine and mine alone, you don't get yourself off anymore, you get me off, my pussy is your sex, my orgasms are your orgasms."

"Fuuuck. Can I come please, fuck fuuck!"

"No, don't, don't, fucking don't come, I come, me, Not you. Stop!"

I strained everything holding that one back, could almost feel blood vesicles popping, it was so hard, I had stopped dead. But C...

C was busy Cumming her head off. It was like a scene from Exorcist.. What the fuck?

"Fuck this, I'm not doing it any more".

"Keep going, I'll let you come next time".

"What! That could be weeks the way your going".

"No silly, next time you ask lol"

"Oh. Right".

Grunt grunt grunt grunt "can i come".

"Hang on.. Nearly there waiiit. .Come, yes. Come now" .

And I did, So did C.. Obviously.

I passed out, didn't surface till mid day. C was on her way out as I came down stairs.

"Hi sexy.. You know, you really should work on your stanima, I wanted to go again.. But that's your quota for now I think. You'll need to earn a few more points.
I might make use of you later though, just so you know" .

And with a peck on the cheek and a slap of my arse.. off C went.

So fucking proud I am.
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Me. "I only got 30 seconds, that's not fair". C. "life's not fair, suck it up" :(
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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C persuaded me to watch TV that evening by spending it with her hand down my pants.

Friday morning C treated me to giving her another Orgasm by toy n vibe (locked of course) , in exchange for my making breakfast.
C took quite a while to get there this time, but when she did.. Oh boy, come city.
A fair exchange indeed.

I'm in a state of relief at the moment. Relieved and very grateful to C that she allowed me to come.
When C does decide to play with me.. She's actually quite good.

Saturday morning, C finally let me give her a breast massage and nipple sucking, with my cage resting against her shaved lips. I was also allowed to stroke them, but nothing more.

I was of course very horny after this, and C gave me a choice.

"You can have an oily edge now, over my breasts, or you can swap it for giving me an orgasm later maybe tomorrow.

"I'd like to swap please"

"I thought you would, its still odd to me that you choose that, you do realise I might not offer to let you out"

"Yes, I'd assumed that"

"Good, it'll be nice watching you simmer away today"

"And it will be nice simmering" ,

I helped with changing the bed linen and while talking about pillows (as you do), I said to C "The middle one used to be my cuddle pillow, I hugged it when sleeping, I hug you now, we're so much closer than we were"

C "You're not Mr moody, turn your back if you don't get sex anymore"

"I know C, and I'm truly sorry I was that person"

It's true, It saddened me to know I was that person, selfish, pushing and driving her away. Where would we be now I wonder if I'd kept that up?

It no longer matters, I didn't, and somehow I managed to introduce something that I originally thought was all about me, and we adapted, evolved into this.

I'm A better man, a better father, a better person altogether. C is still the same amazing woman she always was, but now she can shine.

C. Is Happy, singing, chatty and wide eyed. I feel very lucky. I can't take my eyes off C, I would do anything for her.
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Me. "I only got 30 seconds, that's not fair". C. "life's not fair, suck it up" :(
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Well.. I wish I had taken the oily edge lol, weekend sucked. Something has shifted in C, and she is not letting on as to what it is.

Later, nothing,. Saturday, nothing.. I sensed something was off so kept my head down and did all I could to make life better. What else can I do.

Sunday morning C was seriously pissed off with me. More than I would have expected considering? I thought we were having a great time.. A bit of rough, call it what you will..
What do I know?

C sent me down, tongue was now back on the menu after many weeks.

But rather than send me down locked C asked me "what's your plan, do you want to shag me after, have an oily wank or stay locked?"

This threw me a bit, I replied.. "I don't have a plan? I do what you want? "

Well I'm asking you. Because I don't know right from wrong with you somtimes, you want to be Locked, but you want to come out as well.

"I've explained and apologied so many times, I thought you had got this? Hang on.. What is really wrong, has something happened to upset you? "

C "No. Just you, I don't get it and I'm not bothered"

So it seem that C got up on the wrong side of bed this morning or what ever "it" is that has irked her has festered but isn't opening up. last time, it was a handbag purchase issue. It could be anything, shoes, handbags, hair what someone said.. No point trying to guess, C probly won't know herself.

So I replied "I suppose if you're not bothered, I might as well be out of it and do as I like" .

So I unlocked.

C said, "well you might as well get down there and do something useful" so I did just that.

What really pissed C off is. Just when she was getting to the boil, I stopped and climbed on top and started fucking her.

