[Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Thursday evening
I was desperate again, and as a result I did everything I could to impress and earn a little something tonight rather than having to make it through the night.
So, that evening I decided to ask.

"Honey, Seem as did that extra work. Any chance of a little extra now rather than in the morning?"

C didn't look up "Nope" .

As I try to bargain, the silence causes a kind of fear that quickly turns my confident and very reasonable approach into one of panic and desperation, which then causes me to rapidly ask for les and less until..

"Come one, you know I've earned something, I'm just asking for a bit of something"


"just a tide me over, just a bit of time out even, without touching even"

Then C turned to me and looked me in the eye, finger prodding my chest and an authorative school teacher tone.

" You will stay locked"
"You will wait until morning."
"You will be edged and you will let a small drop into each nipple and you Will clean them"

I just nodded

"Don't ask for more like that , I might have let you vibe me, but not now. learn to control it".


Friday morning was long, I couldn't ask. C acted as though she had forgotten. But eventually the key appeared.
I was oily edged as promised but got to the edge in seconds, and kept there for maybe 10 minutes, very intense.
C " OK, it's time to let a drop out"
So I straddled C, cock over breast while C carried on edging me.
The sight of C squeezing a breast so as to offer a nipple up to recieved the drop of cum was mind blowing "on this one first, then suck it lots, I'm actually quite wet thinking about it" .

"Shiiit!" the drop was larger than should have been, but C didn't seem to mind, she wanted to have a nipple sucked.

" Hmmmmmmm, God that feels good... Oh yes, the other one now"

And so I did. Again a bit more than a drop, I really think there was too much back preasure and that kind of encouragement helps it along, knowing C is turned on by this really makes it easier.

So I was still hard and horny, I really did want to finish off.

C "work to do, up we get"

No mention of cage, so I didn't offer.

Later that day while I was rewiring, C stuck her hand into my pants and grabbed a handful.

"Awww, you naughty naughty thing, get it out"

"I'm up a ladder"


I wrestled the offending member out, which was now growing and at eye level with C. C held onto the growing shaft and pointed it upwards.

Whack!. Right hander straight in the balls. I nearly fell off my ladder.

"Holy Fucking hell!"

C left the room and came straight back, cage in hand.

"Put it on" .

"Ah! listen, I wanted to talk about that"

"Talk when it on"

C started manipulating the ring over my balls.

"I mean about not putting it on for a while"

"It's going on, I want you being nice all the time" .

'Wait... I'm nice anyway"

CYes, but your nicer, why should I have less?"

C was still wrestling it back in, paused lifted it to expose my balls again and got into a karate pouch pose.

" Wait! Wait, jees.. Calm down honey. No need for that. I just wanted to say"

C relaxed, carried on. "say what you want.. When it's on, I can't do it, but I'll hurt it if you don't sort it out right now"

"OK, ok"

I put it on, C turned the key and put it in her pocket.

"good boy.. Speak"

"Look. Its just apart from the odd few days, I've been in that for since November, 6 months."

"Really? Wow, and look what's happened since then. All the things I have, how happy we are.. So, what's your point?"

I was about to say, it much longer than I ever imagined, and I think some time out would be nice"

"you do? What sort of time?"

"I was think a couple of months"

"What!. Months.. No fucking way"

"I thought a bit of normal would be nice, six weeks maybe, what do you think"

"I think you better get used to the idea that it My pet, My cage and we are going to enjoy the next six months just as much, I don't mind letting it out, but weeks? Nice one"

And C just walked away chuckling to herself.

Later while I was lying on the floor rewiring, C came and sat down besides me, grabbed cage and balls and said "Awww, my licttle pet loves being caged and denied" .

I could not argue, I was hard instantly and C noticed

"See.. This IS normal, see? "

And again C walked away shaking her head giggling "months.. Lol. Nice one"
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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What a hot lady... such sweet torture!!!

As an aside, I really recognise your previous comments on women having some mental block or general discomfort over masturbation...I can't take my hands off my dick, but I've got a brick wall trying to encourage my wife in the virtues of 'self love'...it's extremely frustrating and I feel she's missing out.
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Saturday evening C sat massaging my balls while on YouTube, and I'd been meaning to bring the topic of the cage break up again.

My chance came when the episode finished and the attention was back on us for a short while.

"I've been wanting to talk to you about this break"

"Are you seriously going to risk bringing that up again?"

So, I figured now is not the time, I'll bring it up when C isn't quite so tired.

Sunday morning.

C woke me up with

"would you like me to let it out for a bit" .

"Yes, I'd like that"

C just sat and held it while browsing, but that was enough to have me rock hard anyway.

"Hmmm.. I suppose I should make use of this" and C turned to straddle me and slowly started riding.

