[Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Thursday night C asked "Would you like something? A nice edge or a nearly?"

A nearly is a term C came up with. Sex where I'm allowed to 'nearly' cum.

So obviously. I got instantly rock hard.. in cage. 'Yes please, I really need something".

C "thought so, been a bit clingy today you have. Well you'll just have to wait" .

"What! You can do that? Really?"

"Yes I can. Serves you right for being needy".

"Oh. OK sorry my love"

"I'll play with your balls for not complaining" .

"Thank you"

C "Maybe tomorrow you can have more.. Maybe."

How did I feel? Excited, desperate, shocked, hopeful? I know I can hope, but not too much.

All I could think was 'teased, denied, rewarded and teased. Where did that come from?'

Friday was a try not to get my hopes up day. Impossible not to of course, but just in case I had asked the hive to warm the bedroom up around tea time.

After our meal C did say we could go upstairs to read or something.

C "bedrooms warmer than it should be, any idea why?"

"Ah, well.. I thought it wise just in case we came up?"

"You mean you expected this?"

"No no no. I'm not allowed to expect.. It was just Hope"

"Isn't that the same thing?"

"No.. I hope for something and expect nothing"

"Hmmm. Ok, that'll do. I'm feeling like I need to be a bit bossy, so you can 'Hope' I'll let you blob some out onto my breasts. And I'll 'expect' you to clean them up"

So C edged me over her breasts and ask me which I wanted to make dirty first.

"the left?"

"OK, make it dirty. And what will you do then?"

"Clean it?"

"And then?"

"I do the same to the right"

"Good, I want you to do as you're told, I'm going to tell you what to do, and you're going to do it"

I was very close now.

"Yes of course"

"If you don't do as you're told, I flick your balls, full strength, remember how painful that is? "

"Yes, please don't do that"

"then do as your told, make it dirty, so I can make you lick it clean"

That was the trigger event. "stop"

C very skilfully edged me, just enough for a few drops to land on her left breast and then positioned her flick finger right next to my balls.

"lick it off, make it perfectly clean"

"Yes Honey"

That was easy, I was hard, horny and still full so sucking C's amazing breast was a big O yes!

The problem came with the right breast.

C "I want this one to be more dirty"

Holy fuck is this really the woman I married?
"" A big, dirty cum bun"

"fuck, stop" ,

C coaxed more out and then took me past that limit, so more cum followed. Not a full orgasm, but enough of one to get me to the 'this is not a good idea' stage.
Seriously. I didn't want to do this now. I felt quite repulsed looking at all that goo.

C "Oh very good. This is very Very dirty, it's covered in cum. I hope your hungry"

"Um C, can I boycott this please, you took me over the.."

"get it cleaned up Now!"

"Seriously? I'm not sure I can"

"bloody well yes seriously. You don't ask for these little fantasies and then get to change your mind. Suck it up. Get it clean Now or I'm causing a fuck load of pain to these"

C grabbed and twisted my balls and prepared her hand in a flick striking position.

"Please don't flick me. Ok, ok I'll do it"

And as I went to reluctantly bend, C grabbed my head and pushed me onto her breast.

"That's better, now make it nice and clean, don't miss any, and that bit, and there.. Ok well done.. You'll need to wipe your face "

And that was it. Ick! But I know it won't be long before I think "fuck yes!, that was so fucking hot"

I wiped up and C said "OK, go buy me a bottle of wine now. And remember to do as your told in future, I've enjoyed bossing you around, expect more."

When we went to bed that night. C held my balls. I was actually purring I was so content and happy.
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Sunday night.
C decided to ride me, I was allowed a nearly orgasm. I actually came but it was ruined.

C was quite looking forward to sending me down to sort her out now she was clean again.

Her words "ill be sending you down to tongue and vibe me, and I'll be keeping you locked up for days on end". At this point C had an orgasm, and then continued
"In going cum and cum and cum. But you.. Nada, so make the most of this".