She was so peeved off she lost all of her mojo, and said she was very annoyed, I'd been selfish and there was no way she would come now, she was about to have a big one, "you know I'm supposed to have my orgasm before you do that. When you stop before I come, I can't get back to where I was".

Now this is not true, we've done this many times, usually C will insist I go back down and clean up, has an orgasm talking about it, And then I go back down.. This C is clearly not happy.

"Sorry C, I just assumed with my being free, I was free to do what I wanted? I mean, this is still good yes?"

"No, it isn't, you've ruined the whole morning."

"Oh! I was trying to enjoy it. Sorry, you did say you had no plans, I'm not sure what exactly it is I've ruined?"

"I've lost it now, no point carrying on, get off me."

'OK, sorry C, your normally OK with this, I just clean up afterwards"

So I got off and felt very guilty about... What?

C "Go back down there, see if you can undo this mess" .

But No, try as I might, C was not going to come now, she had decided it wasn't going to happen, so It did not happen.

Headology that is. I will probably find out in a few days why she is 'actually' peeved off. Usually something someone said, or a purchase that went wrong, but I'll get the brunt of it until then and C won't get over this until I have suffered enough to make up for whatever is going on. Either that or she will forget what it was that upset the cart in the first place.

So. I got a few seconds of PIV, and plenty of trying to get an upset C to orgasm. Neither were rewarding.

And that was it for the weekend.

The rest of the day seemed fine, I fully expected C to send me down again and get her own back in some way, being unlocked was very unlikely now, but C would normally still be very horny without having had her orgasm.

I ask C if I might be able to make up for it in some way.

C "Absolutely Not" and with that we went to sleep.

Monday too busy to do anything.
Again, this is odd. As busy as we are, there is always time for a touch, a word. So again I spent the day doing all I could to make C's day easier. As well as going to work my self, I managed to get back and get on with other things while C went out for coffee with a friend.

C was very please with the work I had done on the house, the chores all done and dinner ready as she walked through the door.

But regardless of all this. Nothing except "I'm too tired to do anything and you have been naughty"

And that's it. Little has happened. I'm bloody glad I got to have my orgasm on Thursday, I'd be in trouble now.

Im miffed. For a few reasons.
Firstly, C could have taken her orgasm, sent me down and kept me locked. She chose not to.

C should be super horny due to missing that one. She isn't.

C is not playing. something has happened and I have no idea what? I'm waiting for the dust to settle and doing all I can to please C in the meantime.

Monday, despite getting things done, I was miserable, the usual 4/5 day signs, but I slept.

Today I should be really horny but if C isn't happy, I can't be happy, I am too in tune. If C won't open up, how can I help?

This is the wrong sort of frustrating. It sucks.
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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I'm still rolling over the Sunday morning incident in my head, and still clueless as what changed in the wind sometime on Saturday. I may never know.

But the statement from C about not being bothered about if I'm caged or not, not understanding what it's about? I'm still confused by this. Especially with it being followed by "you know I am supposed to have my orgasm first". Which in my head, is exactly what the cage and control brought about.
Prior to male chastity that statement would have been laughable.

So. Instead of worrying I'm looking at the positive side.

Today im effectively on day 6 after my orgasm (counting Thursday as day one due to it being morning). And im not rampant, sex obsessed. I'm actually pretty chilled.
When this journey, no way could that be done.
So a plus point, I'm more able to survive the onslaught of hormoans and emotions tied to these first few days.

Now, I'm not saying this is towards any goal, my aim is and has never been long term orgasm denial. But it does mean I'm less likley to be cranky when I don't get any, and that in itself means Im a better person, husband, dad etc. And will probably get more anyway.

The second optimistic point is. C now clearly believes "C comes first" its not a game, not a passing thing.

C isn't playing at the moment, but I know now that its just a matter of time, she will miss it, miss the attention and control, I wonder for how long this time?

I got home from a job at the same time as C, we sat together for a while, C seemingly unchanged and wasn't touching etc. But when we went to get changed C suggested making love, mid afternoon, kids still up?

Well, never one to look a horse in the mouth.. Yes please.

I was again offered the key before hand, this time I didn't take it and went down until C had her orgasm. C then said "The key is there. I want you inside me, without any rules"

So We made love, no rules and we both came together.

So, I'm out for now, maybe C needs a break, there is clearly something else going on so I'll apply my time to that.
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Me. "I only got 30 seconds, that's not fair". C. "life's not fair, suck it up" :(
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Sorry to hear that Mr Pickle...I feel your pain; some days you can feel so in tune with someone you think they can read your mind, the next you're wondering how everything took a 180 degree turn...

Hope everything picks up; things can just as quickly take a positive turn so fingers crossed for you.
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