[Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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C's preference is being fingered and vibed after a tongue at the moment.

I do have a dildo ready for the 'Next bit'. But for the time being C comes much too quickly. Thursday withing two minutes.
She finds this convenient with such busy days, and Afterall it's the orgasm she wants, the rest is just the time consuming bit.

I'm Just trying different things, it's been years since fingerings was an actual part of our sex.
Maybe I'll improve my technique?

Sunday C didn't want me to have a full orgasm as I'd had one last week. She liked the Idea of milking me a bit at a time until empty.
After a lot of edging I was to be milked onto to breasts.
C edged, let go, the timing was perfect. But the head of my penis nudged C's nipple ever so slightly and this was enough to turn a drop into a full ruin.
I stayed hard, but the lot had belched out.
That was it. Game over.
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Me. "I only got 30 seconds, that's not fair". C. "life's not fair, suck it up" :(
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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OK. So.. C has limited my orgasms for no reason other than wanting me horny and dripping for her or so I thought.
Seems It was to make me very pliable and agreeable before chatting about Xmas.
While out having a meal last Friday we negotiated what she wanted, and of course I could refuse. But anything agreed had to be written down.

She would like a family holiday, My gift to her.
"I'm not sure we can afford it yet, but if I did more work etc. " . Even under this spell I had my doubts.
Then C said if I'm agreeable she will let me give her twenty orgasms by Xmas (including Xmas day) and I could have one this week instead of waiting till Xmas". Wtf?
This doesn't sound fair at all, but I was falling for it. Then C offered lots of bonus treats, strokies and sucks.
Yep.. Can't turn this down. Deal.
"Write it down please"

So. For my gift. What did I want?
Well it seems i wanted to take C shopping for sexy lingerie. She will wear it while I take her for a meal and then I get to fuck her while she's wearing it.
I hadn't actually thought I wanted this but it seems I really, really did.
C had four orgasms this week and then I had one. Then I woke up.
It's in writing now. I can't take it back.
I did mention thinking I'd been taken advantage of.
C's reply was "Well you gave me the key. What exactly were you thinking would happen? To make it less painful for your pocket we can wait until the January sales to shop for the lingerie. "
"Erm..I'm not sure I feel any better for that"
"Well you will when you get it".

C still won't tell me if the next time I come properly will be in the lingerie? She does seem to be very pleased with herself.
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Me. "I only got 30 seconds, that's not fair". C. "life's not fair, suck it up" :(
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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C has a temper likened to match in a hay barn.
A Tiny thing like a spark can set her off.
Put it out quick enough and all is well. Say the wrong thing and you might as well be fanning the Flames. The tiny insignificant thing becomes a roaring flame.
C then has this look of Carrie.

I said something. No idea what?
It set a spark.
My apology was misunderstood because I had no idea what had irked C.
Then I'm frantically trying to stomp the flame out and Woosh!

That look. Is very scary.
I panicked. Tried harder to work out how to escape this fucking inferno.
Our daughter bounced in all jolly instantly recognised that look, did a pivot and left.
I was alone with the devil.
After a torrent of blazing abuse I was just 'Alone'.

I'm not going to ask. Just stay out of the way, maybe, because sometimes that works, sometimes it makes it worse.
So I use my radar to try to feel where I'm Suposed to be.

By evening we were talking again.
I'm not bringing this up. Just act normal.

C simply said "I was very angry earlier. It's going to cost you".

A cold shiver ran up my back.

And it did cost me. No unlocks since, but the fact that C gets more turned on when she is being rough means I get more pussy eating.

Also I recieved an unusual punishment which was to come in my cage after eating and finger fucking C.
Unusual because I get to come, admittedly not enjoyable. It's a punishment because it hurts.. It hurts a lot so any pleasure I might have had is severely outweighed by the pain.
C gets paid more for any type of corrective behaviour, caged orgasm included.
So yes. I'm still locked and C is racking her orgasms up very quickly.
I've also had a ball bashing for not serving breakfast in bed on time. This is something else that is considered a keyholder task so incurs additional fees.
Basically I'm being locked and punished more, coming less, C is having a lot more orgasms and it's costing me a packet.
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Me. "I only got 30 seconds, that's not fair". C. "life's not fair, suck it up" :(
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Bit of a bombshell has hit the family so I'm not topping us the journey as often.
Our daughter is on 6 week bed rest and we're giving 24/7 support at home.
The last few weeks have been hard. The next few weeks or months will be just as hard but we're optimistic all will be well eventually.
C and I are still finding time to keep each other motivated and de-stressed. I'm absolutely staying locked and she is most definitely having orgasms.

