[Finn] Reverse 80's porn

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[Finn] Reverse 80's porn

Post by Finn » Sun Sep 09, 2018 9:50 am

That's how the whole chastity thing got started ror me/us. 26 years married, and early on, I discovered that my wife doesn't enjoy piv sex, after her orgasm. I'd be humping away, and she wasn't into it, and found it a bit uncomfortable. She always orgasm'd first, and I couldn't imagine not having it that way.

Like many guys on their 50's, my early sex education was watching porn from the 80's. In those films, sex was always when the guy wanted, how the guy wanted, and about the guys pleasure. He'd go at it, the woman moaning away, but the sex was about him getting off. She was just along for the ride. He's get close, they'd be right into it....guy cums, and the sex is over. The woman, if she was actually enjoying the scene, was obviously left hanging, and these were the sex scenes that fascinated me. To go into sex, knowing that the guy was only concerned with his orgasm, and knowing you'd be left hanging. I remember being really turned on at the idea of reversing the roles. Not the woman pegging the guy, but the guy focusing on the womans orgasm fully, and the sex being over once she was done. That my wife has no interest in giving hand or blow jobs made this seem even more exciting.

I suggested this as something to try, and soon it became how we did things. This was normal sex for us. A few years of doing this and I found something odd. I was so focused on her pleasure, and her orgasm, that when she came, my dick reacted like I'd cum as well. I had way less frustration, and around half the time, I'd go soft, much as if I'd had an orgasm too. I Googled this, and much searching and reading later, I found stuff on Tantric and Karezza. Apparently it is possible and often desirable to "share" the womans orgasm, and practise semen retention. This led down other paths of discovery, and eventually to chastity as a big part of it.

Chastity has been an on and off again thing for about 19 years or so, before becoming a more serious and full time thing over the last year. Being kinky, and having a number of very kinky friends, it's been incorporated into lots of stuff, and done for lots of reasons. I'm in chastity for my wife, and our best friend, who is a queer Domme. Chastity is just a normal thing, and daily routine. My dick is just for peeing. I wear a strap-on for sex (keyholder and I dont have sex, it's just serving) and still am able to get tantric relief from giving an orgasm. Sex is when the wife wants, about her pleasure, and over when she's done. It's 80's porn in reverse, plus kink, and chastity, and a more female led vibe, but it all started with watching the classics.
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