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[focused] down the road we go...

Post by focUSed » Thu May 09, 2019 3:06 pm

It's been a bit of a busy week in my house.

I left her last Thursday morning after the previously described 'double' episode and we both went back to our normal work schedules. She only had Thurs and Fri, I started a four day sequence before taking a few days off for family events this week/weekend.

Twelves over the weekend got a bit long and being in jeans tends to cramp things a bit; aside from a few brief pinching/adjusting moments, everything was fine, including riding the bike to work and back. Mon was back into dress pants, which in silky/satin boxers allow just enough extra space to make things totally transparent.

Picked mom up at the airport on Monday on the way home from work and kids came in Tue and Wed as well. It's interestingly strange being around everyone while in this 'predicament' but that's where we are.

Traditionally, the fact that my participation is highly encouraged during 'family times' has always been what I consider to be one of the stronger points of this relationship since we started exploring this aspect. It tells me that she possibly likes knowing that I might be slightly uneasy about the albeit slim chance of being discovered or having to adjust the way I move or what I do while wearing, or it may just be her way of letting me know that her being in control of what I'm wearing that no one else is aware of except the two of us is a bit of a turn on for her as well. Hot? Most definitely!

I've really only had one close call. Last fall at a graduation ceremony I attended alone, it was directed that I would be wearing during travel (driving) to and from, and of course, during. I didn't think much of it except that it was again a public family event so the request wasn't all that unexpected. Didn't think much of it that is, until I walked up to the entrance and saw the metal detectors framing each doorway. I think my heart rate jumped a tad, then I figured oh well. I was alone entering, so if I'd been taken for a further scan or something, there was a slim chance anyone I knew would have observed anything amiss. So I walked through. Either they were turned off or down (if there is such a thing) or the stainless and brass didn't trigger like ferrous metals would, but it was a non-event, and actually sort of a turn-on to know that I'd 'gotten away with it.'

There was another time while going through airport security that was a different story; I'll relate that here soon!

We had plans to get together Friday but those have since changed; the next time we'll see each other will be at a graduation ceremony on Saturday. I don't know what Saturday night will hold; but whatever it is, it will have to be quiet (occupied house still) and she plans to return home Sunday for mother's day. So it could turn into the longest time I've stayed in, or it could be just short of another double digit run. Time will tell...
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