I was allowed out and to put it in today.
C came this morning so it had already been a good day. Time was short so C asked me to prep it and be ready when she came in "keep it on the edge but don't come".
It isn't often I get to play with myself so no problem.
After five minutes C walked in, told me to keep it on edge and then climbed over me and lowered herself slowly.
I came as she slid down.
Omg. First time in her pussy for how long and I came within five seconds.
Then C said "OK. I get paid more if I make you clean it up so.."
C climbed and lowered herself onto my face and told me to swallow.

Within a few minutes of entering the room C was leaving with "Get it locked back up".

So it seems when the shit really hits the fan, chastity offers some kind of respite if only briefly, and I still get my weekly invoice.
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Me. "I only got 30 seconds, that's not fair". C. "life's not fair, suck it up" :(
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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All the best to your daughter for a speedy recovery. She is lucky to have you and C as parents
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Chastity is on the back burner for now. Caring for our daughter takes priority.
This doesn't mean I'm unlocked of course, C wouldn't allow that. But it does mean the 'play' side of things isn't happening.
We're both too tired and there just isn't time.
Our daughter was diagnosed with anorexia nervosa and the family care plan works best for this.
We're starting to get organised now.
Our children are intelligent,. Healthy (usually). We are a caring loving family and have protected our children from every thing we could think of.
It didn't occur to us to protect them from themselves.
Fortunately we spotted this quickly so managed to stabilise the weight loss whilst waiting for a specialist team to get on board.
The shock was how much damage this illness could do in the short time between it starting and us jumping on it. Mental damage, physical damage, mood alterations, suicidal thoughts just to get started.
The brain when undernourished for just a short time goes wrong. Dark thoughts take over and things escalate quickly.
So within two weeks our daughters heart is struggling, her brain is at 80% mass, she is underweight, self harming and collecting pills.
We think friends or online hellsites have helped this along, and it would help us understand if we could find the influencer, but we are unlikely to find this information.

Our daughter was malnourished as well as having a phobic type terror of food. A brain can not process logic whilst in this state. So simple fscts about what the body needs to survive dint make it through. so the fbt (family based treatment) was recommended.
Simply because the only thing found to be effective is trust, love and dedication. These we have in abundance.
All that means is.
Hide all the sharps, even the none sharps like pencil sharpeners etc. medicines, alcahol, first aid, medicines.
Move a bed for 24 hour watch. Cancel school. No using the brain and make her rest. No excersing. No leaving the house, avoid using stairs.
Follow a meal plan. Use love and trust to combat the fears and make her eat. Eating is like a battle. It's long and existing. Patience is the key here.
After eating sit with her for an hour while it digests.
Repeat six times a day. This can go into the early hours.
In six weeks we can look at going to the next step.
Recovery ususlly a year if all goes well.
So it's been a busy week, we take shifts. C and I hardly see each other.
And I can honestly say it is all worth it because she is eating and recovering, becoming less afraid already and a bit more like herself and we are more confident that we have this.

So. Chastity isn't being thought about much, It just offers some reassurance. C does get time to use me or let me out because we both need that. Chastity It's part of us. It keeps me grounded and C in charge.
I'm not big on "routine", C is, so this is where she comes into her element. C has now booked me in to sort her out on this day at this time and that day ect.
And "Fit you in if I can".
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Me. "I only got 30 seconds, that's not fair". C. "life's not fair, suck it up" :(
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Sounds like she's getting the best care possible.
Y'all are amazing parents.
We went through something similar a long time ago. It was very scary.
Sincerely, D.
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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It's good to know that C still wants or needs to use me and I'm happy to say life goes on.
Actually I'm totally fucking delighted that life goes on.

We are making great progress with our daughter and haven't been defeated or missed a meal yet. It's getting a bit easier.
We practically live in her room in shifts, so I'm redecorating it, building shelves, learning to knit?