I got close almost as soon as C said this, tensed to try to hold back. C spotted the telltale signs, raised herself off and said "enough, lock it up"

Monday morning true to C's word, I was sent down to do my job and C came incredibly hard.
As soon as I was done I made breakfast and set off to work.

Tuesday morning I was sent down again. C said "I have an appointment to get my nails done, I'm sending you down there, make me cum quickly" .

And so I went to town, skipped quickly. To vibe and toy and C came hard and quick.

As soon as her last wave had passed, C got out of bed, said
oh yes, that'll do me".
And off she went.

I expect the same will happen Wednesday.

Friday nights forcing me to eat my own despite my resistance seemed to be a start point for C's playtime.

I'm looking forward to what ever C wants to do next. Obviously. I'm horny as fuck, but I'm handling it.
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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C did of course have me sort her out again. Came hard again and didn't consider my needs in any way.

"Ahhh. Nice, ill have breakfast now.. You've already had your breakfast this morning ha ha" followed by a beautiful mischievous smile.

"Yes honey, thank you" and I was genuinely grateful.
Four days with C orgasms in a row, this is as good as its ever gets. Thursday however is unlikely as C is out far too early and evenings don't pan out very well.

I prepared breakfast and as I served C said "You're doing a good job. knowing your staying locked in advance suits you."

"Well, I know where I stand so I'm not trying or wondering. I'm incredibly happy thanks"

C "That's good, truth is once I've been fucked tongued and vibed and come hard I really don't need anything else. So, your staying locked the rest of the week at least, it's C week"

"OK honey, and I can keep serving you yes?"

"Of course, I might think about letting you out.. If you begged enough. Ha! as if. That would most likely ruin any chance you had. Just be quiet, be good and wait"

"erm, OK, Thank you? "

"Aww, don't look so worried, I've been thinking. I'm sure you would you like a little treat for being good yes? Tomorrow morning works for me" .

"Yes please, but I thought you weren't here in the morning".

"I'm not, I might let you play with my vibe on your cage. Have you play all on your own"

I'm thinking, This does sound fair at all?

"Oh, erm. I would rather wait and have you .."

"That's your treat, take it or leave it. I've already let you give me an orgasm every day. Don't start getting greedy."

Truth is. I'm grateful that C has even given this some thought.

Days is generally very normal, in that I'm super horny and leaking thinking about C constantly, head full of desire, fantasies, sex. While C thinks of none of this, she spends the day feeling content, freshly tonged and fucked with no desire for more.. Until she wants more.

But C does drop the occasional granade such as today while in the car.
C "If I didn't let you out would you cum in your pants? . Thinking about my wet pussy, coming on my breasts or my forcing you to lick me clean? How about if I touch myself right now, put a finger in my pussy? Ha! I'll bet your cage is tight now ha, enjoy it"

It was, and I did enjoy the rush it gave me.

I still get my ball massage daily, a reward for not mithering. The ball jobs get better and better. In fact last night as I sat quietly while C played, I got close to orgasm just from that?

C is doing her own thing. Trying something, deciding if it works OK, if it's fun or if she likes it and then tries something else.

This is C's game now. I'm just on the back seat being used.
Absolutely fucking amazing.
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Me. "I only got 30 seconds, that's not fair". C. "life's not fair, suck it up" :(
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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I thought things had settled into a status quo. That C had found her 'happy place' regarding this arrangement and that I wouldn't be posting as much now it's settled down. Then C shifts it up a gear and it just get better, scarier. I find myself unable to keep up with my notes.
I love C's one liners.

I made a little mistake while cooking the steaks.

The kids were already eating pizza and in the room, but it didn't stop C using choice words.

"I've told you not to do that with the garlic"

"Ah, sorry, I was distracted."

"I don't know sorry will cut it. I Think I've warned you of this before"

" Oh god. I'm not in trouble Trouble though?"