C "Oh that's better" she then leant forward so her breast were in front of my eyes and said "suck"

So I started sucking, I know at the right times, this is a massive turn on for C.

C "Hmmmm, that is sooo horny" and then " did you like being edged onto my breasts and made to clean it up, god I did" .

"hmm hmm" .

"so, do you like me keeping you locked, teasing you and only getting it out if I need it, Oooh yes, so good.. "

I answered "Fuck yes, it's so erotic"

C "Oh.. oh.. I am so, going to send you down there later" .

My orgasm started to build.. Oh thank god, this is it, I'll come at last.

"So you want to be my caged toy and serve my pussy? "

"God yes, God yes, oh, oh oh ff" .

I was about to come, allowing it to build up until I could hold off no longer, this is going to be Big.

C "Good, that's that sorted out then, that'll do me thanks"

And she just.. got off?

I was as hard as rock, purple and in slight shock.

"Really? Oh my god C, what about this!"

Frantically pointing at the very swollen...

"That. Is exactly what you really want. Go have a pee, make coffee. Lock it up. If you want any more that is?

" What? No. But!"

C was back on her phone now, but lying naked, looking so fucking delightful, why aren't I just pinning her down now.

C saw me looking, "if you ever want to see this again, don't even think about it"

So I got up, boner boincing around like a joke. Dressing gown on and off to make coffee.

C "oh, and then later when I tease you. look me in the eye and tell me I'm wrong"

It's afternoon now, C did come to me and put her hand down my pants whispering about licking and toy fucking and coming hard, all while I'm locked up leaking and straining. She did look me in the eyes, winked, blew a kiss and walk away saying "told ya so"

I seriously, seriously don't know any more, my head is fucked? All I know is, right now, this very minute, I just want C to make me come hard, very hard. At the same time I fantasise about, and truly want what C whispered into my ear while squeezing my balls (which doesn't involve my coming at all)? .
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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avid fan wrote: Sun May 16, 2021 8:46 am What a hot lady... such sweet torture!!!
Yes, and yes. And this cage, game, life.. Just amplifies it. The woman just keeps getting hotter! How do you defend yourself against this. I just melt away, I can't get annoyed. Only frustrated.
I am actually genuine about having a break, and think it's reasonable. But I'm now discovering that what I want.. Isn't really as important as it was.
I really want a break, but above all, I want C and anything she will give me.
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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So much for my promise of an orgasm this weekend.

Sunday evening, C did exactly what she said and sent me down to make her come hard. God it was good. C came for an age while I sat watching, it was truly beautiful.

"Ahhh, nice, sleep now."

"Sorry but I really could do with something myself" .

C didn't show an ounce of pity when looking at my bulging cage, it was burning with the strain.

"Nope. I'm done, well and truly fucked and I'm going to sleep"

"You said you would let me have an orgasm this week end"

"Did I?"

"Yes, on Thursday, you allowed me to let a drop out and said I could have an orgasm this weekend. I haven't had one since the Thursday before" .

"I don't remember saying that? I probably said 'maybe'.
Anyway, I gave you some this morning, and yesterday."

"None yesterday. Was too late"

"Friday then" .

"Nope" .

"Really, nothing at all" ?

" just the edge on Thursday, nothing for a week before that" .

"Wow, I'm so impressed. Your really controlling it, keep it up" .

"Im so horny C, really swollen and uncomfortable.
Seriously, I don't mind doing it myself, you can still go to sleep, I really need to come."

"Nope, I got what I wanted,
I just had my brains fucked out and I've come really hard. Look."

C made a point of stroking her shaved lips

"it's all swollen and gaping open."

"Oh god, not helping".

"I think you got what you wanted too, so. Be good, go to sleep and wait until tomorrow. Maybe You can choose if you come or make me come again. Not another word or it won't happen.
Night tongue boy"

It took a while to get to get to sleep, and the nocturnals were so powerful they woke me often. Real burning, aching sensations.
But I did sleep, and today I've been fine, horny obviously, but OK otherwise, maybe C has got a point, I'm controlling it?

Actually, No, the penny just dropped, C is controlling it. has this anything to do with the training she mentioned weeks back?

What ever C is doing, I love it, and I'm so happy that C has become so comfortable with putting herself first.

Although I really would like that orgasm.
As for the cage off holiday, I'm not sure C is taking me seriously?
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Lockdown easing means Poker night is back in the pub.

So, even though I experienced picking up a nice cold pint with my mates for the first time in over a year, which was pure heaven in itself. The fact that C has played me for so long now means she is very much on my mind. It is hard to concentrate on my game and the text from C really didn't help.

Text "shame you out late, I'm horny and your oil is ready. Dont be loud coming in, make sure everything is locked"

Not that I had the choice of course, I'd mentioned removing the cage just while I was out, C smiled at me and said nothing.

