[Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

Post by timmyboy38 »

Wonderful. I read a lot about multi-orgasmic women on this forum. My wife can cum no more than once per day, so enjoy it :lol: .
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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It's two years now since we started this journey.. We'll, I say 'we'.. C Definitely wasn't on board

I'll start again.

It has been two years since 'I' started this journey. What a ride so far.
The first year was difficult, lots of trial, error and a great deal of resistance from C, but it did bring about many changes, and it did open the door to new Kinks and a more exciting life.

For me it was always exciting, but try as I might, I couldn't get away from it being about me at the end of the day, and C found it all too much.

The second year. C did get on board. I eventually had the courage and sense to let C take the reigns. It was when C took over. That is when the real changes started to happen. The real improvements, Permanent changes, life improvements that have changed us both.

The second year became more about 'us' and certainly a lot more about C.
I think statistically, the fist year I was locked 50% of the time, much of which was me locking me and C putting up with it.
This last year over 90% with C being the one to insist.

On the sex side. I would say at least a 400% frequency increase and ironically, it is no longer about the sex anyway. The preasure has gone, and the gates have opened.

Relationship wise, the increase in how we get on, bond, play and find each other of interest. The need to be together. Is immeasurable.

The cage hasn't done this, it was a catalyst in a way.
We did this.
C did this.
The cage hasn't altered us or changed us, it has helped us discover who we are and realise that we like each other. A lot!

The real changes came about as a result of being able to communicate, being able to listen and get in tune with each other.
The cage has enabled C to say No. To help herself when it suits her, without preasure, guilt or resentment.

My ed has gone.. mainly. I realise It was never really there, it was all in my head, caused more by my needs and expectations and failures and doubts.

The cage.. Helps. It gives us something to point at or blame or use, that in a way side steps the awkwardness of not being in the mood or wanting to ask for something unusual.
No is replaced with "I'm keeping you locked" which has turned a No into a sexual thing, a happy thing.

I actually told C I have fantasies of being butt fucked by her yesterday. And she wasn't shocked or appalled, she just made a mental note rather than the expected 'shut it down' .

Who, in a normal relationship can have this type of conversation?
Anyone. The hard bit is having a normal relationship.

Two years ago.. I genuinely found it difficult to ask C if we might be able to have sex. And then I would belive any 'ok' from C was given begrudgingly and I would lose my erections. A complete failure.

Now.. If my erections did fail. And I can't remember when it last did, I'd laugh about it and C would lock it up and find another use for me. We don't need 'it' anyway to have great sex.

We don't even have to have sex to have great sex!
Some of the best moments are in the here and now. A word, a look, a promise of being kept locked, of being denied..

Being told C won't be using my dick any time soon is incredibly erotic. Two years ago it would have destroyed me as a man.

So. Two years on. Cock is in a caged and I'm used as a kind of sex toy. I have less orgasms than I ever have. I do housework, look after the kids, spend less time with "the boys" drink less beer and I don't argue with my wife.
I'm constantly reminded that I'm under the thumb or held by the balls. I serve, I worship. I'm proud and I'm loved.

I feel more A man now than I have felt my entire life.
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

Post by Mr Pickle »

timmyboy38 wrote: Mon Jul 26, 2021 4:56 am Wonderful. I read a lot about multi-orgasmic women on this forum. My wife can cum no more than once per day, so enjoy it :lol: .
Same usually. Once then done. But I've found that piv doesn't have the same effect and C can orgasm no end of times. It's a clit orgasm that ends it all, and C would normally insist on it because it's the best type, quick and powerful.

I figured if I could avoid that type of orgasm I might get a bonus one in. It certainly paid off. But C doesn't normally have the patience for this kind of play so I know it won't happen often.
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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After we'd both got home from work I sorted the house out and sat C down with a coffee.
I made sure to thank C for absolutely making my day last night and that it was an incredibly wonderful thing she had treated me to. And that I would love to earn the chance to do it again.

"Im glad you enjoyed it, and maybe you can earn another go, we'll see"

C mentioned Birthdays this and next month, we have a large family so plan ahead. As it happens mine is close, but I wasn't mentioned in the list.

