[Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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It seems my wife does know what edging is. A term I have only recently become familiar with.

So. Last night I was excited. Worried. Elated. Nervous. Dying to come. Not wanting to come. Breaking out in hot sweats and l have been leaking so much I had to remove stalagmites of congealed precum from my cage.

My wife sat calmly reading her book for the evening and dared not open my mouth. To my wife Nothing was different.

Once in bed. I told my wife about the amazing morning she had given me. I had to ask for some out time. If only to ease the aching and posibly edge a bit out.

I expected "what does edge mean?"

I got "No. You would go insane. You'll have to come properly . I was just trying something out. It won't take you long so ill do it for you.

I did say.. "stop. Let go" just before coming but got a very sharp "No!"

30 seconds.. all that head fuck for 30 seconds wtf?

I asked if she had actually sorted herself out earlier.

My wife hadn’t got up to anything while resting. Said it was all part of the show.

Then my wife said "don't ask any more questions. I won't answer them. And don't try to tell me what to do again Ive told you. I won't be prompted. It's up to me.
Now. I'm glad you enjoyed it" kiss " " Lock up when that thing calms down"

I'm going to put this whole experience down as a giant step forward. But I do wonder "how can any one cope with that level of euphoria. The delusions. The mind bending. I am not sure I could.

Does it get easier?
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Congratulations! That sounds awesome in every way.

It's completely normal that this is hard for you. You are changing decades of behavior, where you could masturbate and come whenever you wanted.

Very early, I'd get pissed. I am due an orgasm, dammit!

I used a "denial mantra" to get me over that. Something along the lines of how I was grateful for the teasing and the pleasure (when being edged), how I was grateful for the denial, that my orgasm belonged to my partner, not me. It's important to say this out loud or under your breath, not just think it - best to make sure your partner is on board and knows what you are doing. Changing behavior takes effort.

And within 4 weeks, I believed it, and I no longer got angry at being denied.

It took far longer to where I can be without a cage for months and not masturbate and not come. That was a mutual effort to change my habits, through positive reinforcement. Took years. Now that I know what worked there and what didn't, I could probably do that in a shorter time with someone else who wants to be denied - but I'm not in that position :).
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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I might want to add: This likely works both ways. While I don’t thank my partner for tease and denial “on repeat” while he strokes me, any more - moaning is quite sufficient communication :) - I make a point of thanking him afterwards, every time, for teasing me and denying me, or if he got me close, for getting me close and then denying me orgasm. I make sure the words of thanks are heartfelt and full of gratitude.

He struggled as well, with feelings where he was unsure whether what he was doing was okay. How can a good loving partner deny their partner orgasms?

He no longer struggles. At some point he told me that he didn’t “get it”, he doesn’t understand why I thrive on orgasm denial, but he says I clearly do, and so he’s happy to deny me, and he enjoys how loud I get when he teases me.
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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On SundayI mentioned how great last week had been.
It seems my wife has no idea what I was talking about really.
I reminded her that I hadn't cum in order to become more horny and how I had been teased and she had made me wait until wednesday etc.
but I didnt get to finish.

She then said. "Has everything got to be about your penis. Its tiring. And don't say keys again. If it gets wierd I'm out"
She mentioned me me adding things on again and seemed agrivated so I backed off. I apologies and shut up.

We chatted about general stuff. Wife says I'm much nicer these days. We get on better.
But she really does not want to attribute it to anything wierd or kinky.

At bed time my wife read her book and then said.  Good night.
I asked if she would like to do anything or me to do anything for her?
My wife replied "I thought you said you wanted to wait till Wednesday. I'm confused? If you want to wank. Get it over with I'm tired".
I replied
"No. I'm fine. We can go to sleep.
I was just telling you what it was that got me turned on last week. I didn't mean we should just do nothing on sundays any more. We did do sexy stuff last Sunday.  I just didn't come is all".

 I realised I had dealt with this badly.

My wife shuffled away from me. Obviously not a happy bunny.


Note to self.
I must not mention keys or sex or being horny.
I'm promised Wednesday. I will wait till then. See how it goes.
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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This time last week I was on cloud nine. "By jove I think she's got it"
I was a very horney teased bloke.