So, that message was loud and clear.

C was still awake when I got in.

"I've been waiting for you, it's hard to sleep if your not snuggled up to me"

I snuggled up, lights out.

C "ill sort you out tomorrow"

I waited for the maybe. It didn't follow.

My dreams were full of cage teasing.
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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My head is totally fucked today, I can't concentrate, everything is a distraction and my head aches.
On the plus side, I bought C a car today.
I'm hoping beyond hope that tonight does happen.

Later, Due to my head being out of the zone I left the rear door to the house open, C really does not like this at all.
I grovelled and apologised but C said "Well, there's one something you won't be getting"

And while ticking off done and done list, C listed everything one at a time following it with "done that"
Finally C said "Mr Pickle.. Has been naughty so will have to wait"
I dropped my head, gutted and C made and evil laugh sound.
"Mwahaha.. I love this. I LOVE IT"
I went to appeal later on.
"please C, be merciful, its been almost two weeks"
"two weeks? How you make things up"
"but it has, I haven't had an orgasm since a week last Thursday"
"that's not true, you let some out Thursday"
"that's just letting some out, it isn't an orgasm!"
"as far as I'm concerned, if a bit comes out, that's a bit of an orgasm.. Are you really arguing about not getting enough?"

"No, not at all"

"Well good, because you could easily get a lot less, it's not like I would be missing out, is it? "

"No honey" .

"A few weeks back you said my orgasms were your orgasms and you preferred giving than getting" .

"Ah.. Yes I did. And it's still true"

"So, when was your last orgasm?"

'Sunday night?"

" Yup. And your complainimg already. Tsk Tsk!"

I just sat and hugged C. No idea what to say, C is much better at this than I am.
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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OK. So C did sort me out.. Kind of.
First she listed all the things she had planned for me.

"well, I thought I could tease you a bit first, I know you like that, say your staying locked, send you down there to give me a beautifully massive orgasm, then let you out and edge you lots and 'say you can't come' and then pretend I'm going to lock it up all hard and frustrated. But instead let you do me and come in me.."

" Wow, yep, that sounds like bliss and torture all at the same time. You seem to have a better idea than I do."

"Yes, I thought you'd appreciate it. But."

I sighed and said "yes, I know I fucked up"

"you did, and to be honest I'm worn out now because of it."

"Sorry C, my head is so fucked up today"

"I did wonder how long it would take, I'm amazed to be honest, I've wanted to give in a few times but I feel an undercurrent of disappointment when I do."

"Yes, I've realised this" .

"You don't keep asking anymore, just take it. I like that" .

"Because I've come to realise that once you say no, I'm just wasting my time" .

"Well I'm finding standing my ground much easier now you know the threats are real, they don't cost me anything, and seem to play into your fantasy" .

"Just Mine?"

"Yep. This isn't my doing. I've just found out more about myself. I like what your fantasy has given me."

"And that is?"

"My own choices, less guilt, able to say stop when I've had enough and well, some pretty big orgasms are nice."

"So, when I give you that orgasm, don't you miss me climbing on top of you?"

"I did, because that was the pattern, but now I enjoy the orgasm more, its mine, I look forward to it. I do always think 'what do i want now' and if my body says sleep.. I can sleep. If it says more cock, I can have more cock. That's what I like."

"You seem to need a lot less of that now?"

"No, I didn't need a lot before, I'm not like you, needing it. its a need I have less frequently.
I needed some on Sunday, so I just helped myself until I'd had enough and then got off. Isn't that what this is all about?"

"Yes, that's kind of what it is all about."

"Anyway, that need for penetration is pretty much filled with the toy, and we're both clever enough to work out that a tongue and toy together will always make me come harder than just a pounding member."

"Yes, I get that."

"Oh no Mr P.. I get that.! You get to stay locked up lol"

"So you actually prefer that. It's not just for me?"

"God yes, I much prefer it, those orgasms are quiet addictive" .

"But you don't want one now?"

"I did, but you now I'm worn out and disappointed.
But enough of this Mr P. Like I said, you have been bad today" .

"I know, I understand" .

"So you have to be punished" .

"I thought I already was being?"

"Get you clothes off, right now" .


"I'm emptying those, I can't do with this spaced out moron in the house" .

C handed me the keys, I unlocked and waited.

"Firstly, you have to be smacked."

I offered my hand, C shook her head and said "lift it up"

So I held my breath, tensed waiting for the strike and.. Tap, tap.

"Just a light one this time. Your real punishment is that you don't get to enjoy your orgasm as much" .


"I'm going to oily Ruin it, onto my breasts. The second you start to come, Im going to stop stroking and squeeze you balls until its all out" .

I was really amazed that C had come up with this. Ok, I was so horny now. I didnt care, any kind of coming was better than none.

