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Re: [Yumbojones] Tentative beginnings

Post by Yumbojones » Mon Dec 24, 2018 1:54 pm

Brief update.
Took most of the week off from chastity due to one of the kids being sick but apart from that our chastity journey is still going strong. I am now wearing a stainless steel clone of a jailbird since Sat morning. Super comfy.
My wife is very much on board with the whole thing. We even rolled a dice last night to determine the length of this lock up.
She rolled a 3 so I get to be unlocked Xmas night. (I was secretly hoping she'd roll a 6). She hasn't said if she's allowing me to cum or not. Lucy Fairbournes book arrived Wed morning so I'm assuming she's been reading it and has taken on board some of the ideas in it.
She has spoken of how empowered she feels and that she's becoming very turned by the idea of the control she has over me.
Life is good!

Happy Christmas to everyone... And again a big thanks for the advice and support received.
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Re: [Yumbojones] Tentative beginnings

Post by Yumbojones » Wed Jan 02, 2019 4:58 pm

I was unlocked as planned Xmas morning. With santa being a big thing in our house we didn't get a chance to have any adult fun until later that night. I didn't ask for and I wasn't offered a chance to cum when we were fooling around. All the focus was on my KH. Which was very horny indeed!
No release again on the 26th and again all the focus was on her that night. I was left unlocked until the morning of the 27th. It was a bit of a relief to be back in chastity. I felt very content again. Weird feeling!
We went out for drinks that thur night and she insisted that I remain locked for the evening. We spoke at length and in great detail about the situation and agreed that it was working out. She even gave it a score of 9.5/10.
We had fantastic sex that night when we got home. I was allowed to be unlocked and allowed to cum as well. One of my better orgasms I must say!
I felt very low on Friday. Almost depressed in a way. My KH noticed this and we had a good discussion about it. We're putting it down to the post orgasm drop, that seems to be a normal thing apparently! We agreed that I'd stay unlocked for a few days and we'd look at it again Sunday morning.
Sunday arrived and after a quick chat about my head space KH decided that I'd be relocking that night after we had sex with me being allowed to cum.
The sex was amazing again. With my KH really getting into the sex talk and even a little role play. She spanked me a couple of times on my ass!
We also decided on a new dice game to establish the length of the lock ups. We roll a dice twice. If the second roll is an even number we double the first number rolled and if its an uneven number then we add that number to the first rolled number. Meaning that it's a lock up time of between 2+12 days.
I rolled a 2 first and then a 5 so a 7 day lock up is on the cards.
I had a quick shower after we finished having sex and locked up as ordered.
I didn't experience any post orgasm drop today which is great!

I'm absolutely delighted with how this is going. I'm trying to let her dictate the pace as much as I can but I do find myself prompting her on occasion. This is something that I'm trying to stop.
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Re: [Yumbojones] Tentative beginnings

Post by Norcalguy09 » Thu Jan 03, 2019 6:11 am

@Yumbojones awesome update!! Really enjoy watching things unfold for you and your kh. Very exciting stuff.
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