"I'm thinking about it. I Might still be thinking about this in another week even"

And then I got 'The stare'

C "you'd be shaking in your boots if you knew what I was thinking right now. "

Fortunately it passed and later that evening C offered to edge me. I accepted obviously, it was mindbendingly good, and took so much effort to hold back.

C took me to the edge a few times, each time closer so I struggled to hold back and then right to the point of contractions while very firmly strangle holding it and saying "Don't, DON'T" I nearly blew a blood vessel and was exhausted by the end of it. Sore, sensitive, swollen cock. It felt like the head was about to explode.

I lay there thinking wow! And said "oh my god C, I wasn't expecting that thank you"

"That was actually for me, I felt like watching you struggle and squirm.. That's a very impressive erection I have to say, I'd almost forgotten it looks when it's swollen like that"

"Thank you C, Did you want to do anything with it?"

I was hoping not, it was too sensitive.

"Yes. I'd like to see it locked up again, so I can carry on watching you struggle to contain it"

And I did struggle. Each tease, comment, night time wood, morning wood. All very powerful and uncomfortable.

Friday morning C told me off for having had such a big swollen member, because in her words "If I hadn't been waving about like that, It wouldn't be on my mind this morning and we would have had normal tongue sex"

"Oh, erm? I don't know what to say to that?"

"Don't say anything is always your safest option. No, I'll have to have it in me now, see what you've done"

Actually I didn't? But I was saying nothing.

"And it had better make me cum like I've imagine it's going to or it's being retired. "

So. I very happily sunk the whole eight inches into C's incredibly wet pussy, and with that last line on my mind.. 'retire it?' No preasure then?

"Don't get any ideas about coming, I'm just using you to satisfy my own urges"

Again I struggled while C came, then came again, then C had a massive orgasm which lasted an age at which point she said "OK, I'm satisfied with that, off you get"

Soon after C said "I'm a bit disappointed I came so hard, I'd planned on doing away with that kind of sex now, its odd and unappealing, "

Again I said nothing but my brain was saying ???? What??? Missionary is the only sex we had for 18 years and yes, it did become unappealing and boring, but it's all that was allowed. Anything else was kinky and sinful.. Hang on.. Did she say 'do away with it?' don't panic, don't panic..

"Yes honey, maybe we should leave room for a bit of tradition now and again"

"Hmmm. I'm not sure about the again bit, don't get your hopes up, I'll soon forget after I've sent you down there later or tomorrow. that thing can't really compete with the proper stuff"

Me "..."

C "and close your mouth dear, you'll catch flies"

An hour later I'm still hard and can't re cage. I'm horny and absolutely over the moon. C came three times the same day, so technically I get three orgasm next month.. Boom! Winner winner chicken dinner!

C gave me another classic one liner today. After saying she expected a coffee, on her return.
I just looked up and nodded, thinking how well this confidence suits her, I hadn't said a word.

C said. "you gave me this rope to tether you with. I Hope you realise some gifts are non returnable. "
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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C doesn't even think about this anymore, it's just natural and normal for her.

Saturday morning.
C. "I need to go out and meet a friend to swap presents this morning"

"OK honey ill make breakfast"

"Not yet, I've got 10 minutes spare, enough time for me to cum if you get down there now"

And down I went, C was taking longer to get to the boil and while I'm licking and toying away she said "I'm not getting there, maybe I've come too much this week. Try harder, fuck me deeper"

This is a 9" on top of the balls so I'm quite surprised at this. So I ramped up the vibe and started ram fucking C balls deep.

"Oh that's better, yes, I'll cum hard now. No time for you though, you stay locked up"

And then C bucked away like a cardiac scene from a drama. The dildo nearly shot through my hands.

I just lay where I was stroking C's lower body whilst watching C's lips pulse and go through the contractions.

And then C came round "why are you still there? Up! Breakfast!"

C mumbled something about coming so much being hard work and I might have to do more to make up for this.

I was swollen and leaking when C left the house, I felt a powerful primal hunger. C must have seen this in my eyes because she smiled at me, patted my crotch and said "Calm down, you've had me already".