C has made use of me in the brief intervals between 'feeding wars'. Usually she says "fifteen minutes. Sort me out".
Or "if we're quick there's time for one of us". C is always the one. Until today that is.
I can't say I've ever thougt "woohoo!" to finding out C has come in here period, but in this case it was within minutes of being told "There will be time for one of us".
C looked a bit miffed before saying "Well I suppose it'll have to be you then".
C edged me for a bit and paid attention to me, then got up changed her bra to a push up and carried on whilst smiling at me.
"I can edge you for five minutes whilst you look at these, or you can put you cock between them for one minute".

What a fabulously frustrating choice.

It took me ages to decide.. Maybe even three seconds? "Between tits please".

So I got up and got to it. Bit of oil, head in place.. " But you have to do a tiny blob and lick it up, within the minute. Or else.."
Only a complete idiot would ask "Or else what?"
And as it happens I am that idiot.
"You get fifty seconds.. Or else".

I wasted ten of them trying to work out what just happened before starting slow strokes, C continously telling me I have to cum a little bit so she can make me eat it.
I reached my peak about the thirty second mark, had to lift it away, it was just hanging in the air, tensing and trying to hold back. I felt a couple of throbs and hoped to god it didn't evolve into a full on ruin.
"On my nipple would be nice, I'd like to have that sucked clean" .

A small blob grew, it was just clinging on the end. C wipped it off with her finger and smeared it onto her nipple." Suck it".

My pleasure. No problem.

"You've a few seconds left, try again."

I was still on edge and C's wiping the tip of my helmet had near sent me over the edge so after a few seconds I had to pull off again and another blob made its way slowly out.
This time it fell very neatly onto C's other nipple. Nice one.

I was going to dive on it. It's the nipple I wanted, I was horny as fuck. The cum just didn't matter.

"Times up".

"What? But I haven't.."

C scooped the cum up on her finger. "Open".
The shoved it into my mouth.

My dick was like a rock. Just bobbing around like a dashboard dogs head.

"Ok. I think that's plenty for now Get it locked back up".

Life continues.
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Me. "I only got 30 seconds, that's not fair". C. "life's not fair, suck it up" :(
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Friday morning I waved C off to work before starting the endless feeding wars for the day.
I was tired and had forgotten to put my shoes on. C pointed at the steel gates on the drive (which I should open), but it was raining and I was in socks. I motioned to my feet and shrugged.
C opened the gates, waved and left.
I recieved a message ten minutes later " You didn't open the gate. Ball slap later" .
As much as the idea of C using her control like this turns me on. I don't like ball slaps now she has found things to hit them with,
but it would be a long day for both of us and she would likley forget about it. Besides, I'm on best behavior and holding the fort. She would see this and let me off.
So. Self reassured I got on with preparing food, providing distractions and gentle persistent encouragement and chores for the entire day.

When C got home to a clean house, fed child and new furniture built she was impressed and informed me "You've been very good. I'm going to give you some good boy points to spend on giving me orgasms".
Fabulous 😁
"But before that, we have some business to attend to" .

"Ah.." I thought.

"Do you want to get them out now or later?"

"Now please, just get it out of the way".

The worst bit is now. C looking through her kitchen utensils and pots. Why the fuck do kitchen things look like medieval torture devices?

Breath. Stay calm. It's Christmas afterall she wont put any weight into it. I'll just show how brave I am, that will impress her.

"OK. Pants down. Lift the cage up. Don't you dare move. Hmmm a bit higher so they stick out. Ooh they're moving around on there own like they are trying to crawl away".

"Just do it already this is fucking horib."


Be brave, be brave, be brave.

I held it in. I think I made a high weening sound. But my head was shouting "Holyshittingmotherofafuck"


I dropped forward, hands down desperately protecting the boys

"What the fuck are you doing? Two? Did you mix Santa up with Satan this year or something".

"Didn't the first one miss?"

"No it fucking didn't miss?"

"But you was still standing there with you balls up?"

"You told me Not to Dare move"

"Oh yeah.. Well done for not moving then. Would you like a bowl of cold water?"

"Yes please"... "You used The spatula?"

"good isn't it" gave me a smile, kiss on the on the cheek.
"Brave boy. You can make me come for being so brave".

Christmas eve
C wasn't going to unlock me, she wanted to make use of my tongue, but wasn't sure if she was clear yet.
So I sat quietly while she ran through her options.
C decided on a vibe finger fuck, but wanted something inside her afterwards. She isn't into dildo's at the moment so it had to be me.
She also felt we needed some close skin to skin time with everything that's going on, so went with that.
C came in less than a minute of starting. Then came again when I entered her. She definitely needed that.
I was given permision to come so blew as soon as given permision.

