[chastity_boi] Will my chastity dream come true...

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[chastity_boi] Will my chastity dream come true...

Post by chastity_boi » Tue Jul 23, 2019 2:10 pm

Hi There, I'm Chastity_boi and this is my tale. I'm in my late 40's, married for the past 10 years to L, with no children and very happy...with a couple of provisos which I'll come to later. Sexually I was an early developer and knew from a young age my tastes were different from the mainstream. As well as dabbling with crossdressing in my mother's clothes as a pre-pubescent, I've known from a very young age I was submissive and was something of a porn collector of some pretty out there stuff in the days before the internet in my early teens. Kudos to my mum, who was pretty open minded, when she discovered my porn collection. She just moved it from under my mattress (no-one in my family will ever think of looking there) and placed it in a neat pile in the bottom of my wardrobe. Her only acknowledgement towards it was a comment that it was a little 'unusual'. For anyone from the UK who remembers Sadie Stern's monthly and Shiny magazine, we're talking that end of things rather than the usual teenage fare of playboy, escort and Razzle. I also enjoyed (perhaps even more than the glossy photo mags) Forum magazine, which was essentialy erotica in the form of readers letters, an early pre-cursor to forums such as this, which again tended towards the kinkier side of things. It was here that my exposure to fetishes I hadn't even considered such a cuckoldery, watersports, public humiliation and chastity were realised and seeds sown. I live in London and through my teens into my 30's I was big into the alternative scene here which included fetish clubs. This was also refelected in my relationships, most of which involved some level of fetish and kink to greater or lesser degrees with some amazing looking women. I will elaborate in another thread at some point but for the purposes of this thread I'm really aiming to highlight my chastity journey. Fast forward to when I met L. I was not long off the back of another fun but failed relationship. I think I have always been something of a serial monogamist. Never cheated on anyone but always in a relationship. I was 36 and thinking maybe I should have some time single to take stock. I then met L. I had briefly known her several years before through mutual friends. I particularly recall one night when my (married) best friend, who I was flat mates with at the time, came in one Friday night after a day out drinking at some beer festival and urged me to come out with him for a drink, where we met up with L and a couple of friends. Turns out my mate J had been at the festival all day and had been flirting with L and had only coaxed me to go out with him so he could resume his flirting. Anyway I digress, scoot forward 10 years or so and gradually over a period of a couple of months L and I became an item. Everything was great. L is very pretty, 5'10 with slim build and blond hair. Great sense of humour (I don't think I have honestly laughed more with anyone) and fantastic personality. There was one issue - SEX. Not that we didn't have it - we did. Maybe not as often as I would have liked, but L said her sex drive was low. And when we did have sex it was great. Maybe not as adventurous as I would have liked but it was great sex if a little vanilla by my standards. And when I say a little, I mean a lot. But like I say L was fantastic, and I was falling in love. I figured the sex thing was something we could address down the road. From the very start I was open with her about my sexual weirdness, and she was ok with it. She didn't particularly want to indulge me in it as it wasn't for her, and to be honest I had no interest in forcing something on her she wasn't into. So we carried on. Over time this became something of an issue for me, so we talked and her concession was that she would verbally abuse me when we had sex, and would tease my nipples (which I love) with the occassional ass slapping thrown in for good measure. She agreed to wear stockings on occassion (I have a massive nylon fetish). She also allowed me to watch porn, as long as she wasn't involved, and suddenly, though not quite at it's former glory, I had an outlet sexually for my fetishes. I realise this is dragging on so will finish here for now and resume the story if anyone is interested.
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Re: [chastity_boi] Will my chastity dream come true...

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I’m interested
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