I made a remark about the list, something along the lines of "I think I come first?"

C stopped, looked me in the eye, with 'that' look and said "Oh really? Have you forgotten last night already?"

I had no answer.

C and I sat watching TV before I went out for an evening meeting. C held my balls while I stroked her arms and legs, occasionally I would brush my hand up to her pussy area.
C asked me if I would like to kiss it?
"I would love that very much"

"If your back early enough, I'll let you ask to kiss it then" .

Needless to say, I was back early.

C had me sort a few things out and eventually I got into bed.
Again, C held my balls, I stroked C thighs.
Each time I wandered into her sex region C let go of my balls.. Every time I opened my mouth or turned to talk, C let go. Frustration began to build. No words, but I was getting the message loud and clear.

Eventually C said "I'm surprised you haven't asked already, and we'll done for showing some restraint"

"Phew, I thought you'd forgotten, or didn't want me to ask.. So. Can I kiss it?"

"Can I kiss it. What?"

"Can I kiss it please?"

"How much do you want to kiss it"

"I seriously want nothing more than to kiss it right now, I really, really want to.. Please can I kiss it, I'll not ask for anything else"

C took a breath, and... "No"

C didn't look up, just carried on reading, straight face, but the eyes full of of mischief. Was this another test?

I admit I was a bit stunned, and said nothing, my mind whizzed around trying to think of a way to ask without losing even more. I was really horny now, I wanted something, anything.

I took a deep breath, ready to make a formal plea, and C let go of my balls, so I said nothing, just let the breath out and sat quietly. C started massaging my balls again.

This is some kind of training this is.. I'm getting the most basic stimulation, but one I don't want to lose and I know one little push, and it stops. So I sat and read also, taking deep breaths, trying to calm the panic that C had engineered. My heart was hammering, stomach butterflies, cold sweat.. Deep breaths..

Eventually C put her book down and patted the cage. "well done for not pushing it, you still got a ball massage at least. A No is a No. You have to take it and deal with it."

"Yes honey, thank you"

"I'm quite horny now to be honest, if you wasn't locked I'd want you to force yourself in me. I'll let you think about that when you stroke my butt while I nod off"

C nodded off. So did I eventually. Morning came.
We both felt horny, it was worth it just for the "just you wait" look C gave me before we set off to work.

This is a perfect example of great sex.. Without actually having sex. I feel supercharged. C looks stunning when she is like this. The air is full of mischief and promise. It's exciting.
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Tuesday evening after dinner, C said "I have a use for you, I'm going to read upstaits. Join me"

The kids are fed and now glued to their devices.

When I arrived in the bedroom I was asked to close the door and sit next to C on the bed.

C continued reading, and then took her top off, then bottoms and said "because you've been so patient I'll let you kiss it now If you like?"

Like? "Ohmygodyes"

It's true, the hornier I feel. The more I'm desperate to have an orgasm myself.. The more I want to eat C out. And my god did I. I was like a boar after truffles.

I used everything I could to wind it up slowly and make the most of every second.

C's orgasm was huge and racked through her for an age, and eventually C came down from this.

It was still early evening so I didn't expect C would want to sleep, I don't know what I expected?

C was looking at me, obviously deciding what she wanted next. I played it cool and thanked C for letting me do this, that I was very lucky and happy.

C "I'm just deciding weather to make further use of you and let that lovely big cock out to fill me up.. Or carry on reading and relaxing.

This really fucks my brain up. My whole body is begging for it. I'm truly desperate now.

" I think I would very much like that"

"I wasn't asking what you would like" C gave me a very satisfied smile. "it's obvious what that wants" looking at the ugly bulge beneath the cage, which is effectively 6" of twisted and buckled hard penis flesh hemed back by the ring. The cage has the other 2" which can only swell so far, sat on top of a swollen purple sack.

C "I emptied those completely Saturday morning, and kept you locked since. Do you think they have filled up yet?"

"yes, they're definitely full"

"Well, it's your lucky day, I'm still very horny and I think I'll let it out"

C Let me out, I didn't wait in case C started toying with me, I just ploughed straight in.