C was pleased that in order to lift moral and keep distractions going I had not only learned to knit and purl. I had finished my first project. A chunky beanie hat with bobble.
The hat is great. The reward was much better. She will let me eat her pussy and keep me locked next time.

Merry Christmas everybody.
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Me. "I only got 30 seconds, that's not fair". C. "life's not fair, suck it up" :(
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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C told me she was going to keep me locked up all Christmas week. I asked why?
"Because I haven't had as much attention since Sunday".

"OK, but you did let me come With permision. You could have said No"?

"Yeah. Caught me in the moment with that... I regret it now. I'll just keep you locked up to get you back in your proper place".

"Fair enough. That's why you have the key, and I'll be honest in telling you my cage is very uncomfortably tight at the moment".

"So you like being locked. You prefer it to coming out and being edged?"


"But you get horny when I tell you I'm keeping it locked and not edging you or anything" .

"Yes.. I'm assuming you'll be using me?"

"Yes.. But. I could use you AND edge you but you'd rather be locked" ?


"Then why? does it make you horny if I say your Not getting any of what you actually want" ?

"Well.. It's about control, Um. The fact that your doing it or not erm" ..

"Tell me in a way that makes sense to me. One sentence"

"OK, I'll think about it and try to phrase it in a way that makes sense.. When I've worked it out myself".

C seemed happy with this, enough to make use of me and then have a foot massage.

I asked if she could hold my balls between her feet for a while.

I don't have a foot fetish, but any chance to sneak a bit of ball action is always a bonus. C tugged slowly while I sat blissfully. Then gave me a ball slap for asking, or for no other reason than she could.

This afternoon C asked for the sentence that would make sense of the whole "You want it, but you don't, but you do thing".

I had rehearsed the line over and over. Took a large enough breath to get the whole sentence out and.
" I don't know why..."

"well that doesn't help".

"I hadn't finished. I hadn't even started yet".

"Oh. Carry on then"

Breath.. " I don't know why but.. "

"You already said that".

"C please. I've rehearsed this from the beginning. I cant start part way".

"why not?"

"Because I'm a man".

"Hmmm. Off you go then".

" Idonowybuwad I dooo know is I can't get enough of that selfish, confident, just a little bit mean sexy exciting woman that occasionally pops up, flexes her inner dom, uses me, makes me very horny scared and frustrated before retreating back to her adorable wife form.

"Ha! Yes did it did it did it.. Hi five "

C just clocked her head, squinting, playing it back, analizing... "what's a inadom?"

"Umm. No idea. Sea creature? , why you ask?"

"You said flap my inadom".

"Ah.. I said flex your inner Dom. As in show me the strength of your hidden dominating side".

"Oh.. Why didn't you say that.. It makes more sense".

"Because I didn't have enough breath to fit it in"?

"OK, no problem. I think I get it. I'll have to process this".


"Warm the bed, you're on foot duty while I think on it".

At the end of the foot rub, which was also a football massage C spoke.

"I can do what I want. Have the bonuses whether you do or not. I like that idea so... If I've got the wrong idea its tough.
I like how you are now. You've been very good even though.. Or because you've been locked all week. I haven't had to lift a finger to please you.
I was thinking of letting you out for little bit, but I just swapped it for that foot rub. Cheer up. I'm still going to let you have three minutes with my vibe later, and you can eat my pussy tomorrow.. Maybe Sunday too".

"Wow. Thank you".

"And Sunday, I said I'd let you out for a suck or to come on my boobies yes?".

I'm sure I would have remembered so play along anyway.

"erm. Sure, thank you very much".

This is fucking awesome.. Winner winner chicken dinner.

"I've decided to keep it locked. You can come in your cage instead, and if you are very good I might let you out next Sunday".

"Ah.. Oh. Erm that speech.. Can I do it again?"

"Can I add a week again?"

"No.. I was just kidding, you're actually very generous. Perfect wife and everything.. I'll go do supper..".

I think C was actually listening to what I said? I'm not sure I should have said so much?
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Me. "I only got 30 seconds, that's not fair". C. "life's not fair, suck it up" :(
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