And C did exactly that. No edging, just one straight oily wank until I said "coming"
Then C let go altogether and squeezed my balls while I came

C "let it all out, keep coming, good boy, let's squeeze it all out.. And the last drop.. Well done. That's it, clean it up"

I froze in terror.

"Ha! I just love the look on your face when I spring that on you"

"Erm, so" .

"No need, I don't want you reflecting on this as a good thing on hind site" .

So, that's it, all you get. Did you enjoy it after waiting so long?

"actually, No, not really, I don't feel like I came at all"

"Awww. Sorry but Good. And by the way. You now owe me a very large orgasm and I intend to collect it."
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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So. Thursday. C wanted me down there this morning. Payback. But one of the kids isn't so good and is off school so it's be deferred.

I am currently unlocked, and I have made it quite plain that the first chance I get, I'm going to use C for my own satisfaction.

C just said "oh, is that so?"


"we'll see. I don't think you'll be so cocky when cocks in a locky"

An odd thing happened Tuesday night after my ruined ending. I've posted it in the chat section because ot troubled me.

When trying to sleep afterwards, I couldn't due to a dull, uncomfortable pain along my perenium, and the pain was increasing slowly.
I had to keep massaging it, and especially where the prostate is, until it faded.
The following evening it was still tender.

I haven't mentioned it, but I wonder if this is the first time my prostate has been bulging full or because I tried so hard to come?

I am still horny, I feel like I've had a cum release but not an orgasm, and I do intend to use my strength and manly wiles to get what I need.
No point in using my superior intelligence.. It sucks!

So, like C said.. We'll see.
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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On Wednesday, I had no intention of locking up again. In effect I I have demanded a cage holiday, for some reason I felt I needed it.

After C released me, I did take advantage of her, and even took her to the edge a few times before stopping and saying "that's enough for me thanks"

On Thursday I simply said "I have plans for you while I'm not caged, I expect you to stay in bed in the morning"

"ooh, Mr Big man, I'm interested in finding out what you have to offer"

So morming came and the first thing I said was. "your going to start off by sucking this"

And while C was sat up I got on my knees in front of her and held her head"

"that. Is for special occasions only"

"This is a special occasion, Its the first day of my cage holiday, start sucking"

C stayed where she was and I had to face fuck her, it felt really, really good.

I then turned C over and took her from behind, this she enjoyed and nearly orgasmed from, but I'd stop each time she got close. Eventually stopping just when things were getting frantic and said "OK, that's enough for me"

C was flabbergasted, turned around to face me and and said "No way, you can't just stop when I'm about to come. get back here and fish me off now! . Your being very naughty"

So I lay C down and got between her legs, and tongued her until on the edge again. God I was enjoying this.

And I stopped.

C grabbed my head, hurling abuse at me, her eyes were wild and she was clearly getting very frustrated. "what the fuck are you playing at? Orgasm. NOW!". C was almost pulling my hair out by the roots.

"calm down, I'm just getting the vibrator, I'm going to make you come really hard"

"oh, good, yes, that's better"

So I toyed with C, occasionally brushing the vibe across her clit, linger for a bit and move away. C was writhing and trying to follow the vibe in order to keep the satisfaction going, and she got so close..

"I'm going to make your pussy explode"

C "oh fuck, yes.. Yes.. Oh.. My.."


I jumped up and said "I'm off to make coffe now though"

C "I was just starting to come, don't you fucking dare!"

I held up the vibrator, still buzzing away "ah, I'd better take this with me then"

I left the room to the sound of "you fucking bastard. You can't just walk away, get back here now, make me come, finish it"

"Nah! I got what I wanted"

I returned 5 minutes later, C was not impressed.

Me, "you want me to carry on" ?

"No, it's gone now. Wanker, your going to suffer for that.. A lot! "

That Friday evening, we did have very primal, grunting sex, for quiet a while and C has many many orgasms, me too, again so soon.

And then sex again Saturday morning and then on Sunday morning, and then on Sunday evening C asked me to go down on her again and please make her come this time, which I did.

C Said I would get nothing in return, but the truth was I had had plenty and had no need for anything.

C then said, "I think you should cage up now" .

"Nope, I'm on a cage break, I told you I was having one"

"hmm, not sure I like this, it already been too long, but I'll let you"

So today is almost a week out.

It strange how the cage calls to me, and how I would like C to demand I lock it up again now.

C has a few times mentioned it but with no insistence. She thinks maybe I do need a break for a bit.

The weekend got what ever it was I felt out of my system, maybe deep down my dominant side has to have this occasionally.

Im too spunk drained to care anyway, but I hope to have enough built up by Thursday to do this again at least one more time. But I do wonder if C will just turn this around some how?
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