This week.. Nothing. Lonely. I'm locked up. Haven't cum. But without the slightest tease,. Pat or wink. it's a prison sentence.

I decided not to push. Not to mention anything sex related. Helped round the house, sat and cuddled my wife while she read, did everything on an emotional level rather than sexual.
However I did give my wife a reverse hug and managed to tuck my cage between her cheeks.
Just the once..
"Do you have to turn everything into sex, it isn't all that important you know and I'm not like you. I dont need sex to get by. I could go for... well forever without sex and be just as happy"

Wow! Where did that come from?

I reminded her that not long ago it was ME asking for time off so I could recover. She was pretty into it.

"Well. That was then. This is now."

"Ok. Fair enough honey. I didn't mean to upset you, I personally still find you hot as hell, my feelings haven't changed and my labido is the same as it's always been. Ive always said that a good sex is essential for a happy marriage. I still think that. And I have no complaints. You're wonderful to me. Would you like me to make you coffee and toast?"

That was the longest speach I have ever made without fucking up. And without being interupted.

Situation (what ever it was) difused. I'm now doing nothing at all but being the perfect romantic (but not a sexual) husband.

So last night at poker. My table had two women players. It often does. I take there chips anyway. Just other people.
But last night my cage wanted me to take note.
I was very aware of the 26 year old blonde sat next to me. I had never noticed how pert and large her breasts were. Her smile. She caught me looking. I was horified and embarrassed.
She smiled at me. Put her hands on her lower back and stretched so that her tits jutted right out and her top raised so that her flat stomach was on show and a pierced button.
She stayed like this for ages stretching and makimg sexy "oooh" sounds. and then droped a chip. Bent away from me and her very perfect arse was in my face. Tight. Stretch. Visible camel toe.
I was frozen. The urges. The shame. The longing and the fear.

And honestly all I could think was.

Why is this person effecting me in the way I want my wife to.
I really did not want to swell in my cage.. but it happened anyway. Painfully.
I tried to imagine it was my wife. But all I heard was "is everything about sex to you?"

"Fuck This!"

I pushed all my chips in. Either I was taking the table down Now. Or I was going home.

My KQ suited lost to a loose 10

I went home. I sat with my Wife like good mannequin then went to bed.

It is amazing how much a word here and a wink there can make.
Tiny things that can change the world. Without them the world seems dull.
One more night of being a robot and I'm out. Probably. But I'd rather she said "I want to keep you locked" because at least that would show some interest.

If last week hadn't happened I would be a happier man today.
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Tuesday evening.  I sat tickling my wifes back. She wanted me sat on the couch cuddling while she read her book.
Still little or nothing for me. Got a cage pat.
At  bed time I massaged a knot out of my wifes leg that had been upsetting her sleep. As a reward I was allowed to massage her breasts.
She said I'm too tired to do anything.  Maybe tomorrow.
Then she fell asleep and I spent the night spooning with cage in her but cheeks.
I was raging horny all night. Night 4 is really hard for me. I was wimpering.
Didnt get any sleep. Im exhausted today.

My Wife Said i had been a pain in the night and woke her a few times. But good job on the leg, it hadn't hurt once.
Then she mentioned sorting me out just to calm me down.
"Do you want it this afternoon or tonight.
I said "when ever it suits you best"
"Maybe not" she replied "it might have droped off by then"

Went with afternoon after going out for a meal.
I did ask if she liked me being so horney for her. The attention etc.
"Hmm. Mostly it's ok. But I don't like it when you get a grope in during a cuddle. But you do spend more time with me. Last time you came you went playing in your workshop when I asked you to sit with me. You pushed a bit at weekend so I backed off until I knew the lack of attention was getting to you. Yes and No"
So I explained
"The reason I'm asking is. If this is how you want me to stay. You might want to hold off on letting me cum. But I would still like to do something. Like an edge or vibe you. It would drive me crazy but that's kinda the point"
"Nah. Now or whenever I offer next. Its up to you".