C was quite verbal.

C "Kept you locked I did, and I'm locking you up as soon as I've finished with you"

C also kept saying "do not come, you're not allowed to come, don't come, don't come" almost like a chant. And C kept coming.

"Oh god C can I come"

"No, only I can come"

"Fuuuck, pleeease"

"I come lots, you don't come"

"Fuuuck, I'm so sorry but I can't.. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu........ Kkkk!

My orgasm was so powerful it felt like my head was going to explode.

C seemed very pleased with herself and eventually said" Yes, you were very full, there's tons of the stuff coming out, lucky you I don't want more tongue. "

C lay down to relax and said

"Don't you lie there trying to enjoy the afterglow, that's my job... Wash, lock it up, make me a coffee"

C was quite adamant I lock up straight away. "you need to get used to having it on all the time, without feeling the need to have a day off"

"oh.. I thought after coming like this I could have a little break"

"yes, I remember you saying that, one reason you don't come like that as often"


So I locked up. A little concerned because we have a holiday coming up"

"but on holiday I don't have to.. "

"Yes, You flipping well do. I haven't decided if I'm taking the key yet. So get it locked. Now. and make me coffee"

"Locked cock and coffee coming straight up my love"

As I made coffee I wondered which of us is enjoying this the most?
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Friday morning.
C let me treat her again this morning, again deciding to keep me locked and then see how she felt after she had come. Whether or not C wanted more orgasms would be the decider.

Fortunately for me, C wanted to come some more so I came out for some rough piv and C did indeed orgasm quite a few more times.

The first was just as a result of piv, the following orgasms were all brought on by C verbally getting herself off while I supplied the physical bit.

C now uses my denial as a means of triggering an orgasm, it obviously turns her on more than I ever imagined it would.

C told me how she would lock me up and keep me locked, desperate and begging which brought her to a shuddering orgasm.

Then said how she would use me to have so many orgasms, as her sex, toy, her toy and tongue boy. And that I wouldn't be allowed to come until given permision, waiting days or weeks while she came so so many times.. C came again, twice.

C "So your not allowed to cum"

And then C told me of how she would make me so desperate to have her I would beg for that orgasm and beg to give her even more orgasms.

Through each orgasm C chanted breathlessly "don't come, don't come"

"It was hard, but I didn't come"

C ended it quickly "I'm getting sore now, I've has enough, off"

Again C helped my erections to collapse by whacking my balls so I was caged straight away.

"I'm not sure you need to do that every time you know?"

C "If I don't, you say you'll put it on after it goes down, but you don't. A few times now, so you had a chance to do it your way. Now it goes on faster see?"

So I made breakfast, went back to the bedroom and spoke with C about the holiday again.

"Were you serious about keeping me locked on holiday"

"yep" smile.

"I honestly don't see why you would want to?"

"Because I like keeping you locked up, I'm happier, no other reason" another big smile, how do I fight this?

"OK, but the key will be going too?"

"Of course it will silly"

I have a sigh of relief at that.

"For emergencies. It won't be coming out while we're away"

"seriously? , not at all, the whole time?"

"Hmmm. Good point, I'll pack a toy for myself just in case" C blushed when saying this, nothing like that has ever gone on a trip.

"But what about me? I'm sure an edge somewhere wouldn't be too much trouble? "

"Awww, poor baby. Thing is.. I know you love it really, and now I don't feel guilty about it, it's a lot more fun. I mean isn't that what it's all about? Us fun, me happy?"

"Yes my beautiful wife, I can't argue with that'

" Good, tell you what, as your not sulking about it, ill empty them before we go. As long as you don't say another word about it.
You'll be desperate enough to not want to fuck that up I think."

" Do I get to debate this?"

"Of course honey. Empty balls before we go. Or you can try to debate for full ones by questioning it one more time.. See how nice I'm trying to be here?"

That very innocent big brown eyed smile can be quite terrifying.

"yes, you're very kind, I don't know what I was thinking. Thank you C for being so very nice to me, I don't deserve it"

C took hold of my balls and gave them a squeeze.