Saturday night I was told I was staying locked and would be let out when she was ready. "Night dear"

Sunday aaaaand.. C sent me down again, with the 9" girthy boy. Wow.

Obviously C came like a truck, but was too sore afterwards to consider anything else.

C "I was going to ride you now, but I'm raw. You wore it out. I might have to take a few days off.

Now I'm very desperate
My wood has been continuous this morning. So very deflatedly I replied "yes honey, sorry"

"Are you sulking?"

"No of course not, would you like a coffee"

"Awww your such a good boy these days, and they must be so full, just look at them. Tell you what, I I'll suck it all out for you. Would that do?"

"Wow C, yes, thank you"

"Then you swallow it and thank me. "

A no brainer really.

And that marks the end of one hell of a week.
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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C decided to have a day off. By teatime she was changing her mind.
"I've got used to using you more often now, in thinking I might drag you upstairs to sort me out"

It didn't happen due to an appearance of the kids wanting food etc, but it was nice to know C was getting used to making use of me. It's almost as if C uses me as a masturbation tool having never been one to masturbate.

So instead I was sent down Tuesday morning. C didn't have an orgasm, couldn't quite get there, said she had things on her mind and was still a bit sore. I would have to try again later or tomorrow.

Later, C was still a bit sore so let me out to edge me so my glans became sensitive and swollen again. She enjoyed the mild suffering I experienced from this.

It's a busy week, and C is constantly trying to work out if and when she can fit a tongue fix in.

I'm constantly horny, it's a new normal for me that I thoroughly enjoy. I get my ball massages all the time, which makes it all bearable and oh my are they good these days.

I made comment earlier and C's reply surprised me.
We were out shopping, C tried a top on "Hows it look? ".
"looks great C, I'd certainly bonk you right now in the cubicle if I thought we'd get away with it"

"You couldn't bonk a thing, your officialy nonbonkable, so it's a good job I don't think the same"

"Ah. True, OK"

"Cos I'd have to get the salesman to bonk me, you'd only be useful as a lookout"

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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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I can't keep up with this anymore. I hardly recognise C sometimes.

Wednesday evening C called me to serve her, and again she couldn't get to orgasm. C was getting very frustrated.
I suggested fucking her
"don't be silly, that's even smaller than this one? Try the bigger one"

" I didn't use it because you got sore from it."

Truth is I'm not sure I want C to get used to monster cocks, what are my chances then?

C "Well I'm not sore any more, do it. use the really big one"

So I did my thing, C really is taking this thing now, it's like bull fucking her?

"Oh yes, it's so big, you really wanted to fuck me, but I wanted a really big cock and kept you locked.. Oh god Its so fat.. Harder, ouch! Oh fuck, harder, deeper ow, ow, owwwwoohhmygod."

Well that certainly did the trick. C came harder than ever.
After calming down, which took quite a while, C said "Thank goodness for that. Sorry honey, but I think I need really big cocks to come now"

C looked at my swollen caged stump and said. "Hmmm So what should I do about your horny little lump? '

little? I'm bigger than anyone I know?

"I do actually feel very desperate, but
Anything C, what ever you decide, I couldn't ask for more than you just gave me"

"Yes, It was good wasn't it. Did you thank me?"

"Oops! Thank you so much for making me do that"

"Your welcome. But sorry honey, that's enough for me, Maybe I'll treat it at Christmas, To be honest after such a big cock fuck and coming so hard I don't really care what happens to yours. I certainly don't need it. I'll keep it locked for now."


I lingered with puppy eyes just in case.

C "Off you go, don't be annoying."

And so off I went. Wtf? I'm just being used as C's orgasm machine. I work my ass off and my reward is licking pussy and fucking C with an enormous phallic object until she has a huge orgasm, and then I'm discarded when I've served my purpose. Cast away like a spent match.

