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[focused] down the road we go...

Post by focUSed » Sun Jan 05, 2020 4:05 pm

Prior to returning before Christmas last month, there was a directed pull out experience using the phone as a communication conduit (text), the results of which were documented in the 'Hot Things Your Keyholder Has Said' section. We had a good weekend upon my return, and another before the new year, but then I had to go back to shift work and IL to take care of Mom for another couple weeks.

For those interested in statistics our new record, due to my being away and out of touch, was 27 days straight (without the key being turned). The total for 2019 was that the lock was in place 70% of the time. The previous highs for those two classifications were 15 days and 43%; substantial increases in my opinion.

She seems to be more okay with it being on during runs now that I've demonstrated that it isn't painful or causing damage. Anything longer than about 6-8 miles will prob result in some low level, so may require consideration ahead of time, but since 5-6 is my normal mx length, we should be gtg for the time being.

And since we won't see each other until the 17th, 2020 will remain at 100% for another few days! hmmm...
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Devices tried: BirdLocked (V1), CB-6000s, two DHGate devices (273 and currently wearing circular bar version of the same thing)

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