"you'll make it up to me"

So that's that then.
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Saturday evening C emptied some out with a one stop edge. I'm edged until I say 'stop' one time only.
It was one of those that takes its time and then decides to ruin itself. So after you say stop, it ballance on the edge, just jutting up and under control, then after five seconds or more it starts to twitch and bounce as the contractions start followed by a slow oozing of semen.

They reset me, like I've had a full blown orgasm. They take the excitement away and replace it with a day of blues. Worst of all.. There is no sense of satisfaction or enjoyment from them and they leave me feeling robbed.

So sunday I have no mojo, if it doesn't come back by the Monday morning that's it. No more chances of anything until next weekend, I'll be Locked and on holiday.
C is now questioning if leaving the key behind would be a better idea, "If its not there.. You won't even think about trying to be released, and I won't have to keep denying you. So we both lose out in a way, but It would probably be best "

I didn't give any input, this is for C to decide.

Roll forward to Sunday evening, my mojo is still absent. C turns to me and says" well I will need something to tide me over so would you get down there and sort me out please"

I did of course.. Thank goodness for pussy, my mojo got a boost and I can finally empty my balls properly. .

After C had her orgasm she smiled at me, looked at the bulge, seemed to consider something, gave a big smile and said "night then".

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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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So.. We went away on family hols for six days, I'm locked and C did not bring the key and smiled when I'd asked if she was going to let me come before we left.
Much to C's annoyance the booking was mixed up and we ended up in a family room with the kids.
So I'm glad I'm locked.
C has been unable to get anything herself, which she found a little frustrating, and even mentioned sneaking into a bush for a finger fuck while visiting a castle, but the kids were always with us.
The nocturnals started on Tuesday, I was getting horny by the Wednesday but not desperate, I did get that ruined emptying on Saturday (not enjoyable, but it helped with this) . So nothing for six days for either of us seven in my case).
Saturday evening we got back late and went to bed after unpacking.
I was unlocked and told "fuck my brains out, I'm too tired for anything else, I'll have to send you down there tomorrow"

No prompting needed, it felt Amazing. Pure love and lust tangled together, during which C said " Don't come. I want you super horny when you go down there. "

Not coming was really hard, but I wasn't going to spoil the chance of getting down there tomorrow.

C came twice and then said to curl up to her and get some sleep.

I couldn't cage up as I was rock solid, but C made sure it went on the following morning before I got up to make coffee.

When I served coffee C told me "After my coffee I would like you to serve me in a different way, I've waited long enough now"

"oh god, thankyou, I've really missed that"

And so I went down, tongue and toy. C took a while to get there, she was making the most of it with lots of "yes, just there" or "slow down a bit"

I said at one point "God I love doing this, I'm so horney I can't wait to fuck you brains out again"

C "Your already doing that, don't stop"

" I want to come so bad baby, please say you'll let me out"

"Oh god.. Stop talking or ill lock you up for a month. I was about to come"

So I shut up and carried on. C came hugely, I massaged her breasts, took it all in. Beautiful.

Eventually C came around and said "That's it, I'm wiped out thank you, you can make me another coffee, I'm not sure I can walk after that"

"but would you like a bit of cock? I'm seriously horny right now"

"I was going to, but with your interfering while It was my turn I've decided to make you wait. Maybe an oily later but don't get your hopes up cos I might wait till you do me again "

"Yes.. No.. Thank you for letting me do that for you"

"No problem, It should tide me over for a few days at least. "

Today I am literally shaking with pent up sexual frustration, hot and cold sweats, and C has me jumping through hoops because in her words "you want to please me don't you?"
"God yes."
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Monday night. Im going fucking crazy..

C decided to make me come, I was being a bit too full on and couldn't stop doing chores to keep myself distracted. It was annoying her.

So.. My reward for staying quiet for a week while locked and then giving C a few mind blowing orgasms.. A 30 second full come ruin.

C was reading, I was twitchy.
C gave an audible sigh, put her book down and quite sharply said "Right. Time to empty these, your being annoying, get it out and pass the oil"

I'd assumed I'd be edged a fair bit, milked, over breasts etc.. Nope.