My balls spoke for me.. "now please"

So we hit the sack. Cage came off. I expected the rumblings of a volcano as my erection pushed to its full length. A 3.5" cage ain't too small. But its less than half my erect length.
I said "I want it to last more than 39 seconds please. Last time was disapointing"
"Why? What did we do"
"You wanked my helmet and ignored me when I said stop"
"Oh yes." She laughed "you came in seconds. I was really impressed and flattered that I had that effect on you"
The spring to life didn't happen. It hovered around 5" but erect.
"Um.. I think it's recovering" I said.
My wife took to stroking it. "Oh dear. Are you sure it will go in. Can I call you chipolata now "
"Sure, I'm your tiny man now" ( 1st time this has pooed up)
At about 6 inch I gave in and climbed on board.
My wife asked if I was sure? Like will you be touching the sides"
"I dont Care. Its been almost three weeks since I saw your pussy. I need to stroke your lips with it"
My wife goes Brazilian with shaved lips due to better tonguein. Her slit felt so good. Too fucking good. I had only rubbed the tip up and down a few times and nearly shot my load.
My wife thought it was hilarious. "Oh my god. Did you just come?. That's so funny." And she kept laughing.
I calmed down and slid it in slowly. Very careful strokes with lightning bolts.
My wife recovered. Tears in her eye.
" I think I should lock you up for a week next just to see what happens when you try to get it in. "
Again, I nearly shot my load instantly "fuck fuck fuck"
My wife then started teasing me with words. Very cruel. I struggled on.
Then she got into the rythem and things got hot and steamy.
"Creampie" my wife whispered. And then about things I can never have such as her ass. My cock back. Ect. (Another 1st)
I managed a good five minutes but has to go real easy
I got deep . But not the A spot ramming my wife needs to have multiple orgasms so she said to get the vibe and I vibed my wife to orgasm in less than 30 seconds. Ha!
"Ok. Back on with the cage when your ready, unless you need time to re grow it lol"
"Ill get it on soon as I can. Ready for our Friday sesh"
"Oh will you now? What makes you think thst will happen any more"
Yes. Of course honey. You decide now" :cry:

An hour later my cock was still too erect to get the cage back on. I feel I really need to cum again.
Eventually it went on. I'm still frustrated and leaking.
I mentioned still being half full. My wife said "oh. You want to go again? There's such a thing as being greedy you know"

And then. To top it off. (The inspiration that made me write the "I want a puppy" story")
My wife mentioned wanting a dog (again) which we have discussed a gazillion times and in short. Not at the moment.
I said "we can talk again maybe"
My wife replied "we could also talk about "where's the keys gone.. maybe"
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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It's been a while since I updated.
I was concerned about a freckle that had appeared on my wife and took her to check it out. Results were not good being suspected melanoma so requiring surgery. Biopsy etc.
At that time chastity play was of no Interest to me. Fantasies mean nothing to stark realities of life. It was my job to support. So I left the cage off.
Surprisingly once recovered from the shock my wife told me to put it back on. Pretty much told me off for having stopped wearing it.
I'm locked and teased to a point. The wife enjoys the subtle changes that obviously do happen when im locked.
My wife is dabbling with denial now. Not at my request. Just using the cage as a way to say no. But make it fun.
I'm not letting you out tonight. You can be hornier than this.
It works. I'm happy with this.
Also. On the cum fresh side. I admitted I didn't really enjoy it so much.
My wife's answer was.. "its up to you. Dont want me to feed it to you. Dont cum".
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Biopsy came back all clear which is great news. My wife celebrated by letting me out of my cage and riding me.
Wow! I do love that woman. Everything about her excites me.
I did ask if she would please not make me cum. I was enjoying the build up. But my wife said "you have to cum. I want you to", tomorrow I want a massage and a hard fucking. Then you can clean up and use my vibrator".
Needless to say. I came in no time. Much to my wife's satisfaction.
My wife still sees me coming as her job completed. And wouldn't be as satisfied if I didn't.

But for me.
Something is changing. Wheras once I thought I had to cum in order to feel happy, I now feel regret? That my frustration didn't last longer. Disappointed that I had an orgasm.
Make sense of that one?
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