C is so at ease with this now it's just part of what is expected of me, not something she should be grateful for.
C is happier than I have ever seen her while treating me this way?
So It's the way things are likely to be now. like it or lump it. This is my future. Years of giving endless orgasms, licking pussy toy fucking. Whilst my manhood is locked away, swollen, leaking and desperately longing to bury itself in that beautiful freshly fucked gaping hole... being kept this way whilst my manhood is retired and replaced with a monster cock that I know it can't compete with.

The rest of the evening I got the 'your mine now' looks from C, but nothing more, not a touch. If I'm good, maybe a ball massage while C watched netflix.

And at bed time C said "stroke my but, I'm going to sleep, I can still feel my pussy throbbing'

I'm Just C's desperate, horny sex slave.

Oh my god! Can this get any better? Somebody pinch me, I must be dreaming.
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Wonderful developments, and so much promise of teasing torture by comparison with her new favourite cocks!

Thanks also for the trip back to the early nineties in the reference to 'bonking'... haven't heard that term for 20 years or so!!
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Friday. Xmas eve..

C has informed me I'm to eat creampie after dinner, ride and face sit. Im a bit apprehensive.

I must have eaten too much or I was just too nervous because despite C riding me whilst telling me I would be tongue fucking her afterwards. I got exhausted and couldn't keep it up. I was tired after a large meal and wasn't sure I wanted to.

So C decided to postpone and have a rest instead.

It did spring back again after resting together and C allowed me to climb on and have a quick fuck, but I was told not to come now, I would be expected to complete my cleanup task in the morning.
In the meantime I was locked back up.

Xmas day. Saturday. Early morning. No chance with kids, day visiting family, evening drinking..

Passed out.

Sunday morning C had gone off the idea, her Catholic roots had kicked in with this being Christ's ma's rather than holidays. "I'll ride you, but I'm not bothering with the other stuff".
while getting the key C said "or should I make you wait a few more days and make you desperate? "

C went with riding me to make me come for the last time this year, it was over with quickly so C got off. "ill expect you to sort me out tomorrow, I've too much on my mind now".

The following day I went down and gave C two orgasms.

And that was Xmas, nice and simple. Merry Christmas.
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Sunday, a nice fuck. I came.

Monday, went down on C.

Tuesday edged

Wednesday made to eat pussy.

I thanked C, and said "it still surprises me that your 'not allowing me to come' brings me so much pleasure" .

C replied " Oh? Well I can do more of that, maybe I shouldn't let you come next year at all then"

A joke obviously. I hope. I quickly changed the topic.

Thursday was a day off, but I still got my ball massage for being good while we watched a film that was unintentionally semi erotic.

It pushed me slightly beyond my limits

I asked C "would it be possible to be let out for a bit?"


"just a few minutes and I'll lock back up"

"NO, I'm keeping it locked up"

"I'll do it my self, you don't have to do a thing, just a few stokes, I'm really swollen"

"what part of staying locked don't you understand? Ask again and you lose one of your monthly quota"

I shut up. I just ended up getting more swollen wtf?

Then C looked at me and said "Awww.. Are we sulking now just cos we can't play with our little dickies"

"No, I'm fine"

"No your not, I can tell. You shouldn't be so greedy, didn't I oil you yesterday?"

"No, you made me lick your pussy and toy fuck you"

"See. We did do something yesterday, and I had to say no so many times... Ooh! I know. I should start fining you each time I have to say no"


"I'm sorry I was greedy, I shouldn't have asked, I'll make it up to you"

"Yes.. I think you will. I realise you get weak now and again and dickie tries to take over."

'Yes honey, you're right"

But I'm in charge now, and my way works much better, we have sex all the time now, just different better sex yes? "

"Absolutely yes, we have incredible sex, im honestly having the best time of my life"

"awe so sweet"

C then allow me to kiss her breast and stroke her butt while she nodded off. While pondered C's words. She described this locked, tease and orgasm denial relationship as doing it 'her way?

If that isn't a step forward I'll eat my own cage.
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