C just grabbed it and wanked like fury.

In no time I said "stop!"

C ignored me and kept going so I came straight away, at which point C just stopped wanking and just held it, watching it empty out onto my stomach.

The lack of stimulation meant I didn't get the orgasmic enjoyment. The fact C was still holding it meant there was enough to keep me pumping.
With gritted teeth I blew the lot

C handed me a wipe and said

"Did you enjoy that?"

" I thought I'd earned a bit more.. I didnt enjoy it really"

"Neither did I, you should have kept yourself in control until I was in the mood to sort you out, instead you got annoying and made it a chore. Clean it, lock it. And stop being annoying. Maybe next week you'll do better"

Then picked her book up and carried on reading.

When C went to sleep, it was without the usual cheery good night and I wasn't invited to spoon or hold breast. This morning I got up to make coffee and on my return C had got up and got dressed, took the coffee from me and went downstairs without a word.

I feel drained, guilty and down.

C then appeared with some toast for me. very odd?

And I wondered why I was feeling down?

Because the truth is.. My reward WAS being locked for a week and giving C a few mind blowing orgasms.
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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How quickly the caged cock bounces back.
I put Monday down to post O blues. Something I'm still getting my head around? In days of old getting to come was a high, now its the build up that's the high and the big O.. Is a bit of a let down.

By Tuesday I was back on form and by Wednesday morning I was happily horny again,

C has mentioned I'm much more able to control it now than a year ago.

This morning C decided she would like some attention, and in her own words "Seem as you've so recently, yesterday wasn't it?"

"No honey, it was on Sunday"

"Oh? Still recent though, so theres no reason for you to come yet. I might let you out though"

"Great! Thank you"

"Might. Down you go then."

C came hugely as usual, and quite honestly that was enough for me. I stroked C's breasts while she enjoyed the after tremors and asked if she would like a coffee.

"Hmmm. Not yet, I'd like to feel you inside me next"

And so we made out very passionately, during which time I was informed "Don't come. I'm going to keep you horny and let you out on Friday to have your own way with me"

"Oh god, I'd really like that."

"What will you do to me? "

I struggled not to come while I thought about it. C really wasn't helping.

"Pin you down, fuck you hard?"

"Yes. And?"

"Come on you're clit, clean it up and then toy fuck you :) "

"God yes.. And? "

"Ill finish by sucking your breast then... "

C didn't hear the last bit, she was far too busy having an orgasm while telling me I can't come, but she can comes lot.

I strained to hold back and C calmed down.

C "keep going"

So, I kept going slowly, often slowing or stopping to keep control.

C "That's enough, stop now, off you get"

I made C coffee and returned to bed, I was still hard so C held it until it eventually calmed down enough to lock up"

C had me by the balls a few times. Each time I've reach out to touch her she has said "Ah ah! No Touching, then squeezed harder to make a point"

So now I desperately want to touch her. C is loving it.

Thursday C kept the touching me but No touching her. It was a real mind fuck, If I couldn't hold back and if I tried, C would move away.

I did eventually sneak up and reach around to grope C as much as I could before being pushed away.

C "No touching without permision, do it again and I'll punish you"

I looked at C trying to work out if she really meant it? And C carried on. "I have the key. You do as your told"

"Yes honey, I hadn't meant to anoy you, just having a little fun is all"
But I didnt risk it again.

A little later we sat down and C asked if I'd like her to stroke my balls for a bit?

"Hell yes" so out they came.

C gently stroked and then finger flicked my left ball. It was worse than a slap. The pain traveled to my abdomen and immobilised me.
C hadn't realised a simple nail flick would do this, but she seemed quite pleased.

I groaned for quite a while then C cupped my balls as if to nurse them and said.
"I hadn't meant to hurt you, I was just having a little fun is all"

"It's OK, it's OK, it'll pass"
C "I think you deserved that though, didn't you? "

I didn't reply, I wasn't sure I had deserved it?

The ball squeeze that followed had me apologising profusely, much to C's amusement.

"Yes, I'm sorry, I should learn to do as I'm told "

C "Yes, and now you'll have to learn to be more patient"
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